Friday, April 22, 2022

My favorites this week are going to be short and sweet in more ways than one. I am linking up here with the Friday Favorites girls! Also, please click here for Andrea’s Southwest Bowls recipe. She posted it a long time ago and these have been served once a week at my house since! I use frozen corn and sometimes use pre-cooked or rotisserie chicken. There are lots of shortcuts you can take, but do not skip the sauce! It is worth it to buy and chop the cilantro. Do it!

When making my Rolo pretzel treats, I discovered dark chocolate salted caramel Rolos – OMG! The original work best for my treats, but these are amazing on their own!

The treats again:

I follow Kathleen Jennings Beauty on Insta and she talked about this and I am already a big fan of NYX – love it! Weird name, though!

I love these Party Cake Peeps! I wanted to make S’mores but we never had a fire due to the windy conditions!

These jellybeans were good!

A sweet parent gave all 7 of her daughter’s teachers a goody bag this week that even included…

treats for Ernie!

Spanish Club this week was really fun. We called it “Salsa and Salsa” and we learned to dance salsa and ate salsa – but not before we did a blind chip taste test from different local restaurants with a few store brands thrown in!

I only have 5 more weeks with my seniors! I am going to miss them so much!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. My son learned to dance the tango at school the day before break. They were cleaning the kitchen area and one of the girls in his class offered to teach him. I love that he is up for anything; he would have loved your Salsa & salsa class! I LOVE dark chocolate so those Rolos sound dangerous.


  2. How sweet that a student gave you that gift! And your Spanish class looks really fun! I will try to do more fun stuff with my students, they are really grateful when you do something extra!
    Favorites this week are Married at first sight (both the Swedish and the American ones) – I hope you watch it, it’s a blast! And taking the moped out for the first time! Spring is finally here, need I say more!? I have two more months to go, my term ends very late this year, June 20th!
    No Florida this year either… you need a pcr test that is no older than 24 hours: what will happen if our family of four gets a negative result a couple of hours before our flight! No, it won’t work…


  3. I played golf 3 times this week and shot 99 2x! My intraclub team won the tourney and I won for longest putt made on my fave number hole 13. 11′ 11″. perfect combo! I have definitely caught the golf bug and I am NOT sad about it! Making new friends at my age isn’t always easy, but I am sure trying with the golf club ladies!


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