Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Thank you for your kind responses to my Mental Health post yesterday! I think we are all in the same boat – constantly working to do the things we know we NEED to do to be mentally healthy.

As I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon, it is still so cold! But, my mind is on spring fashion…

Such an easy go-to outfit from last summer: solid black top, fun purse strap, Birkenstocks

Do you have a pair of cut-off jean shorts? Jorts? Daisy Dukes?

They are the jeans of summer – duh; they are jeans! Anything you wear with jeans now can be put with cut-offs during the weather transition period and you can even wear them into fall. Everyone needs a pair. Calm down; I will give some options for different ages and different body types.

I think they can work for errands, picnics, concerts, festivals, flea markets, farmer’s markets, a casual dinner out, and more. They are just so easy to throw on and I was reaching for mine so much last summer!

If you aren’t comfortable with a true cut-off, what about these? Target has lots of affordable options. I personally love the Universal Thread line. There is way more on the site than in the store. Order a few sizes and styles and do returns in store for the ones you don’t like.

Also, there are so many types of denim – you can find ones with more stretch than others. If you want to wear this trend, shop around and don’t give up.

Also, I have a pair of denim drawstring shorts that might be more your style. You could look for something like that.

Trust me when I say that I am wearing denim drawstring shorts in this photo.

This needs to be said again and again: It is worth it to try them on in your own home with your own clothes and your better lighting. I forget this from time to time!

But, wait! Do a bit of self tanner a few days before so that pasty white legs don’t make you sad. It really does help.

I am 5’4 and I like a 3.5 inch inseam. You may have to try on different lengths to see what works best for your style and your body type.

I think it’s fun to pair a blouse with cut-offs. Business up top and party on the bottom, you know?

Here’s the sad truth:

You probably need to go up at least one size – maybe two – in cut-offs. The size is just a number, remember. They will hang better if you go up, I think. And, if you are doing anything that says “high rise”, I definitely think you have to go up a size.

I ordered a pink and black pair from I know; I will eat my words. isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s pretty darn good. I apologize.

Now I have blue denim, white denim cut-offs, and pink and black denim cut-offs. I go all in.

If you aren’t sure how much you will wear cut-offs in 2022, it makes sense to buy a cheaper “starter” pair as many in the blog world have coined it.

Now, what about shoes?

Of course you can go the sneaker of flip flop route.

If you want to look a bit less casual, Birkenstocks are the perfect shoe for cut-offs. You can see in the above photos that I usually chose my gold Birks.

I also love the look of my lace up flat sandals with my cut offs.

I really like a long sleeve with cut-offs for some reason.

Do you wear cut-offs?

What’s your preferred brand and style?


13 thoughts on “A Case for Cut-Offs

  1. Great post Amy! Yes, cut offs are the jeans of summer for sure – especially where I live. The days of denim are numbered as the temps spike. You gave so many great tips. Glad you ordered from – I swear that is the only way to shop their clothing!


    1. Thank you! I know – you probably can’t wear white jeans for long, either. I agree – that really is the only way. I think they are trying to compete big time with Amazon.


    1. I think maybe you would like a more tailored, classic pair? I think that might be more your style. Maybe Athleta has them! Lol! I think it would be a great use of one!


  2. I spent most of my late twenties and early thirties not wearing shorts. Now, that’s about all I wear in the summer. I agree about sizing up in jean shorts. They seem to fit better. My faves are still the ones I got last summer from target. I have them in two sizes.


  3. Oh summer! You look divine in all your pictures!
    I love jeans cut offs! They have been a favorite since my teens! Nowadays I don’t wear them as short, but… And I agree – birkenstocks and long sleeves are great with shorts!
    Since our summer is quite short, the summer clothes are like… holy for me… I mean, I can buy a summer dress now and just look at it from time to time, and long for when I will be able to wear it… Jeans cut offs and flip flops are my dream outfit! (Today we have 32° over here, sigh…)


    1. Well, thank you! I love them, too! I hate being super hot, but I love everything else about summer. I bet they are your favorite. I know you have to be so over the cold!


  4. I do, but I don’t purchase them. I make my own from jeans that either are just old, out of style, (like my old low rise jeans) or ones that don’t make me feel cute when worn as actual jeans anymore. I cut them off, fray the edges, wet them and throw them in the dryer and they look just like expensive ones I see online. I wear them with sandals or converse.


  5. I haven’t worn shorts for years, like 15:), but have recently lost some weight and ready to try again. Thanks for the recommendations! ❤️

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