Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I have been having a lot of fun – yes, it is fun for me – going through my spring and summer clothing. This was one of my goals for Spring Break.

It’s funny because I have a lot of bottoms that fit multiple sizes. I have elastic waist palazzo/printed pants, linen drawstring shorts, elastic waisted skorts, and stretchy-waisted pencil skirts. So, all that will still fit me (and look better) with my weight loss. And, I still like all of it and I think all of it is still in style.

My blouses and tops, however, do not fit. Plus, I think most of them are several years old. So, I have taken a bunch of things to my favorite consignment stores.

I have been trying to slowly and deliberately add things that I fall in love with. I am really trying to only choose things that speak to me – a print, a color, a style. I think it’s better to add perfect 10s slowly than to feel that you are forced to buy things because you have gotten to the point of desperation.

I start thinking about spring clothing in February, I think. So, what you will see in this post I started purchasing in a couple of months ago. I also stop buying winter things unless it’s a really good deal.

I also keep a list in my phone memo of things I think I want to look for.

I shop at two consignment stores – Clothes Mentor and Sassy Fox,, (new to me as I was a former Walmart-hater),, Old Navy (rarely now), and a couple of local boutiques – Tunie’s is probably my favorite for clothing.

I would say my style is colorful and a bit trendy. I have a few classic styles but I am not that tailored or conservative. I would choose a print over a solid any day, but I know that I do need some solids in my wardrobe. Gosh, it is really hard to describe one’s style.

I try to ask myself if something:

-fits me and looks flattering

-meets my clothing needs

-can be worn at the events I plan to attend

-matches/works with things I have

I also am realizing that I just don’t need as much stuff as my younger self might have thought I needed.

I need to clothes for:

-my high school teaching job where I dress up a little (I can wear my spring and summer stuff from now until the end of May and from August until October-ish)

-a few dressier things for church, weddings, graduations, and graduation parties, going out on the weekends

-casual outfits for going out to lunch and running errands or going to festivals

-workout clothes

-swimsuit and multiple coverups. I am a big fan of the coverup!

And, that’s about it. I think it’s important to know where you are going and how you want to present yourself.

Here we go:

I bought this Anthropologie blouse with the gift card my friend Beth gave me for my birthday. I think it’s gorgeous and it spoke to me.

I love a white blouse in the spring with jeans, especially. I chose this Loft blouse. I think this would look great with blue denim jeans and my red clogs or sandals!

This print jumped out at me in Target. The material is divine, too. It is from the Who What Wear line and comes in a few prints. I originally bought it for St. Patrick’s Day, but I think it will look so nice with white jeans.

This green A New Day sweater from Target was kind of an impulse purchase and I regret it. I bought this because it was so cold for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but I will say it matched my green beer earrings perfectly.

I am so in love with my two Scoop blazers. I am wondering if I should have gone down a size, but I don’t know if that would have worked. I have worn the black the most, but…

the hot pink quite a bit, too. I think these will work in many seasons because of the amazing fabric. It’s called “scuba” and it is really cool to the touch. It keeps you warm as an added layer, but also keeps you cool. Weird, right?

I am thinking about looking for a white knit blazer, too.

This is probably my all time favorite print! I love palm leaves! And, the fact that it was on a pink background stopped me in my tracks. It was from an online boutique called Shop.Set.Apart.

This scarf-like kimono from a consignment store spoke to me. I am trying to not wear such voluminous items and so many kimonos, but this has sewn in sleeves and it is very lightweight, so I think it will be great.

This Loft blouse is so cute and also has the tiniest gold thread running through it. I think this is another great blouse for white jeans.

I really love cut offs. You may know that from my post here! I think they are such a closet workhorse. I did something crazy and ordered black and pink. I have really been wearing a lot of black and pink lately, by the way! These came from’s Time and Tru line. I sized up one to two sizes because they are high waisted.

I had two pairs of white jeans – one was non-distressed and the other was super distressed. I have been on the hunt for a replacement pair since those were too big. I went in to Old Navy and found these in tall on sale for $19.99. I was going to cut them anyway, so the tall issue did not matter one bit.

I love the cut hem jeans trend, but I am not into much distressing anymore. Also, I just want to say that I had ordered a few pairs of white jeans from Loft and the material was so uncomfortably thick and the legs were so wide both of my legs could have fit inside one leg. I still need a skinnier leg I think. The wider ones looked so bad on me. Also, I think you have to size up in white jeans.

True ballet flats were on my list in my phone memo and I saw these rose gold editions at my consignment store – brand new! The bow wouldn’t stay tied so I took them to my cobber and they stitched them down. So, I have invested $64 + the $15 to the cobbler, but…

I googled this new to me brand and they cost $229!

I wanted to try the clear trend and chose these from After wearing them out, I think they are primarily a sitting at dinner shoe. They are not very comfortable for any amount of standing or walking, in my opinion.

If you are still here, what is your favorite of my new stuff? What have you purchased for spring and summer?

I am hoping to stop adding new things until summer – 6 more weeks of school. I want to try to wear everything I have that is school appropriate once. You think I can do it? I hope I can!


