Monday, January 17, 2021

Well…for most of us the weekend is not quite over! Yippee! But, the gals of Hello Monday are going on with the show so I will share what I have done so far! I am linking up with Holly and Sarah, our hosts. Check out some more blogs and maybe find a new one or two! If you are a blogger, link up!

So many wonderful quotes by MLK, but the one I am going to share today is…”You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

This applies to so many things…

Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to be more organized? We want it all now and don’t want to be patient, but it really does start with one step. I am only halfway up my staircase to being healthier. And, I am starting my 30 Bags in 30 Days challenge to have less stuff to organize!

Life may be hard right now. We have the quiet time at home to work on some things in our lives, possibly.

I’m feeling ok this January. I can’t believe it’s halfway over. I always have the hardest time with this month, I think. This week was hard, though. We went to virtual teaching for the week and my first day was rough. The rest of the week got better and some of it was due to my attitude. I made up my mind that the second day would be better.

As I write this on Sunday, I don’t know what the school plan is for this week – in person or virtual – so the uncertainty makes life hard. But, I told my students on Friday that either way we would carry on with our curriculum and our routine. Darn, it’s hard to be the adult sometimes. My attitude affects their attitudes, right?

Also, today is Betty White’s 100th birthday, so donate to an animal shelter in her name if you are so inclined and have the means.

And, now I will show you a margarita…hahahahaha! Isn’t she pretty?

There is a teacher at our school that has repeatedly invited us to a standing happy hour on Fridays at our nearby Mexican restaurant, but we have never been. The stars finally aligned for Erica, Elizabeth, and I to join this group.

Elizabeth teaches French so she did not get the t-shirt below that Erica ordered for she and I. It says “witch” because we call each other that and we think it’s funny. We decided to wear them on Friday.

It was a great way to start the weekend. I ordered a “skinny margarita” by asking for a shot of tequila, fresh lime, and a tiny bit of the “normal” margarita mix. It was amazing! Maybe I am on to something? It is most likely less “skinny” than my at home margs, but it’s ok.

There is just something so nice about talking to other work people who “get it”. We vented a bit about school, but then stopped the “shop talk” and one teacher told us the craziest story of winning his honeymoon trip on Wheel of Fortune and then being flown to the wrong city in Mexico. The story had several crazy details that had us all laughing and wondering how embellished the tale was!

We said goodbye and I took pineapple fajitas from the restaurant home for Tom and I with some chips and queso. Work smarter, not harder, right? Seriously, I had had that dinner planned all week.

Also, I had ordered groceries so I picked those up before heading home.

I wish I had taken a picture of the fajitas – they put the mixture in a half of a pineapple and it has shrimp, chicken, pineapple chunks, and onions, and then they give you the flour tortillas, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, guac, sour cream on the side. Tom and I split a one person order and I use my own low carb tortilla. We watched a show together while we ate. Empty nester life…

As is typical with college kids, we were surprised when Jack and Mason came home Friday night at 9:00! I had thought they would come Saturday so it was a nice surprise. They had a three day weekend, too.

I woke up Saturday morning and I was excited to see the library books I had picked up on Wednesday waiting for me. I had been so busy I hadn’t even gotten to look at them.

I kinda hate it when all the books I request come in at the same time; makes me feel pressure to hurry up and read, but it’s also wonderful to have so many great options. Our library gives you three weeks but there are no longer any fines. Still, I feel guilty when others want to read the books I have.

I made myself a beautiful Spanish omelette of potato, onion, and mushroom. What makes it Spanish? They don’t fold it over as the Americans do. Don’t the French fold it thrice? Super fancy. I perfected the Spanish method of placing a plate over the skillet and doing a quick flip and slide so I like to do it often! Who knew how long I could talk about omelettes, right?

J and M are on a cinnamon toast kick lately when they are home. Yum! I made it in the air fryer on the toast setting.

I made giant chocolate chip cookies with mini chocolate chips!

I did my own laundry (we all do our own) and then piddled in my closet – one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday. I usually listen to a podcast while moving things around and tidying up. Kellyann mentioned that she changed her metallic laces to plain ones for a bit of a higher end look. I stole from another pair of shoes that are too big really and doesn’t it look great?

So, I have been an 8 in sandals and an 8.5 in closed toes shoes since I had my twins. I think before that I was a 7.5. I have a few pairs of 8.5s that are really too big now. Can your shoe size shrink with some weight loss?

I made myself a Greek Bowl for lunch – only for me! Yes, I am pretty obsessed with this meal.

I basically only used 3 WW points up until after lunch because I was “saving” points for dinner. My creamer for my coffee, my protein shake, and my tiny bit of feta were all I needed to count. And, I managed to eat about 3 cups of vegetables and drink most of my water for the day by lunch.

I showered and washed my hair – I am not washing my hair everyday lately. I think it’s been good.

I sat down in the basement to do a new mani.

I really liked it! I got several compliments on it when I went out.

I finally went out for the day around 3:00 and went to three boutiques in the nearby shopping center. I bought a couple of little things that I will show you Thursday!

I talked to J and M and made orange chicken, rice, and broccoli. They can make it but I do like to cook for them when they are home.

Tom and I went out with our two couples friends who we hadn’t seen for awhile.

