Thursday, April 7, 2022

This was supposed to post last week, but something happened and I had no power, so it didn’t! I have added to last Thursday’s post and am linking up with Kellyann and Jill.

Ugh – we continue our streak of unseasonably cool spring weather. I am going to confess; I think it’s my fault. I bought a spray tan package for March and this is why the weather has been so cool. My plan was to start wearing skirts. Nope! Lol!

Let’s start with some school outfits. I have been trying to wear my spring tops to see what I still like and what still fits. I don’t have many spring pants options so I have been wearing jeans a lot lately. Also, I had the goal to wear jeans the whole week before spring break – low level goals, right? Our teacher dress style at my school has gotten so much more casual since the pandemic. Now I see teachers who are in jeans every day. I don’t want to go that far, but I am enjoying them during this crazy weather transition season.

Do you keep things that you only wear one way? I bought this Loft sleeveless swing blouse years ago. The tassels were what sold me. I only wear it with this kimono and I only wear this kimono with this top, but I love how they look together. On this day, I wore black jeans/jeggings and my new bow mules.

I love this old Old Navy butterfly blouse. I really like butterfly prints. I just threw on a soft knit cardigan and my gold star sneakers. I was comfortable!

I did another Old Navy blouse that is super old but paired it with my hot pink blazer, jeans, and my light green teacher discount Tieks I got back in the fall.

This was my Saturday night out to dinner with besties outfit. I tried my old consignment black pumps (Evan Piccone – so a good and classic brand) with my Loft wine and cheese sweater and my black blazer. The pumps are surprisingly comfortable.

Back to school and I wore my Target green blouse, light jeans, and old consignment gold Tieks.

I love this old navy tie dye from Kohl’s Chaps line but Erica told me it was too big and looked frumpy so it left my closet after wearing it. I wore jeans and my Madewell white leather sneakers.

I chose this photo because it was the most flattering of me (Erica is photo bombing us) and this is what I wore to Erica’s birthday dinner. This is the famous Amazon dress. I bought it before I knew how famous it was! I need the bust line to be down a bit lower and I think the dress is a little too big now, but I swooned when I saw the print. It is a very staticky dress and it is very thin so I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it to school.

Sunday to go down to the river and wander through the marina and then go to Captain’s Quarters I wore my chambray popover with my black leggings, gold star sneakers, and my black purse with Gucci-esque strap.

Running errands this week I wore my light jeans, MIA black clogs, and Walmart lemon sweater.

Whew, that was a lot! Do you have a favorite? A few of the above items are featured in my New Stuff post from yesterday if you missed it.

What have you been wearing lately?

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17 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. I love them all but i choose the Target green blouse with light jeans – because it’s so summery! You look so chic in all your jeans outfits, really really nice!
    I’m also in jeans every day, today with a beige really warm knitted sweater! (It’s cold in school…)


    1. Thank you so much, Jolene. I have really worn the dress quite a bit even though I worry that someone else will have it on. It’s that famous!
      You are sweet to say that. I don’t have great backgrounds, but they are my real outfits! They are definitely not staged! Lol!


    1. I’m glad I didn’t say good-bye to it. It is a little bit too big, but with some tucking I think it can work. I will always have something over it, too. I love the print on the dress, too!

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  2. I love the amazon dress on you! From the photo the bust line looks fine, maybe the print of the dress distracts from what you see. And your tan looks great !


    1. Thank you, Nancy! Maybe? I just wish the bust line was down a bit. I do think that general style and length is the best for me. I can’t do a longer dress because I just look frumpy. A little fake tan really helps! Lol!


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