Tuesday, January 11, 2021

I try to mostly buy fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, but these are the other things that I don’t want to run out of!

Let me also say that I refuse to eat anything I don’t like or that doesn’t taste good. With these foods, I don’t feel deprived, you know?

Boca grilled – these are great on a bun or in a wrap and you recently saw my Big Mac salad!

Boca chicken – I make a faux Chick Fil A with these on a bun with pickles and a bit of mayo! Joanne mentioned making a chicken parm and using them on top of salads. Genius!

Brownberry Keto bread (no photo) – this is a pretty common brand and should be in most grocery stores. It tastes a bit like sourdough and I like this bread toasted for my avocado toast.

and this bread – I found this brand at Costco. This is the one that I like soft for a turkey sandwich. It tastes like good, old fashioned, bad for you, enriched bread.

Keto buns – these are also at most major grocery stores. I toast them up a bit.

Kraft reduced fat olive oil mayo – I really like this!

Frigo light string cheese – yes, I do eat it one string at a time.

Laughing cow light cheese – new favorite way to eat is on celery with everything but the bagel seasoning, but it can also be used for a creamy pasta sauce.

Dill pickles and mustard – I really have almost stopped eating ketchup, but I can have as much of these as I want for zero points!

Everything but the bagel seasoning – I put this on everything. Spices are so important to keep you enjoying your food!

Frozen cauliflower rice – Love it! I don’t like the fresh as much. I put this in a skillet with some salt, paper, and olive oil. I cook it for quite awhile until it gets a bit brown. I really was never a big rice eater and I don’t miss rice at all.

Raw popcorn kernels – I have a microwave cooker and this is my snack of choice!

Movie theater butter – I get mine on Amazon. I like this more than movie theater popcorn now!

Premier Protein – I talk about this a lot, but I love my iced coffee with this. I use instant coffee, a bit of water, and a half (or a whole sometimes) carton of this. I aim to get about 30 grams of protein at each meal.

La Banderita low carb tortillas – this is my favorite brand I have tried. These are great for a quesadilla, a breakfast burrito, a sandwich wrap, and more! I am going to attempt to make my own tortilla chips with them soon, too!

Built Bites – I really like this size. I ordered a limited release of peppermint mocha flavor and they are so good! I count these as 2 points and use it as a dessert or a mid morning snack.

Do you have any recommendations for me?


22 thoughts on “My Must Have Products

  1. I did find some keto bread at our local store– no buns yet but I keep looking and if not I am content to eat my burgers on bread. I have started using riced squash and sweet potatoes too; I’m not a huge fan of rice either and don’t mind opting out of it entirely but I could not give up pasta and was so happy to find that whole grain pasta works as a zero point substitution for me. I am definitely going to have to give it some thought as to what products I use all the time on WW and do a similar post! (I will also be giving Boca burgers a try!).

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    1. Oh good! Don’t forget about the wrap option – putting it in a tortilla! I really like that and did it before I found buns.
      I have seen more riced veg and more spirals in freezer section. There are new products every
      Time you turn around! Pasta is not zero for me now but it was on purple.
      I can’t wait to see your post because I’m always looking for new ideas. Thanks!


  2. When (when!) I’m in America I really enjoy your meat! Red meat is very expensive over here, and your cows are just delish! From the frozen section I buy Italian meatballs, that’s also something we don’t have over here (I can do my own, but you know…). Icec-ream: I love Bluebells! (I think that’s the name?) That ice-cream is the reason why I gain a couple on punds when I’m in Florida!


  3. So many great ideas! I always save these posts 🙂 I want to try the Built bars! My Kroger was like a ghost town the other day. Nothing on the shelves but I want to look for the chocolate mint protein shake


    1. Thank you! I think I like the Bites even more. I have a package coming my way with three different flavors. I found the chocolate mint at Walmart Neighborhood Grocery!


      1. It’s not better than caramel and vanilla IMO! Don’t get hopes up!
        I went to GNC once to buy the bars but not a wide variety. So now I order online.


  4. I am just catching up on blog reading from this week. I need to try that movie theatre butter. It looks so yummy! You actually mentioned a few of my favorites in your Friday post – the turkey corn dogs and the mahi-mahi burgers. We love both of them at my house.


    1. The movie theater butter is soooo good. I don’t even like the real thing anymore. It tastes gross to me. I take this to the movies and Tom buys the stuff from the concession stand. I can’t wait to try the mahi if you approve! I thought about crumbling them for tacos!


    1. I have been curious about Orgain? I really don’t want a milkshake consistency since I make an iced coffee. But, I am working to reduce the nasty chemicals from my diet. I will look into the Snap Peas. Thanks!


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