Monday, February 28, 2022

It’s the last day of February, y’all! Tomorrow is March 1st! Tomorrow is also Mardi Gras! Daylight Savings Time starts March 12th! Is winter over? I thought we would have one more weather event here in Kentucky, but now…I’m not so sure. Our temps are supposed to be 50s and 60s this week!

It is time to link up with Sarah for Hello Monday while Holly is on vacation.

Basically, I am going to show you lots of food photos and a few things I bought this weekend. It’s riveting content – I’m sure.

Friday was the start of Spring Break for my college kids. Crazy early, right? But, I think it is based on the fact that it is exactly half way through second semester. They had midterms last week. Jack was supposed to leave at 4:30 a.m. for a college music department trip to NYC, but it was delayed due to a winter weather advisory there. He ended up leaving about 13 hours late and lost a whole day, sadly. But that’s ok. He returns Wednesday night and then will still have some time at home before Spring Break ends.

Mason came home Friday afternoon and we got coffee from Heine Brothers – a local place. He also got sweatpants that say Heine on the backside. Ha!

Then, he and I had skinny pizza and Tom had a Totino’s frozen pizza for dinner. Tom doesn’t like the skinny dough and he is crazy! It’s so good!

Then, Mason left to go to a party.

Saturday morning I was up and at ’em and made my cold brew with foam and it was amazing! I then added my Premier Protein.

I made my typical weekend veggie scramble.

Then, I was on a mission. I had seen an Aldi ad for this stool.

I wanted it for my plants! I also saw and bought two candles –

this cute cloche candle:

and this stoneware:

I did not get this one, but there were some pretty designs.

There is no way I could exclusively food shop there but I was happy to get these goodies!

I had fun doing an old fashioned in person shopping trip and I also popped in to Meijer, DSW, and Versona while I was out. All that shopping made me tired and hungry, so…

I went home and made myself and Tom and Mason lunch. They had ham and swiss sliders, fries, and salad, and I had:

salad, baked potato, and Boca fake chicken patty sandwich.

Then, Mason and I went shopping for a birthday gift for his friend and he left to go to this friend’s birthday dinner.

I told Tom I needed some entertainment for Saturday evening and he said, “puppet show?”. If you know Tom, you can hear him saying this. I replied that I was thinking more along the lines of me taking a break from cooking/heating up/putting stuff on plates for people.

On second thought I would have really liked to have seen what kind of puppet show Tom was prepared to put on for me.

So, we decided to go to Cultured, the charcuterie place that is super cute.


Tom wanted ice cream after so we went to Comfy Cow (a local place) and I had a kid size scoop of salted caramel.

Mason came home around 10 and then we were both really tired and went to bed.

Sunday morning meal prep! Don’t pay attention to the loose change – I guess I got a tip.

Meanwhile, the only pictures I have gotten from Jack in NYC are these…

I am having trouble editing and cropping photos and WordPress has not been helpful. Sorry!

So, Jack has been to a jazz museum, the Met, Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre, and singing in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He has sent photos of pigeons. Welcome to the life of a teen boy mom.

Mason has been enjoying my cooking.

French Toast for breakfast:

So, that was a lot of food!

The weekend flew by and really, so did February. I can’t even believe it.

2022 has been hard. Winter, Covid/Omicron, flip flopping between in person and virtual school, masking, and now the news from Ukraine is…heartbreaking.

I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and I hope that that state of the world improves.


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Hahahaha, the puppet show comment is so funny and so something my husband (and his dry humor would say)! Nice pics from NY too, oh boys, what are we going to do with them.
    I cannot believe March 12 we lose an hour of sleep – that went quickly. It already feels like late spring early summer here because it’s been so hot.
    That charcuterie board is to die for – YUM!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! It made me laugh. I appreciate dry humor. I know – I’m still hoping for a decent photo. I am excited to have it stay light out until 8! It just makes life a bit easier, but it will be pitch dark when I go to work. Aren’t the hoops great? Maybe you can find replacement earring backs on Amazon or do you know the pencil eraser trick? You pull it out of a pencil and use as a back.


  2. Love those NYC highlights! Ha. Total typical boy. It was a mess here all day on Friday so while it’s a bummer he missed a day it was definitely a good call I’m sure. Your foods look so yummy!


    1. I know, right? I am glad they delayed, because I would have been so nervous. I think they have made up for some of the stuff they missed in the built in free time. Thank you!


  3. Your friends must laugh so much when they are with you! You’re so funny!
    I’m enjoying spring break and actually saw that episode of Younger yesterday, with the Swedish writer! Funny! The book cover even had a Swedish name, cool.


    1. Thank you – I do try. Hope you are loving your sports break! Play lots of sports, ok? I hope you can really bring your spikes down this week. Are you impressed? I looked up Swedish style once on Pinterest and now they suggest Swedish stuff to me and this came from a funny Swedish expressions post. The line about “soft as a walrus fold” – I was laughing so hard!


  4. Charcuterie and sangria sounds like heaven to me, only there is no way my husband would think that is dinner! Plus he is not really a cheese guy, which is crazy to me! It sounds like Jack is having a great time in NYC, I haven’t been there in years and would love to see SJP and Matthew Broderick in Plaza Suite this spring.


    1. I was the opposite this time – I told Tom I still wanted dinner! I save up for my Saturday night meal! Cheese is everything! I would love to go to NYC, too, and that sounds so cool!


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