Friday, January 14, 2021

Welcome to the happiest day of the week! In blog land, we share our favorites from the week with Andrea and Erika right here! Thank you to these ladies for helping me to get out of bed on Friday mornings. Coffee and a big blog day start my morning in a great way! Also, if you need more blogs to read…check out my post from Tuesday here.

And, check out my friend Tanya here. I feel horrible that I left her off of my favorite bloggers post, but her blog was in my photo! She runs the Prime Purchases link up and my photo is clear evidence that she is one of my favorite bloggers. See, I always leave someone out and it makes me feel horrible!

Here are some favorites from the week…

I have a couple of policies. When your kid asks to hang out with you, the answer is always YES!

If anyone asks me to do something fun, I try to say YES! I used to say NO a lot, but now I am at a stage in my life where I can say YES more and it is a favorite. It fills my cup to have some fun things to do during the week and not just live for the weekends.

Mason wanted to see me but had just gotten to school a few days before. He suggested we meet for coffee and I suggested Gralehaus – new fave place in town for breakfast.

Look at his honey bee latté. He let me try it and it was delish!

Mason ordered the same that Elizabeth had ordered when I went with her. Burrata toast with red pepper jelly on homemade sourdough – I took a bite and it was amazing!

And, I got the ugly frittata again. There is nothing ugly about this in my belly. This is a reminder to me to make a simple salad like this more often with a really light dressing.

So stinking cute! It is a bed and breakfast! See the little sign above the cute blue fireplace?

I love this Instagram follow; it is a favorite.

Anyone else need this inspiration to keep going? Following her and other great influences for healthy living is a favorite for me.

Such a simple meal, but they are always my favorite. Roasted red potatoes, roasted broccoli, and a new find – frozen salmon burgers from Trader Joes that are only 2 WW points for me. I also purchased the Mahi mahi burgers for 2 points. I always wanted to make mahi mahi and couscous for my kids when they were little because they are both repetitive foods apparently. Dad jokes?

I put the salmon burger on a Keto bun with a little mayo.

Also, theses are only 4 or 5 WW points. Not bad if you are really craving a corn dog. Tom, Jack, and Mason eat these regularly.

Not a favorite on Tuesday, but Wednesday things got better. We got an unexpected day off Monday – no school for teachers or students – still not sure exactly why. Then, Tuesday we started a four day virtual class stint. I am teaching six 40 minute classes each day. Tuesday I had all kinds of problems with technology (the fault of the technology, not of me! We think?), but Wednesday I found my groove and had fun with it as much as I could. We have to work from school and are not allowed to work from home this time around.

Help me! I’m old!
Lonely and sad classroom

I have been enjoying adding this glitter overlay to my nails lately. Still doing the home manis that only last for two days… It is hard to remove, because the glitter wants to infiltrate your entire being. I have found that soaking a cotton ball with remover and letting it sink on each nail for a bit helps.

Wednesday evening I got to meet Beth at Red Hog! They have heaters and it was the warmest day of the week, so it felt great. I love the vibe.

We had the purple people eater which was a beet infused tequila drink.

fries with curry mayo – yes!

Some house made bread and olive oil:

I ordered and tried the Kitsch pillow curlers and I am not sure…

See why I’m not sure? Lol!

Thursday was another great virtual day. Yes, it is hard, but I had so many kids out sick last week and this week my virtual attendance is close to perfect! My neighbor Elizabeth let her sweet pup hang out during her classes. He was so calm and it made her students so happy.

I don’t normally do back to back social things during the week; I usually only do one. But, my friend Jessica suggested the day after I had hung out with Beth and we had a nice time getting caught up and were the only ones in the place we chose. I got a pomegranate mimosa.

I really think this cup is making me drink more water. I really like it!

And, my final favorite is your comments! You all are so sweet to leave them and engage with me!

Well, that was a hodge podge! But, do you expect anything else from me? I’m all over the place!

What was your favorite from the week?

What’s on tap for your weekend? I need to place a grocery order. There’s talk that we might get snow and freezing rain on Sunday. I would love to have a couple of college kids come home for at least a night as they have a 3 day weekend just like me for MLK holiday.

As of now, we are supposed to return to in person instruction on Tuesday, but nearby Cincinatti public schools are virtual until January 24th. My niece works for our largest hospital system and they have more Covid patients now that they had total during the entire pandemic. So…let’s get this Omicron a-hole out of here. Bye Felicia!

Stay healthy and happy Friday!


19 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I love your attitude of saying yes and not living for the weekends – the weekdays are important too! I am living vicariously through you, the cute places to eat and the drinks all look like so much fun. And you hair with the rollers? I love it!
    I am so happy for the three day weekend!!


