Wednesday, January 12, 2021

I will not be talking about fashion today as I normally do on Wednesdays, but come back tomorrow when I link up with Fashion Files.

Today I am linking up with Let’s Look, a monthly affair with a different topic each month. The hostess’ are Erika here and Shay here. Be sure to check out more posts; I need this topic badly!

I think this is really the key…

I really try to scrutinize every purchase that will come into my home. Where will I put it? Do I NEED it? Is there something else that can be used in its place?

The less stuff you own the less stuff you need to organize.

One of the best things I do yearly is my 30 Bags in 30 Days challenge. I list 30 spaces in my home and try to get a “bag” of stuff from that area that I don’t need. I have donation bags and trash bags. The spaces can be larger or smaller. I like to be super specific so that I can tackle more than one in a day or while dinner cooks. I got this idea from a former blogger, Mel Larson. She is on Instagram and has great ideas and is a fun follow!

Here is my list for 2022: (If you are a long time blog reader, you will recognize many of these same spaces.)

  1. drawer under microwave
  2. silverware drawer (take out plastic dividers and wash, too)
  3. dishtowel drawer
  4. plastic storage container drawer
  5. baggies, foil drawer
  6. kitchen junk drawer
  7. big utensil drawer
  8. freezer
  9. fridge
  10. pantry
  11. medicines
  12. spices
  13. Amy closet jewlery drawer
  14. Amy socks
  15. basement storage room
  16. seasonal decor
  17. Amy car console
  18. throw blankets
  19. seasonal pillows
  20. wrapping paper box
  21. cabinet above microwave
  22. shelves below tv in living room
  23. book shelves in basement
  24. playroom shelves
  25. playroom closet
  26. jackets and coats – do this quickly so someone can be using
  27. bathroom linen closet
  28. mudroom dog towels and beach towels
  29. under sink cleaning products
  30. living room hall closet

I’m sure that is super boring to read, but it gives you an idea of how I do this and it holds me accountable.

I don’t mess with any of Tom’s stuff or Jack and Mason’s stuff.

Another tip: Do not go out and buy a ton of organizing products (baskets and bins) until you know where you need them and how you will use them. I did that once and then regretted it big time!


-I throw away/recycle anything that can be looked up online.

– take a photo of any important things so that it is on my phone’s camera roll.

-I open mail while standing over my trash and recycling and immediately deposit it in one of the two if I don’t need to keep it.

I am a product/makeup junkie but since I have started buying better brands I don’t throw so much away. When I was buying impulsively in Target and drugstores I had so much that I was tossing out.

I am utilizing a vase for my laundry pods:

and a giant Mason jar for my dishwasher pods:

I love these white baskets in my closet:

I have some varying sizes:

I also keep a paper planner and write lots of lists.

My phone memo section has tons of lists to. I have lists for:

-my next grocery order

-restaurants I want to try

-Shows I want to watch/movies I want to watch

-Books I want to read

-Spring fashion items I am interested in


-the grades of all my nieces and nephews are in – hey, I have a lot!

I hope I gave you at least one tip you can use! Leave me your best tip in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Let’s Look! How I’m Organizing for the New Year…

  1. Thank you, I will try to follow along! When do we start!? Nice idea with the washing pods, I’ll try that! And it’s a great idea to take photos of important papers!
    I agree: don’t buy new containers before you know what you need… I have an impression that you fill up the spaces you have… If you get more storage room you will just hoard more things!


  2. I loved this post. I have been keeping a large box in my upstairs hallway and I add to it all week. On Wednesday I take it to our local Goodwill. I do love picking one area a day to rid and organize. I think I will use your list to tackle mine. I agree with not buying new containers. I have a basement with several in it right now that I have bought through the years. I keep holding onto them thinking I will need them eventually.

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  3. I love purging and organizing! I have to continually reassess my spaces and figure out what’s working and what’s not but it is amazing how much better I feel!
    I love your list of things to organize this year!


  4. Such a great post! I too have several children, nieces/nephews, so I keep a note in my phone of gifts I have given them for bdays, Christmas, etc. so I can be sure not to repeat something – and I also use this notes page to capture anything I hear them say they’re into (favorite restaurants, bands, clothing brands) or what they want so I can have gift ideas ready! Sometimes they’ll mention something in passing and I think – oh! I need to write that down so I can gift it later. You’re tip about taking a photo of any important things so that it is on the phone’s camera roll is great and I even take it a step further by creating “albums” in the camera roll for each of my kids so I can file pics of report cards, permission slips, invites to friends bday parties. Gah I love this blog, have I mentioned that before LOL!


  5. I love your 30 days idea! I use the notes section on my phone a lot too. That’s a great idea about nieces and nephews. I should do that too! I have 11 …I should write their birthdays / ages down. So many great ideas!


  6. I’ve been working on the boys’ room and the last is my teen’s. I have a little post coming up on the little things I have added to make things look neater after I have decluttered. A few baskets, new hangers, just things to make it look prettier and more streamlined after I have gotten rid of the excess.


    1. I can’t wait for that post! I have been keeping up with you and commenting from time to time. I have some trouble commenting on many blogs from my ipad – not sure why- might be because it is using my school Google account?


    1. I do it every year! Sometimes I don’t make it all the way through, but I do try. I often do it again in the summer. How sad that I let things accumulate that much.


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