Friday, June 24, 2022

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to share the favorites from the week along with many others here!

Here are mine from the week!

Have I ever told you we use cloth napkins? I bought a nice pack or two at World Market a long time ago and I keep them in a wooden bowl. We fancy! Just kidding – we are most definitely not, but I really don’t like paper napkins and I really do like cloth. We used cloth napkins in Spain when I was an exchange student and you had to use the same napkin for a week. You knew which yours was by which napkin ring it had on it. We don’t use ours for a week! I have about 20 of them in all different fun, bright colors. I am very picky about the feel of the material and these from World Market are perfect. Which makes me think…I need to go there! I love that store! Do you have one?

I’m really enjoying my new plant head I got last weekend and I think she looks great right here. One of my three flowers from Trader Joe’s already died, so this replaced it.

And, I finally filled my pot for this season. I wanted yellow because of my loose lemon theme on my back patio.

Summer Reading!

I finished this and I was so sad! This may very well be my favorite book of the summer. It is summer chick-lit at its finest. Now, I did have a few problems with some parenting decisions made – like you wouldn’t really do that…

And, I started this. This was on the shelf at my library and I picked it up on a whim. I think it’s going to be really cute, but a little far-fetched. A major league baseball player is being sent down to a lesser team and a girl buys him a coffee in the airport… you get the drift!

Ok – this was recommended by Jennifer and by a sweet man in the Target wine aisle a few months ago and I had forgotten to go back and get it. I actually found this bottle at Total Wine. It has a bit of a sparkling quality to it and it is pineapple! So good! And, it would be great with a wedge of fresh pineapple in it, too!

I personally love a screw top. It just makes life easier! What, you say? You never need this because you never have leftover wine? Ha!

I did my own pedi with…

OPI Gelato on my Mind:

I just put $40 into my clothing budget by doing my own pedicure! By the way, I almost always do it outside and then I read while it’s drying.

I may have mentioned this before, but it really works:

Poo-Pourri! If you are staying in someone’s home, it might be nice to have and I think I picked it up in the Target travel size bins. I keep it in our upstairs bathroom because we only have one bathroom upstairs right now.

I bought this amazing and only 30 calories a serving cocktail mixed for a bourbon old fashioned. It is so good. My friend Victoria made us drinks with it. She added a bit of lemon juice and diet gingerale so I did the same.

I added a $5 bag of birdseed to my last Kroger pick up order and this gives me so much enjoyment.

I have two bird feeders and the squirrels also get into them.

What did you do on the longest day of the year on Tuesday? It was a hot day for us, but in the shade there was a nice breeze and it felt great after dinner. I took my shoes off and put a chair in the grass and read my book. It made me think that I need to sit in different parts of my yard for different perspectives. Deep thoughts!

This is how Ernie spent the longest day of the year:

I got more than I bargained for at my dentist visit this week. My dentist is my college roommate’s husband, by the way. My kids and I have always had 3 cleanings at the same time with 3 different hygienists, by the way. It’s super efficient and I love it! So, this was the first time they drove separately because one of them had plans afterwards. About mid-way through our cleanings, we had to evacuate because there was a fire right outside the office building and right by our cars! We had to move our cars quickly and wait until it was safe to go back in the building.

I have the perfect summer lip color. It is kinda old lady in Florida, but I love it. You might, too, and the price is right. This is my second stick because I lost my first one that I bought last year. It is Katy Perry lipstick, by the way! Ha!

On my old looking hand:

On my lips – awkward!

And, I like to pair it with my second NYX “This is Milky” gloss. This gloss has a weird name, but it is seriously good. I am very picky about glosses.

This is “Milk and Hunny” and I have the pink, too.

Here is an awkward photo of what that combo looks like:

Those are not great photos, but I hope you get the idea!

I started eating one of these in the late afternoon and I really think I’m sleeping so well! Of course, I also might be sleeping so well because I’m out of school! Lol! You can actually take up to four a day, but I am just doing one. This was recommended by Melanie Shankle on The Big Boo podcast. They taste yummy, too! What the heck is Ashwagandha? I just enjoy saying it! My kids are tired of me saying it!

I bought a whole watermelon last week and it was the best one. I keep it cut up in this really old Tupperware container.

I had a fun late lunch this week with my friend Beth. She gets off of work at 1:30 on Wednesdays and agreed to try this new place. It is kind of Hawaiian/Mexican? I think.

We had a Painkiller cocktail.

Cauliflower tacos!

And some chips and queso.

We agreed we would definitely go back. We really liked it!

A couple of Facebook memories popped up this week!

First, this was my morning strategy for the summers of my kids’ childhood. I would find a forgotten toy from the playroom toy closet and bring it to the family room. This day was the good ol’ set of Lincoln Logs.

And, a sweet reading at the pool photo!

So, what were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!


13 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. So much to say here – I love this week’s faves! I need to find that cocktail mixer, my brother loves a good Old Fashion! I also need that Ashwaganda (spelling?), anything that helps me sleep well at night is a good thing. I need to do my own pedi, I hate going and spending the money but I also do a horrible job so it’s a struggle! Crazy about the fire outside of the dental office. Have a super weekend!


    1. Do you have a Total Wine? I bet they would have it? Or maybe Amazon? Let me know if you try the Ashwagandha! Make sure you use a good polish like OPI – do very light coats – I did 3 and then a top
      Coat. And soak your feet just like they do before you trim and file. I bet you can do it!


  2. So glad you love the wine! I got more last night. My husband may or may not have just bought a case of it for me, since it’ll probably be just a summer thing. I’m so glad you’re sleeping better! That really messes with us when we continually lose sleep. I know you’re enjoying your summer! I love anything NYX brand! I hope you have a great weekend, friend!


    1. I lost my Monday post – ? – and now it won’t let me reply to your comment, so here is my reply! Argh, WordPress!

      Ha! I know- it’s pretty new to me, too. I have a friend who has been Coastal Grandmother ever since I have known her! I favorited the playlist and looked at the songs and they are great! Thank you! The thing is called an inflatable dock and it’s the same concept, but please tell me theirs is more sturdy because I think they hold trays of drinks on it? They seem to not have any trouble! Ha! I love all the Below Decks so much! Thank you for the kind compliments.


  3. I did not know about your love for cloth napkins. I’m fancy when we bring out ours haha. I love that nail color. I hope to get a pedicure soon, and may try it! I toggle back and forth from my front porch and back porch for reading . Haha You had a great week.


    1. It’s a weird love! I do love a seasonal paper napkin! I really like this color – I’m more into blues than pinks these days. I like that – different perspectives. I don’t have a substantial front porch but I don’t want people looking at me and I don’t want to talk!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I just painted my toes yesterday; a nice bright pink color for summer. I tend to cut up most fresh fruit (like watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, etc) right away too so they are ready to grab and go; I find we all eat more of them that way.


  5. Cloth napkins are so nice! My mum always had them… Me? Well I have them: in a drawer :-D. Mum often used regular kitchen towels (they ones you use to dry dishes) instead of napkins; as a cool thing.
    I’ve started The good sister and it’s really good! Fern is such an interesting person! Her diagnosis really makes her special! But I think I can guess what will happen…
    My favorite this week is of course summer break! And this Friday Swedes celebrate Midsummer, which is always very nice. And summer is finally here! 33,8° today! Which is fantastic when you’re by the water but not so nice in a cabin without air condition…! 😀 Enjoy you weekend! I look forward to next week’s posts (which [do you use “which” in singular!?] I finally have time to read and enjoy at my own pace).


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