24 thoughts on “New Stuff!

  1. I think you are adding so many fun colors and prints to your wardrobe that you’ll have a very stylish summer! I wondered about the clear shoes from Target; I paid quite a bit for my clear sandals but they are super comfortable so the price per wear really makes them a great deal. My only regret is not buying them last summer – ha! Great find at Old Navy – I have not been there in ages but I was thinking of popping in and trying some things on.


    1. Thank you! My closet makes me happy to see all the color. Yeah, I think you did well with a higher quality since you are in Florida, especially. I have a pretty hard and fast rule not to buy Target shoes, but these were too appealing!
      I was not impressed with Old Navy. I don’t like the cheap feel of the fabrics. They have a cute green and white gingham top that might be ok, but I am just not digging the quality anymore.


    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to wear white jeans but it’s been so cold and rainy!
      I do try to wear all of my clothes and I know that if I don’t wear a new piece right away I should return it!

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      1. I’m getting better! I had a happy moment – in addition to the new white jeans I got at old navy I found that some high rise J.crew white jeans I bought on major clearance now fit. I had them in a donation bag and luckily I looked through it.

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  2. I especially love the green target top…such a cheerful color. I need to go through my closet, since I tend to wear the same things over and over!


    1. Thank you, Noel! I can’t wait to wear it but it’s so freaking cold and rainy! I am enjoying it but I would have liked a little bit of sun. Maybe tomorrow? Lol!


  3. I’m trying to shop more intentionally as well. I love it when I find great stuff that I can edit if needed at a consignment store! I have a very similar hot pink blazer, and am on the hunt for a white one too! And I just added a bunch of stuff from Old Navy during their 50% off sale last weekend- I’ve found that their jeans are the only ones that fit me well. Great finds!


    1. It’s hard when you have been in the bargain hunting mindset your whole life. I love shopping consignment for many reasons – environment and the deals. I wasn’t impressed with the Old Navy stuff in the store, but I think maybe it’s because all retailers have so much more online. It’s kind of frustrating when you are a person who needs to feel the fabrics.
      I am hoping these jeans don’t stretch out terribly. I have had some do that in the past. But, I also may have been in the wrong size – lol! Good for you for getting that great sale. The online prices are way better!


  4. I love the flats from the consignment store! I have very few pairs of shoes and have a lot of trouble finding comfortable shoes. I don’t buy them unless they fit perfectly. I recently bought 3 pairs at DSW and I’m returning 2/3 pairs. I’m tempted to try the Birkenstock shoes, especially the flats. My toes are hideous, and I don’t wear sandals. I have flat feet tho, and I don’t know if the arch support will be too much for me. I prefer no arch at all, flats. The Roth’s look interesting, but why so expensive, and with my feet, I need to try them on. I’m also trying to be intentional with clothing purchases; I love J Crew and Ralph Lauren the most. I like the tailored RL oxfords from the outlet store.


    1. Thank you! That is very smart of you, though. I wish I could be satisfied with fewer but I have always been obsessed with shoes! You should go into a The Walking Company if you have one. They can help you with brands that would work for you. Have you tried Vionic? Jambu? You have probably tried everything! I don’t understand why Rothy’s are so expensive! They are made from water bottles that cost 99cents! Ugh! I love other people in JCrew and RL, but I am a bit more trendy than classic.


  5. Does anyone have a great place to buy bras that they love? I am really struggling to find anything comfortable. I got spoiled during Covid wearing athletic style ones but need something better now. I’m a 42B so not too many available in stores.


    1. I have just been buying mine from Amazon, but I need to know this, too. I really need to work on my bra game because I have changed sizes and my current bras are not doing me any favors. If I do find a good one I will let you and my blog readers know!


  6. super cute tops and I love the kimono with all the colors. I have only bought 3 things (so far) in my 12 for 2022 year! Tony did buy me a new pair of Golden Goose for my bday in scottsdale ( I ADORE THEM!) and now I have 3 and yes, I will probably add one more pair! HA! The girls bought me a new lululemon workout outfit. Bday gifts do NOT count as my 12 in 2022. I may end up buying some new spring summer tops. I really dont have a whole lot and now things are picking up here with events etc. Gotta beef up the wardrobe. My Athleta and lululemon tees have been worn alot the last 2 years. Have a great rest of your spring break. I think tomorrow I may start pulling out all my winter stuff and put away until next November. Its time!


    1. Thank you! I think I will really like the new kimono. You are doing great on your goal. Gifts should not count. I think you should get a few things for spring and summer because those are the most fun to buy for and in your climate, you can wear them a long time.
      Yes, get rid of that stuff for now and it will all feel new again when you need it.


    1. I have really loved the blazers and was so happy because I honestly didn’t think I could find a style to work for my broad shoulders! I love the ballet flats but I probably look better in a bit of a heel. That’s ok!

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  7. I love it all – do I need to choose!? OK, then I say the ballet flats (what a find!) and the green blouse from target! I haven’t really bought anything new for summer, but I look forward to use my hot pink blazer without any outerwear!


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