    1. Thank you – it did take me a long time to say yes. My default was no when I only had time for work and family. We have to make the best of winter around here! I need to work on the rollers again with a bit drier hair. Hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. So many nice pictures, thank you! You’re fortunate to have all those great places to go for a drink or a light meal! Everything is so expensive over here, so it’s hard to be spontaneous…
    The curlers seemed to work! Did you sleep with them?
    Not much going on here… we’ve spent more time in the city lately, quite nice… Cabin isn’t that much fun now, even though it’s crazily cozy. But how much hygge can you take? 😀 Fika at the mall is quite nice on a dreary day!


    1. Thank you! Yes, I am. Things are fairly reasonable here but this is important for me so I make it work.
      Yes, I slept with them in and they didn’t bother me but a couple slid out.
      I can take lots of hygge! Ha! You fika at the mall?


  3. I think your hair looks great with the curlers but I love curly, full bodied hair. I’m guessing I left a good 1/2 dozen blogs off my list.. there is just no way to remember them all! My favorite this week was that it finally warmed up enough yesterday to get in a hike. I was starting to go stir- crazy stuck inside all week.


    1. Thank you! I will try it again – I’m sure there is a learning curve. Yeah, it’s hard to remember them all. Nice! Those warm days every now and then really help!


  4. What a great week…& so many fun social engagements 🙂 I love the coffee date the best. So sweet. You sure made the best of the virtual situation. It all just seems never ending. They did send an email yesterday with info about NTI in case we get snow. I’m ok with it since we got two actual snow days last week and the NTI expectations seem very manageable (& no live zooms) I hope you have a great weekend!


    1. I really only like to do one but you got to take them when you can. So special to get invited by my sweet kid.
      I think I did. I was embarrassed by my issues on day one, but they stuck with me. Wow – no live zooms if you get a snow NTI, but maybe you would if it were a Covid NTI. I sure hate that they call it that.
      Hope you are enjoying your Sunday night without the Sunday scaries!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah – if we were virtual, I’m sure there would be zoom…but for snow days, teachers just have office hours. We got more snow today…not as exciting with already not having school tomorrow 🤣but it’s pretty


  5. Thanks for the mention…no worries about the original post! I’m sure I left someone out too. Love how you document your social occasions…it inspires me to get out more! My Jack is not a fan of virtual school, but we are sure thankful for some online options for this week at home!! Hope you have a great weekend!


    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for being so gracious! I try – I feel a bit weird taking so many photos but they seem to tolerate me. Yeah, lots of kids don’t love it but some actually really do. I think it just makes them more prepared for college because they do have to take ownership.
      I hope you get out this week, too!


  6. Here’s the deal with Omicron….if you’re vaxxed, it shouldn’t be more then a common cold….so why do we have so many in the hospital? I am so confused with all of it. Love the hot rollers! Hot mama – you remind me of Farrah Fawcett! We have a chill weekend. Mani pedi date then lunch. Sunday we are packing up for our Cabo golf trip. We leave Tuesday. We are both very excited to spend a week at this beautiful adults only all inclusive golf resort! Weather should be in the mid 70’s……and sunny,. Love it! Have a great 3 day weekend!


    1. I agree. Most in the hospital are unvaxxed I think. The ICU and vents have gone down. Ha! Have a wonderful trip and I hope to live vicariously through your trip on IG!


  7. I love your posts!!!! Your hair in the curlers looks GREAT on you!!!! You should do that more often!!!! I love your nails, too!!! You always have the best colors! i hope your college boys can come home over the weekend, too!!!


    1. Thank you Michelle! I need to practice it some more. I love doing my nails and it is my only artistic/crafty thing I do! They came home on Friday night and it’s been so nice to have their “noise” in the house. Hope you are still enjoying your weekend!


    1. Thank you Sarah! I love me some mimosas and fries! New blog title? Ha! It’s all hard, but we are so needed right now, right? We have less than an inch but it’s pretty! Looks like you got way more!


  8. I really like the look of your hair with the curlers. I will have to try those. The problem with my hair is that it is so fine and straight those curls would fall out immediately. The mahi mahi burgers look amazing. We don’t have a Trader Joes nearby but I will try to find those when I am in Knoxville. The pomegranate mimosa looks so yummy. Have a wonderful weekend. We are also expecting snow in our area.


    1. Thank you! They slipped out of my hair pretty badly because I have very fine hair, but I will try it again. Maybe I need to put some sort of spray first. If your hair is wet or a little wet still, they might work because that is my hair, too. I wonder if the regular grocery has mahi burgers? I have never looked but they may have them. Hope you got some snow. We only have a bit, but it’s pretty!

      Liked by 1 person

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