Wednesday, June 29, 2022

I thought I would join this fun link up today with Sheaffer and Shay! But, seriously, how is it the last week of June!

What we’re eating this week...

Monday we had a special treat because everyone was home! We had our favorite mediterranean restaurant food take out. We also tried Jen’s taco casserole this week – yum! I added some taco sauce on top when I served it.

I found these two salad mixes this week:

One of my kids and I tried the watermelon for lunch and it was really good. The dressing makes it!

Shay’s post on freezer jam inspired me. I had always wanted to make it but I was intimidated by the boiling of the mason jars. This is so easy! You just run your jars through the dishwasher for sterilizing and there is no boiling involved. You chop your fruit, mash your fruit, add sugar, let it sit, add liquid pectin, and then jar up and let sit on your counter for 24 hours before putting it in the freezer or fridge. It lasts for a year in the freezer and 3 weeks in the fridge.

If I can do it, anyone can!

What I’m reminiscing about…

Just enjoying all of the Facebook memories of my kids popping up. I really and truly loved the summers with my kids. I blinked and they are now halfway through college. This hammock picture makes me laugh. They had these short sleeved button downs that they called “Grandpa shirts” because if my Dad wasn’t wearing a polo type shirt, he was wearing one of these.

What I’m loving…

Gosh, so much. I love summer mornings on my patio, my coffee combo right now – fat free half and half with Jordan’s skinny syrup in caramel creme flavor (frothed together), slow mornings, more time with friends…

Monday was really fun. One of my summer bucket list items was to go to the rooftop pool at the Omni hotel; they sell day passes for Sunday-Thursday. My friend Beth helped me accomplish this!

We had such a fun day!

What we’ve been up to…

We have been doing summer activities. We have been boating and I have been to two different pools in the last week, one of them was the rooftop pool from above.

And, then this happened…

Tom had not had Covid yet as far as we knew. He started having some coughing and congestion on Saturday night but he always has a bit of this with allergies and he had been outside a ton and done a lot of yard work. Monday when I got home from the pool day he had started feeling worse so we tested him and he was positive.

Me at the store getting sick supplies for him:

I was hoping not to need this patriotic mask again!

I got him Gatorade and some magazines. We decided he would hole up in our room.

What I’m dreading…

I am dreading the soul-sucking professional developments that I have to attend before school starts. In addition, we have to watch like 15,000 training videos. They add more and more each year. I am dreading seeing school supplies in the stores too early, too! Lol! Triggering!

What I’m working on…

It’s a constant, but I am working on decluttering different spaces. I have done my spices and my medicines so far. I have worked on my kitchen towel drawer, too. I am also working on a cleaning routine – when to do what. I’m working on keeping my new bathroom really clean. And, I am currently carrying around Lysol for Tom!

I am also deciding what to make for 4th of July. I wanted to make some rice krispie treats for Tom’s work peeps, but that is probably not going to happen now.

What I’m excited about…

I am excited to go to the Van Gogh Exhibit next week with my whole family!

What I’m watching…

I am watching Southern Charm and Real Houseweives of Dubai on Bravo and Ex-Housewives Ultimate Girl’s Trip Season 2 on Peacock alone and as a family we are watching The Riches on Hulu (this only happens a couple of nights a week when everyone is home).

With just my kids, we are enjoying Abbott Elementary on Hulu. You should check it out!

What I’m reading…

I just finished this book. It was cute, but predictable. It was also very, very R rated.

And, now I am on to this and I am so excited!

What I’m listening to…

My favorite podcast Watch What Crappens and The Lazy Genius. I have also started listening to the Simple Sophisticate that Shay recommended.

What I’m wearing…

Well, I am wearing a bathing suit and a cover up quite a bit lately.

What I’m doing this weekend…

I really don’t know yet!

What I’m looking forward to next month…

Our anniversary (need to make plans!) and the Van Gogh exhibit and trying to squeeze the most out of summer.

What else is new…

I can’t think of anything else!

Thanks for reading,


9 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. OH that rooftop pool does look lovely! Your salads look so yummy and I am so jealous of the different varieties you are able to find all around. Our stores have hardly any bagged salads. Hope Tom is feeling better soon.


    1. I really want to go back! It was fun! I’m trying to do one salad a day. Shoot – I wish you could find these in one of your stores! Thank you! I’m over Covid – that’s for sure!


  2. Abbott Elementary is so funny, I watch it every once in awhile and just laugh! I hope Tom feels better, that’s a bummer but I think eventually everyone will end up getting Covid. I’m going to have to try that Mexican casserole!


    1. It’s so cute! My kids think it’s done like The Office, but better. You are totally right about the everyone will get some strain of Covid. Tom approved of the casserole! If you don’t like spicy, do green chilies instead of jalapenos!


  3. Fun post! Love it all! Sorry about your hub, hope you don’t catch it!
    I finished The Good Sister and it was REALLY good! I will let my eldest read it before I hand it back to the library! Today I finally received It ends with us that everyone’s been talking about!


  4. Such a great post! “grandpa shirts” I love it. So sweet. Amy Jam…you go, girl! I hope Tom is feeling better…& everyone is staying healthy. The watermelon salad sounds interesting. I’m hooked on the pickle one. And…I know what you mean about PD. Triggering for sure! If only those videos could at least count as PD. Ugh


    1. Thank you! My mom had my Dad’s shirts made into pillows for each granchild. I think he is a little better but he is definitely a diva. The watermelon salad is so good! The dressing is really yummy! The pickle one got old for me but I will be back to it! The videos – oh my! They are just so bad. I plan to make up a drinking game for this year’s videos.

      Liked by 1 person

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