Thursday, January 13, 2021

I am so excited that Kellyann, etc. here are starting up a Thursday weekly feature called “Fashion Files”. If you are a blogger, link up! I’m gonna set the bar really low today so don’t feel intimidated at all!

So, last week I wore a sweater the first day back and thought I would pass out. The rest of the week I wore my identical red, black, and brown Matilda Jane layered flairs below. I don’t think they are very flattering with an untucked blouse (thus you only get one photo) and I just don’t think I can tuck into these pants. The boots I’m wearing for the snow aren’t doing me any favors, either. Oh well.

The top I’m wearing is Loft and is super soft.

I love these pants, but maybe I need to say good-bye?

I wore this to run into TJ Maxx the other day. It is an Amazon sweater from last year, jeans, and my new sneakers. Better photo of the shoes coming later in the post…

Another day to run errands I wore all black with my old Old Navy vest. I think I am over these vests. I have been wearing them for years.

The new sneakers:

I want to try wearing them with dresses and skirts. The sparkles make me happy and the price point is pretty good.

And, finally a work outfit:

We are teaching virtually this week, but from our classrooms. I can wear sweaters without getting hot without the students in the building! Ha!

This is my new pink boutique sweater – I have had it for like 2 weeks and I have worn it maybe 5 days already! I have on black jeans and my black Lucky booties.

Do you think nails are part of your fashion? I have been enjoying this glitter top coat. It is hard to remove, but it hides any imperfections in your home mani.

What have you been wearing lately? Last week was those knit pants for me and this week is jeans and a sweater each day. This is making it easier to get dressed! I am picking weekly themes!

Thanks for reading,


10 thoughts on “Fashion Files

  1. Weekly themes is a great idea – please share!
    That nail glitter is so hard to remove, why!?
    I met students for the first time yesterday, really fun! I love my job! Enjoy your empty classroom and have a lovely day! ❤


    1. What should I do next week? It will really depend on our weather I guess. And, if I am virtual or not. In person students make me sweat apparently.
      The glitter doesn’t want to come off. It requires more acetone and patience.
      Thanks and you too! Sounds like you are happy to be back!


  2. Fashion Files is old – one of the co hosts left and Jill asked me to join – I am so happy you are linking up with us!
    The first outfit – yep, you are too skinny for those pants – adios!
    I love the oink sweater on you – bright colors really suit you. I have those sneakers too – not wearing them anymore since I upgraded, I needed more comfort. They are a terrific find though and look great with skirts and dresses. I changed out my laces to plain white and laced them differently so they wouldn’t need to be tied. I think it makes them look more high end.
    I had glitter on my nails for awhile a few years ago and remember how hard it was to take off. I hoped they would change that by now – UGH!!

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