Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Welcome to another edition of What I Wore Wednesday! Why do I post this? Well, I like fashion. Also, I like to see bloggers’ outfits and I can often put together similar items in my own closet.

Last Thursday’s “drippy fit” is below. If you want your teens to either have mad respect for your lingo OR get really annoyed at you, use this term. Apparently “drippy” is a good thing. And “fit” is just short for “outfit”. Since I teach Spanish, I like to compliment my students and tell them they look “muy drippy”.

I have on Target Universal Thread jeans and cardigan, a TJ Maxx very fall-ish blouse, and my Madewell sneakers.

Friday for the teacher work day it was cold. I wore my Costco Felina leggings, my Lucky booties, Target long sleeve, and Target poncho. Meh…I was comfy.

Saturday for my Girls’ Day with my mom and sisters, I wore another pair of Target Universal Thread jeans, a Target long sleeve, really comfy booties by Sanita, and a new long cardigan. I got this cardigan at Apricot Lane. I realiz now looking at the photo that the leopard purse strap that came with my brown Amazon is not really long enough.

For dinner, I changed into my new Amazon leopard skirt and my new and smaller size Amazon Essentials sweater; I have linked them. The sweater runs large and the skirt runs small. I have on a Kendra Scott necklace from a few years ago and some old suede pointy toe dressier booties.

And, for school this week I wore this Matilda Jane dress with the Matilda Jane vest. My mom gave me several Matilda Jane pieces that she bought from a former sales rep. The booties are very old but I have kept them because the color seems to work with several things I own.

And, as a bonus you get to see my sister Kate in her Sunday morning brunch ‘fit. She always looks cute and put together and her style is very “her”.

Do you have a favorite? I loved wearing the new leopard skirt outfit! I would say the first jeans outfit is the most flattering, though?

What have you been wearing lately?


20 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. “Drippy fit”

    That reminds me of the movie “Never Been Kissed” when the guy makes up the new slang term, “That’s rufus!”


    1. Ha! That’s a cute movie but I don’t remember that part. The slang I have been through in 28 years is crazy! I still remember when a kid told me, “I feel you” and I said that he absolutely would not be feeling me or I would write him up.


  2. i love the leopard skirt outfit and the matilda jane as well. the cut of the mj dress really accentuates your new figure- you look positively slim!
    i continue to be so impressed with how you have gone about your weight loss journey!
    (and more than a little proud of you – i’m not sure you realize what an inspiration you are!).
    and i am going to have to try drippy fit on my 16 year old grand daughter i want to see if texas has the same slang!

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    1. Haha, Rita! I would love to hear what she says if you use it on her! Kentucky may be behind but I am in a big city. Lol! Her jaw may hang open!
      You are so kind. I had so many inspirations and if I can be one, too, that is the ultimate compliment. I want to be my best and healthiest self and that means losing more, but I am happy along the way, too. I hope that makes sense. I hate that I didn’t take care of myself before, but I can only looo forward. You made my day!


  3. I love all your outfits – do I have to choose? 😀 Leopard skirt outfit is awesome, and your first jeans outfit is spot on (very close to what I wear). You look fresh and energetic – fantastic job you! Drippy! 😀 (new word for my students! I’ve also heard the expression “I root for you” a lot lately?)
    I actually made an effort and wore a beige suit yesterday for work, with sneakers and white t-shirt it looked nice.


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