We met at World of Beer which is pretty casual but has really good food in my opinion.

One of my friends and I tried a drink called a Greyhound with Tito’s, grapefruit juice, and lime. This is pretty much a Paloma, too. It was really good!

They have an amazing German pretzel!

I ordered the Cobb salad and look at the presentation! It looks small, but when you start eating it, it is a lot. I only put dressing on some of it so I could take the rest home!

We had a nice time and when I got home I microwaved a cookie and put a tiny bit of ice cream on it! Yum!

I stayed up kinda late watching Cheer 2. I also had watched part of Look Who’s Talking and Legally Blonde in the afternoon – such good movies! They just happened to be playing on YouTubeTV.

Sunday morning I slept in until 8:00!

I had my coffee and read a bit of this:

It’s really good and really makes you think about consumerism and what we really need and why we don’t let it go. I often like to read a fiction and a non-fiction at the same time.

I made a veggie scramble bowl:

The book inspired me to tackle my basement storage area with my seasonal decor tubs. I made a trash pile, a donation pile, and I got my Valentine stuff out.

I went to Starbucks and got a doppio with extra ice to put a Premier shake in and then I went to Target to get a few things. I have a problem resisting nail polish – I came home with OPI Gelato on my Mind and Essie Marshmallow.

I did the OPI Gelato for my pedi and then announced to Tom that I saved him $40. Lol. This is funny because I don’t save HIM and because the polish was $10! I may add a glitter coat because glitter! Y’all tired of my glitter? Don’t tell me if you are.

We got a dusting of snow and I was super lazy all Sunday afternoon until I made dinner.

And, that was about it! What was the highlight of your weekend? Did you get snow? Is anyone in your family sick? I hope not!

Thanks for reading,


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. MLK day, nice! Enjoy! And it’s my husbands birthday!
    Food, books and nail polish – my kind of post!
    Your food looks awesome! WW seems to be a good system? We have it over here too.
    I also like to read two books at the same time! Right now I’m reading “The Last Thing He Told Me” (love it!) and “Four thousand weeks, time management for mortals” (interesting!)
    I have so many nail polishes…. but I’m always looking for a new one (the perfect one!). Right now I want a light pink one, but it can’t be metallic, and it can’t be too light… any idea?


  2. That pineapple fajita sounds fantastic!… I might add something similar to our menu this week. I know my feel shrank from a size 10 1/2 or 11 to a 9/ 9 1/2 now that I’ve lost all the weight. I feel the same type of pressure when all the books I order come in at the same time. We don’t have fines either but I try really really hard to return my books on time anyway especially since I tend to have a stack of pretty popular books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s kinda new to us but I love it way more than normal ones!
      That is a big shoe size difference! Wow!
      It’s expensive to rebuild a shoe collection.
      Same with books! I just don’t have the time like I do in summer.


  3. Yay – the laces look great on the shoes! I just love three day weekends and honestly, every weekend should be. I just requested that book The Year of Less from my library, I am excited to read it as I am trying hard to reduce the amount of stuff I buy. And let me just say, your chocolate chip cookies look sooooooo good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looks so good! Thanks for the tip and it was free!
      I feel like I’m totally rebuilding my wardrobe but don’t want to go crazy on winter clothes.
      J and M are purists and wanted my “normal” big chips cookies! Lol!
      I think you’ll like the book – it makes you think!


  4. I’m putting the Year of Less on my list. It looks like good inspiration for scaling back on “things.” I hope your week is off to a good start.


  5. Happy Monday! Ok that Cobb salad! Whoa I loved the presentation. Very cool. No one is sick here in my family. We leave tomorrow for Cabo so lets all send good vibes that we dont catch any cooties! 7 days of 75-80 deg days, 65-68 night time temps. Gorgeous all inclusive adults only resort,,,,,great food and drinks and room service breakfast every day? yes please! golf 3 of the days with friends. Life is indeed good! No snow in my little town in California. 🙂 Have a great week!


  6. What an amazing weekend. I love your matching shirt with Erica. So funny! My kids love cinnamon toast, and my mom always made it for me when I was a kid. I love your glitter nail polish. So fun! We got ice and snow. They just called for an NTI snow day tomorrow. Our first ever!


  7. I will never ever tire of glitter! I love that polish! Actually, I love all the colors you showed us. I can’t resist nail polish either, but I am trying to be better about it. I also love palomas made with vodka instead of tequila. They are so refreshing! Your margarita looks delicious, too. I just got the Colleen Oakely book too. I can’t wait to read it. What do you think of the less book? I think I want to put it on my hold list at the library to keep going through all my stuff. Do you think it would be a good audio book? I find that I am a better nonfiction listener than reader. I’m glad your virtual week got better. Our attitude does make a big difference, even when it is hard. Thanks for linking up!


    1. Yes! You are my glitter soul sister! I know. I find that if I buy better brands I don’t want to buy as often. I need to stick to my OPI, Essie, and I do really like Olive and June and Tenoverten at Target. The other brands just don’t last as long for me. I love tequila but I also love Tito’s. I like being able to switch them out, too. Great idea! I think the less book would be great on audio. That is a good point. Listen while cleaning and decluttering! Ha! I need some reading time this weekend. I’ve been slacking, but I have been busy.
      Thank you!


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