Monday, February 21, 2022

Today is our Parent Teacher Conference Day. We get an hour for lunch today, so Erica and I are going to try to walk for 30 minutes of it and then eat our normal meal prepped lunch for the other 30 minutes. “Hi, parents – sorry I’m a bit sweaty.” Parents had the option for in-person or virtual, by the way.

Friday after school, Erica, Elizabeth, and I had plans to go to Ulta and Martini’s for their $6 martini special.

You know the cult favorite Essence mascara on Amazon? They have more than just mascara. Some of these little palettes were so cool! I only bought a mascara primer for now.

Then, we walked over to Martini’s. Ulta and Martini’s are both in a little outdoor shopping area called The Paddock. I’m kinda embarrassed. My blog name has both Coffee and Cocktails in it and I had never had an espresso martini!!!! It was sooooo good! It was slightly frosty and I can’t wait to have another one!

We also had some crostini and goat cheese.

We said good-bye and I headed home. I heated up Tom’s lunch pot pie from a restaurant Wednesday and I made myself a Spanish tortilla (omelette) with an aioli dipping sauce.

Then, I made the funfetti dip that Kellyann mentioned in her blog from Living with Landyn. OMG! I used Greek non-fat yogurt and it worked just fine. I had to run to Kroger to get something to dip in it and … J and M surprised us by saying they were coming home around 7:00 so I also had to get some chips and snack foods that I had forgotten to order.

Kroger is an explosion of Easter! If Valentine’s is any indication, start your Easter basket shopping now.

J and M hadn’t had dinner so we had taco leftovers and Kraft mac and cheese leftovers in the fridge for them. Tacos and mac and cheese? Sounds pretty good for a college student. We watched a show – all four of us – that Tom had found and thought they would like called Murderville on Netflix. I went to bed and they headed to the basement to play a game.

Saturday morning was hair day!

I was hungry for lunch when I got home so I made myself (and Mason wanted it, too) a teriyaki chicken bowl. I tried to re-create the one I had at a restaurant recently.

It was really good and I had it again for dinner!

The funfetti dip for dessert:

J and M had to return to campus for play rehearsal. They are both in the same play in March!

I went to Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, and Home Depot on a mission to look for plant stands and plants.

Then, Tom and I walked Ernie and ate dinner.

My new trailing elephant beads plant:

My new bambino ficus:

New stool:

Sunday morning was meal prep, blog work, taking down Valentine’s decor and adding a few St. Patrick’s Day touches, and then Tom and I went to see Uncharted. I really liked it. I made my own popcorn:

After the movie we went to a Mexican restaurant…

I ordered a really good salad:

And, that was basically my weekend!

What was the highlight of yours?


23 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I’m hoping to get out for a walk today too as it’s supposed to be sunny and near 50. After this weekends snow and ice storm I’m so excited to have a bit of warm weather pop back up.

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  2. Hi Amy! So much fun! OK, here go…
    Essence is a great brand! My daughters had their christmas calendar last year, and it was filled with really good products!
    I haven’t had an espresso martini either! I wonder if it’s hard to make? What liquor is it?
    Trailing elephants!? That’s crazy, that’s the plants that I have in two of my windows, and I had no idea what their name was! They are crazily resilient and can survive anything (hey, they survive me!). I’ve had them for ages, and they just grow and are happy…! (at least I hope they’re happy!)
    Highlight of my weekend was probably beautiful winter scenery at the cabin. It all melted quite quickly, but winter is really putting up a fight here in Sweden! And I’m so ready for spring!


    1. I’m surprised you have that brand! I think I will go back and buy some!
      Good to know about my new plant! I just love the look!
      The espresso martini has vodka and a coffee liquer I believe. It was divine!
      Your wintry cabin sounds peaceful but bring on spring! Ha!


    1. It was! I cannot wait to have that martini again! I am always inspired by others’ finds there but I didn’t go crazy this time. I actually think I find more in the home section of TJ Maxx!


  3. We watched a couple episodes of murderville and thought it was cute. I heard an interview with the main actor and he said it was all improv and the guest star got to decide who the murderer was and he just had to play against whatever the guest star says. We also started the Mindy Project on Hulu and that’s pretty cute.


    1. My kids both love acting so I thought they would like the improv aspect! So cool – I will pass those details on to them and to my hub. I have watched some of The Mindy Project but my hub is highly irritated by her. Lol!


  4. Your post didn’t show up in my WP app, so I hope you get my response 🤣 your weekend looks amazing. I’ve never had an espresso martini either, but it sounds delish. I have the ingredients for the funfetti dip too …maybe hadley can make it today. I’m glad you had some time with your boys. Smart move on the movie popcorn! I hope you have a great week.

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    1. Yes, I forgot to schedule it last night so maybe that is why. I added some stuff this a.m. and then posted. Oops! The martini was so good! I love Nancy’s/Payne Street! And, Memorial Auditorium was my annual Latino dance field trip. I don’t know if the touring company went out of business during the pandemic – so sad. I may have told you that before. That theater is so old and the seats leave a lot to be desired! I don’t even like movie theater popcorn anymore.
      This is super weird but I would love to meet you if you come again and have a bit of time – I know you probably don’t, but just in case!

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      1. Well, the app alerted me of this comment! So that’s good 🙂 hadley had two competitions there last year, so I’m glad to be familiar with where I’m going 🙂 yes! I would love to meet up. I will definitely let you know the next time I’m in Louisville. That would be so fun!


    1. It’s so good – my sister told me to add a bit of milk and cake batter extract – never heard of it! She said her friend makes it like that and it makes it a bit thinner. I guess my Greek yogurt made it really thick.
      Now I have heard that Essence makes a good lipstick, too!


  5. We came to the beach house. The end. Haha! We seriously did have the best weekend in pismo! We order all our bathroom remodel things like faucets, sinks, etc. I’m going to have to get my tile ordered this week! No more procrastinating…. Hugh out with Kelsey and Joaquin, ate some great food. Saw Unchartered (liked it!) and Dog (liked it a lot!) heading back to Tulare this morning. I’ll take down my valentines decor and decorate for spring. I don’t do Easter or st Patrick’s day anymore. Have a great week!


  6. Espresso martini sounds so good, I need to try one sometime. The guests are always ordering them on Below Deck! I needed to grab a lipstick one time and didn’t want to spend a lot since I had plenty at home and picked up an Essence color at Ulta and was very happy with the color and staying power, it’s a great bargain brand! We saw Andrea Bocelli in concert Saturday, the tickets were our Christmas gift to each other. It was amazing to see a venue full of people, I pray that this pandemic is winding down and that children will be able to go to school without masks on soon.


    1. Yes! And if it’s good enough for Below Deck people it’s good enough for me – ha! You need to try one! Oh – that is good to know about Essence lipstick. Oh, I love his voice! My favorite song is Por ti Volare – in Spanish. What an amazing experience!
      I pray for that, too.


  7. This weather is gorgous! It keeps me hoping for spring! Sometimes I combine leftover taco meat and leftover mac and cheese for my boys with some salsa and we call it taco mac & cheese and they love it!! It looks like you had a great weekend and how fun to have a surprise visit from the boys. I hope your conferences were easy!


    1. It was definitely a nice break from winter before it comes back again! Oh – that’s funny – not sure mine would like that? I will ask! They were pretty easy and it was a nice calm day! Thank you!


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