Friday, January 21, 2022

I have said it before and I will say it again – the short weeks can fool ya! I am ready for you, Friday! I am linking up today with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

First of all, this was NOT a favorite. My Tuesday post disappeared! It had to do with me seeing it in my drafts on my WordPress app after it had published and then me trashing the draft. Poof – gone!

So, my post involved my two meal prep lunches this week. I did Buffalo dip stuffed baked potatoes and they were delish!

I topped with green onion, blue cheese, and a little bit of Mexican shredded cheese.

My other lunch was lettuce wraps. You can find lots of variations when you Google ground turkey lettuce wraps. This was not my best batch, but I will make it again I am sure!

Meal prep and good lunches are always a favorite!

So, Jack and Mason went back to college on Monday afternoon. Mason texted me Tuesday morning and said a friend he had seen on Friday while both were wearing masks tested positive. Mason got a PCR test at college and insisted on coming home because he was so worried about his roommate. Mason is about a month past the booster and I assured him that he was fine.

I gave him a home test and it was indeed negative. I convinced him to go back to campus. A day later and he got the PCR negative, too. I mean, I am glad my kids are cautious, but there is such a thing as too much.

It was definitely a favorite that Mason was negative but the drama involved – not a favorite.

Did you order your home tests? I did. Ugh. So over this.

Has anyone wondered about my bathroom project? Well, things have been happening again. We are getting the tile done tonight!

Waiting for my class to join. This person wanted us to see they were reading Harry Potter!

I saw these conversation hearts that are called End the Conversation Hearts. They are wisecracks and kinda mean.

I found them at Fresh Market. I didn’t buy them because I would be tempted.

I did buy this tomato soup there and it is really good. I will buy it again.

I had it for dinner one night and Tom had his favorite Fresh Market corn chowder.

One night I had a Boca cheeseburger.

Do you all know the bread trick? My cookies were not as soft as I like and I stuck a piece of bread in my container and it softened the cookies up.

Over the weekend, Mason wanted to make gluten free cupcakes for a GF friend.

He bought all the supplies and used this:

I took another load of donation bags out of the house this week! 8 bags gone!

I did a Valentine mantel without spending any money.

And, I had one social outing this week. Erica, Elizabeth, and I went to Cultured, our charcuterie place.

We realized it was staying light out so late and ran outside to document it.

I wore my sweater and the employees liked it.

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!


P.S. – This week I wrote about my fashion, teen fashion, and my weekend if you missed any posts!

24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. I agree! I will never be able to make one as beautiful, but I am ok with that. You, too! I’m sorry your Johnny Cash got cancelled. Your outfits are so chic and stylish. I think you’ve found your style!


  1. I am going to have to look for those conversation hearts! Too funny! My mother-in-law taught me the bread trick years ago so I do the same thing….I always add a piece of bread (usually my end piece) to my container or bag of cookies to keep them softer and taste more fresh. Good for you for cleaning out bags. Such a good feeling. Have a great weekend!


    1. Do you have a Fresh Market? That is where I saw them. I have not really looked at any other places, but I know Target has a ton of stuff out.
      The bread trick really works! That is what I did. I used the heel. Do you call it the heel? Ha! I am so happy to feel like my stuff is less cluttered, but I have a long way to go and 3 cluttery people in my way!


  2. I’m so glad Mason was negative. I haven’t ordered those tests. I guess I should. I love your Valentine’s Day decor. I usually do that Feb. 1, but I may bring it out sooner. I only have a few things. I’ve never heard of that bread trick. I will have to remember that. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!


  3. I was actually able to read your Tuesday post since I get them in the mail :-D.
    Oh covid, crazy crazy…. Sweden is standing still because the quarantine rules are so strict (you have to stay at home for 7 days if someone in the family has a positive result, regardless if you have had the vaccine or not…). So my classes are half full, which is quite nice… Glad Mason was negative!
    I like your mantle, mine looks so bare without the Christmas decorations…. I think I will put up lights like you did.
    Happy Friday! 😀


    1. Oh, that is right! It wasn’t that exciting, but still I was mad at myself.
      Very strict in Sweden! You have gone from being loose to strict? I think the lights staying up for a while really help me. It gets dark early now – not as early as for you, but still.
      Happy weekend! Hope you can find fun and joy amidst the Covid stuff!


      1. Yes, suddenly our health department woke up… But I don’t mind the slower life, we can really go to restaurants (if we keep a distance) so it’s actually only the movies I’m missing. Cinemas are open, but it feels weird, you know.
        Today it was actually light until 4, so we’re moving in the right direction. But I have to put up those lights! 😀


      2. Yeah, I like going to the movies when no one is there and if they are – just a few very far away!
        Dark at 4 sounds sooooo hard. Put those lights up!


  4. I can’t wait to see the new bathroom. I know what you mean about the college age kids being a little overly cautious. We see that with our daughter. Yea for decorating without buying anything new. I am trying to do that this year too. Hope you have a good weekend.


    1. Thanks, Tanya! I’ve been talking about it for a long time! It worries me for their mental health. I love buying decor, but I know I don’t need any more, you know?
      I hope you have a great one! I just watched a House Hunters Houston that was really good! It made me think of you!


  5. Love all your food sharing, the potato with the Boca burger is making me hungry, lol. Standing by on the update to your bathroom. It’s agony while on going, but joyus when its over. Have a nice weekend.


    1. Thanks, Ruth. I’m not great at exact recipes, but my hopes are that it gives you ideas to look up! Lol! I will have one small update on Monday! So true about home renovations. You too!


  6. I’m so glad Mason was negative! I have been hoarding at home tests for months. I am very generous with my tests and share with people who need them, but I am getting tired of hunting for and buying them. I can’t wait to see your finished bathroom!! Have a great weekend!


    1. Me too! It can be devastating to miss those first classes at any grade level, really! Same – I bought about 8 back in August and have used a couple and shared a couple. It gave me peace of mind having them. I hope my government ordered ones are the last I EVER buy!
      I will show it but it will probably be a long time away! You too!


  7. I more or less refuse to participate in the games, so I have never even held/seen/taken a covid test lol. I hope Mason is able to have a productive spring semester! Kids are so struggling right now :/
    I’m always intrigued by the Rao’s brand because it’s oddly expensive? I haven’t bought it though.


    1. I know. I have never taken one myself yet. I hope so, too. They really had no choice at college because they did random testing. The Raos soup is not as expensive as the marinara. I do know it is one that is recommended for having way less sugar.
      I really liked the soup!


  8. I often get frustrated with WordPress and want to break up with them. Recently I was using a broken link to my site and almost never figured it out. How it changed all of a sudden I have no idea but they did help me get it back on track. I’m glad your son didn’t have Covid, my nephew currently has it and is having to miss more than a week of school and work. The dip looks amazing and I can’t wait to try the soup. I haven’t decorated for Valentines yet and I know I need to get busy. Your mantle looks so adorable. Have a great weekend.


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