Friday, February 25, 2022

It’s time to link up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

This will be rather short and sweet this week because the week simply flew by…

Here are my favorites:

I took down my Valentine’s Decor and moved some things around and here is my current mantel decor:

Coffee table decor:

I am loving the white and green minimalism.

I will put this flag out front this weekend:

I am on a breakfast burrito kick again this week. I could add some meat or salsa, but I am enjoying this basic version:

I use a low carb tortilla (this time it was whole wheat), an egg fried or scrambled, a tiny bit of shredded Mexican cheese, and a few pieces of diced potato. I heat in my classroom microwave for about 30 seconds. This is 2 WW points.

I am really loving sparkling water and I tried a new one this week. This tastes like suntan lotion – in a good way. I also put it in a glass with some Crystal Light lemonade powder and it tastes like a piña colada! Also, isn’t the can pretty?

We had a special visitor Monday at school. Elizabeth got a new puppy and her fiancé brought her during lunch.

We went out to eat during our teacher work day and felt like normal people who get more than 20 minutes to both eat and use the restroom! We did breakfast at lunchtime at a place called Con Huevos – kind of a Mexican/Cuban breakfast place.

I ordered an omelette:

These earrings look so much more expensive and are super lightweight. They were a Melanie Shankle/Big Boo Cast recommendation. I am really enjoying wearing them!

I am so grateful that I am finally craving salad! I have said many a time that I prefer cooked vegetables, but lately I am on a salad kick. Join me in hoping it sticks around for a while because I feel like I’ve gained some weight back. I haven’t weighed yet, but I just feel bloated lately and like I’ve lost some motivation. So, anyway, I have enjoyed a few salads with baby arugula. I love doing a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a bit of mashed up avocado. I also plan to do this with hard boiled egg instead of the avocado.

And, those are my favorites! What were yours this week?

If you missed any posts, here is my Hello Monday, here is my weekly Fashion Files – I have a new love of blazers!, and this week I also found and shared some St. Patrick’s Day ideas here and I talked about Decision Fatigue here. Hopefully there is a little something for everyone? Ha!

Wishing you a happy, happy Friday and a wonderfully relaxing weekend,


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love the basket on your coffee table and the magazine in it reminds me, did you read that they are going to stop the print edition of InStyle? I will miss it for sure! I’ve been wanting salads lately too and I’m loving a new dressing by Paul Neuman, it’s Lemon Basil, very fresh tasting! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you – I think it’s from Hobby Lobby, but in the style of an old basket. I did not read that – just got my newest edition in the mail. It’s a sad day when we lose magazines!
      That sounds amazing. I really like his products. Hope you had a great weekend!


  2. We picked up a bagged dill pickle salad at Costco and so good and easy! It comes with the dressing, cheese and such and makes it easy to eat salad. Have a great weekend!


  3. That was a really great week of posts! Where do you get all your ideas from!? I just love your blog!
    My favorite this week is that I’ve invested in some cozy lounge outfits, it’s so nice to be comfy and look decent! I have a mustard yellow velor set (like a track suit?), a pink nightgown with a kimono, and a red pyjamas with wide trousers and a tank top…
    Have a fantastic Sunday! And guess what – I have my spring break next week! (or “sports” week that we call it over here, I think we’re supposed to go skiing and skating…)


    1. Well, thank you. I guess from my brain. You really don’t want to be inside it. You are so kind.
      I really have bad lounge wear. I hate to spend money on things for inside the house I guess. I bet you look nice and you really should look nice for the people you love the most, right?
      I bet you needed this break so badly! Enjoy!


      1. So I guess you’re always entertained – by yourself! 😀
        I used to have bad inside-house-wear (don’t get me wrong, I still have tights with holes in them…), but then my cute little toddlers suddenly turned into fashion aware teenagers… (You know! You meet them in school every day!) I confess: it’s for my daughters… Well I guess my husband appreciates it too ;-D.


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