Tuesday, April 5, 2022

It is time to link up with Tanya here for Prime Purchases!

Here is what I bought in the month of March…

I am really enjoying wearing this necklace. I really only wear the charm part of it. That is also the nice thing about it; you can really have 3 necklaces because you can wear them together or separately. This would make a great gift and I think it looks like it cost much more.

In addition to some tequila earrings from a local boutique and the beaded green beer earring for St. Patrick’s Day from another local boutique (Chick A D’s and The Prickly Pear if you are local), I ordered these for Erica’s birthday.

and the pink ones here. I kept the gold ones for myself. They came in a set here.

I gave her the green beer mug earrings early for St. Patrick’s Day and the pink champagne early for her photo shoot. On Saturday night I gave her the tequila and the pink cocktail. I went a bit overboard, but Erica graciously takes my outfit pictures every morning, so it was also a thank you gift. I knew she would enjoy the pink cocktail and the tequila on her Mexican resort vacation this week.

So, she is now part of the alcohol earring club. Lol! The Amazon ones look just as expensive as the boutique ones, by the way, but I like to support my local boutiques.

Ok, this is odd, but I took Lindsay’s rec on the candy cane Chapstick and it is amazing. I wish I had had this when I was a full time mask wearer. I also ordered the cake batter and I love it, too. The cake batter is way less calories than actual cake, too.

Shay mentioned on her podcast that her mom loves cinnamon Mentos and after looking at several stores with no luck, I ordered them! Oh man, these are good. I don’t think I can order these again because I liked them so much!

These sandals are really, really good. Amazon Essentials does it again. I believe they were a rec from Cassie of Hi Sugarplum blog. Now, if you have a wide foot I don’t think they will work for you. They are borderline too narrow for me, but I think they will stretch a bit. I love the minimalist look and they have a super cushy footbed.

So, that is what Amazon brought to my door this month. What about you? I can’t wait to read what others have purchased!


13 thoughts on “Amazon Lately

  1. I love that candy cane chapstick too; that and I have a sugar cookie, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread trio that I found around Christmas time that I also really like.


  2. I put that candy cane chapstick in my younger son’s stocking at Christmas but I have not heard if he liked it or not – he always needs chapstick and I thought it would be fun to try a flavor. Those earrings are fun – I bet Erica is enjoying them!

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    1. It’s the perfect amount of tingle when you put it on! Why do chapsticks get lost so easily?
      The earrings are so lightweight and festive!
      Have a great day!


  3. Ohhh! So many good things here! I’d forgotten that I love candy cane chapstick. You are such a great friend! I love those earrings. I added the sandals to my Amazon list. They are so cute. They don’t seem to come in a 9?? Maybe I could size up?

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    1. Thank you! The candy cane is so good and I love the cake batter, too!
      Thank you!
      The blogger said to size up but I did my normal sandal size 8. I would be afraid 10 would be too big for you, but the returns are so easy if you want to try.

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