Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ok – last bathroom post! I showed you the new bathroom here, but I have added a new rug!

And, we ordered and hung these mirrors. At first I didn’t think I liked them, but now I do. They are backlit and have a defrost feature.

We also now have a blind on the window (thank goodness) and it matches the blinds in our bedroom.

I bought these drawer storage containers at Target.

I have my tooth stuff and face creams in one drawer:

Makeup in one drawer:

And, hair in the tall drawer:

I commandeered the drawers on the right side of my mirror and on the left.

More hair in thie drawer:

Supplies in this one:

I really cleaned out and pared down before we moved into this bathroom. I had only had a pedestal sink to set my stuff on, so now it feels luxurious to get to spread out.

I was always dropping stuff into the sink or onto the floor! I don’t miss you one bit, sink!

The new bathroom is really coming together and it is really what I envisioned. I have not bought new towels, but I am thinking a dark grey. I really want white, but I know myself and I probably shouldn’t do white. Any recs on color or favorite brand of towels?

Thanks for reading,


PS – I will be back Thursday for Fashion Files. No Wednesday post this week!

18 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure of the stripes around them at first but now I like the look. It’s such an oasis now! I think I’m a bath person now,too!


  1. I’m so jealous of all of your bathroom (& closet!) space. I keep putting off organization until the summer…but it needs to happen asap…& I need more space 🤣


  2. Love the bathroom! The black hardware looks great with the grey and your wood accents! I would love white towels too, but not sure how long they would be as white as I wanted them to. Also those little baskets for organizing are the best, so helpful!


    1. Thank you! I’m loving it! I may do a combo of white and grey? I will look at Costco this weekend! I didn’t even think of that but a reader suggested it!


  3. Hi Amy. Your bathroom is gorgeous. I don’t have a single drawer in my small bathroom and so I’m super envious of yours. Btw, we have only white towels and I highly recommend them. You can even find some pretty fluffy and absorbent ones at Costco. What I love is you can bleach them and they won’t fade.


    1. Thank you, but I feel your pain as I didn’t either for 22 years! Do you have room for a wheeling cart with drawers?
      I thought about Costco and white and bleaching. Maybe I will go there this weekend! White just looks so nice!


  4. Of course you should go for white! I have a collection of bath towels with the brand “Hotel Collection” (Macy’s? Don’t remember…) and we’ve had them for at least five years! We buy all linens in the us – so cheap for that quality for us Swedes! You could always mix white and dark grey, I did that for a while and it looked very nice and well put together.


  5. What a gorgeous bathroom remodel! I love the rug, the cabinets, mirrors – everything! I’m also in the market for new towels, and I’m going with all white and probably from Costco. I have really old towels, so old I have no idea. At least 10 years?! They were beige but have faded to a weird orange color, even before I started bleaching them. If you find some good towels, can you do a post on it? Lol. Buying towels is a big commitment, and I’ve avoided it, but my husband is starting to use them to clean the cars and then he throws them away. I got the hint!


    1. Thank you, Susan! I am going to Costco – great idea! I am glad you understand that it’s a commitment! I want the perfect weight and size! And color! Lol!


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