Monday, November 8, 2021

This is my 3rd attempt at this post, so this will be the shortest version of the 3! Ugh – technology! I am linking up today with Heather and more!

I am basically gonna show you lots of food photos! I didn’t eat out a single time this weekend in an effort to get back on track after my party, 4 days of cake, and my actual birthday splurge.

I brought Erica and I cheeseburger veggie wraps, homemade wedge fries and aioli. She loved it! I had also had this for Thursday night dinner and I had it again on Saturday for lunch without the fries.

Mason wanted to hang and go shopping Friday after school and I always try to say YES!

We got Cane’s carry out for him to take back to Jack and I went home and made my skinny pizza dough pizza and a salad. Tom had leftover pizza from lunch. He goes out to eat every day at lunch and often has leftovers because he doesn’t eat a bunch at one sitting.

Saturday morning I did a Trader Joe’s run.

The fiddle leaf and the 12 days of beauty were tempting, but I only got more of the amazing Ghost Vine wine I told you about on Friday!

It had warmed up enough for Ernie and I to walk after I put all the groceries away.

I love fall!

I ate my lunch on the patio and actually got hot.

The boys came home and for dinner I made salad and pasta. I used hearts of palm for me.

Sunday morning was meal prep, walking with Ernie, and cleaning and getting ready for the week.

Then, Tom and I did what might have been our last boat ride of the season.

And, all four of us went to see The French Dispatch. We all loved it. It is a Wes Anderson movie so it was very interesting and quirky.

How was your weekend?

I hope it was great!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. I know, right? Will you be in TN to see the leaves? You were there too early to see them the last time you went I think. I am sorry I forgot where I had gotten the wine. I hope you like it. It really tastes like fall to me!
      Thanks so much! It was for fun and posterity!


  1. I love all the fall colors! We don’t get much into day of fall here where I live, but there are a few pretty trees! The weather is cooler! FINALLY! so I am able to walk a tad later. My life has been SO BUSY! Last week we celebrated 20 years of marriage! Thank you for remembering and texting me! You are so kind! We had a blast in Newport Beach and although it wasn’t the Maui trip we originally planned, we had a fun few days away……this should be the last week of trades at Taylor’s new home. YAY! Hoping to be able to start moving her in on Thursday! Another crazy busy week with all of that and then Sunday we take off for the beach house and we are starting to refresh the 2 guest bedrooms with new paint and new carpet! I love my life but man we have been SO SO SO busy in October and now November. Have a great week!


    1. I do, too! Fall is so pretty here. That is a great feeling when you can walk later. Sounds like your PF is better? You are really busy and you have a great life! You make me excited about retirement. Newport Beach sounds awesome to me and I personally don’t want to do all the testing BS, you know? Sounds miserable.
      sounds like Taylor’s house is coming together and I am so happy for her! I feel like I could come to CA and hang out with you all and feel comfortable! Ha! You guys keep the projects going and meanwhile… don’t even ask about my new bathroom.
      You too!


  2. Love the fall leaves! It was almost 90 here last week! I put on white jeans to take someone visiting to Old Scottsdale and after I walked outside, changed quickly to lightweight pants! I’m bummed that I ran into TJ’s on Thursday and didn’t know that they carried the spiced wine there. Also my TJ’s is never that empty! We want to see The French Dispatch and love Wes Anderson films.


    1. I do, too, Nancy. I love having four seasons. I am so sorry I didn’t realize the wine was from there. Please let me know if you like it. I am obsessed with Ghost Vine now and it tastes so fall to me! You will really like French Dispatch I think. I love going to TJs at 8 a.m.!


  3. How could you resist that beauty calendar!? I love all kinds of calendars! When I get my beauty subscription boxes (yes, plural) I often just take out one thing per day… I love surprises! 😀
    Oh, those leaves! Yes fall is beautiful when the sun shines! Which it doesn’t right now… All leaves have fallen from the trees and it is SO grey…

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