Friday, November 5, 2021

Happy Friday! It is that time of the week where we link up with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites right here!

Grab your coffee or if it is later in the day when you read this…your cocktail!

I had lots of favorites this week and I hope you did, too!

My first favorite is YOU! You all are so kind to me and I appreciate all of your birthday wishes. I also shared how I spent my personal day here! You all also really respond to my health journey posts in such a sweet way, like in my Non Scale Victory post this week. I feel weird putting something so personal out there sometimes, but the greater good is to help someone else who was just like me, you know? So, my dear readers who have become friends are definitely one of my favorites. It really tickles me that people take the time to leave comments that are so sweet and encouraging.

My seniors got me a card and made a poster of all of The Daily Scott Instagram photos thus far.

They found this cup with all of the countries!

And, they even got Ernie a Starbucks toy!

Even with the harder stuff, I feel so lucky to have such amazing kids in my life!

I found this healthier polish brand at Target called Tenoverten and this color is called “Church”.

I love doing my own nails and I love the darker fall colors.

OMG! I love this new wine find. I tried to find wines with either skulls on the bottle or Halloween type names for my party. I found Ghost Vine and I will be buying it again.

I can only describe it like it might have the same spices that a chai latte has. It is so good! Has anyone else tried it? I wouldn’t say it is super sweet but it isn’t dry. It is a little bit sweet but with those interesting spice notes. I sound like a sommelier I am sure!

O.k., I’m back. I had to go pour a glass of Ghost Vine for research purposes.

I love this book! There’s talk of wine and cheese and there is a vineyard and family secrets…

It is time for me to start requesting some Christmas books. Don’t hate me but I don’t think I can do a Hallmark movie anymore. They are just so bad. So, my vice is reading seasonal books. I requested this:

Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilletos is a good blog and Insta follow. She is a Kentucky blogger.

I have been wearing my new KS necklace and still can’t believe it was only $30 with the discount. Do you know about necklace extenders? I bought one. You can clip it on to any necklace where the clasp is and make it longer.

Our leaves are really starting to turn. I am partial to the reds.

Amanda Nighbert is a great follow on Insta for healthy living. She posted this:

Not trying to be a martyr, but I was nodding my head as I read this. We have only been back to normal-ish school for 12 weeks. It will take time to heal our kids. I had a student absent for several days who just returned and told me her Dad has been in the hospital on a ventilator.

And, I totally agree with the above that teachers saw what groups of kids were like pre-pandemic and we see them now in whatever stage this is. There is no doubt in my mind that they are benefiting from being back in school. We provide academics, social life, sports, clubs, guidance, and so much more. I have changed as a teacher. I am trying to talk about about mental health and share my own coping mechanisms now. As tired as I am, I know that I am needed. I may not teach a perfect lesson every day or get through to everyone, but I know that I am needed.

Another favorite follow on IG is The Life on Purpose:

Gosh, isn’t that great? Have you ever looked at your to-do list and asked yourself if those items align with your beliefs and priorities? I do this all the time and end up crossing things off my list without doing them.

Sometimes doing less helps you be more productive?

I love finding new recipes and this is one I am wanting to try stat!

Most of you know I have been doing WW Purple. Well, Monday all the color plans go away and WW is launching a new plan. I think it’s called Personal Points. I am anxious to see the new plan and I think it will be good to mix it up a bit. I think the foundation of portion control, lower carb, and balance will remain the same. If you have been thinking about WW, maybe this new plan is for you. I received a comment from a reader that she had started WW and already lost 15 pounds! How cool! I think I pay about $20 a month and the app and the program are worth every bit of that. Honestly, that is 4 Starbucks drinks a month that I am no longer buying, you know?

My sister gave me an Amazon gift card and I am trying out a few clothing items. I will let you know what I think next Wednesday in my WIWW post.

I ordered a cream sweater, a leopard silky skirt, and a black slightly puffed sleeve sweater. I am just not impressed by what I have seen in stores. Anyone else? I want to shop locally and I do try. I return more than I keep from Amazon but one of these items is an Amazon Basics which I have found to be pretty nice.

Well, this Friday Favorites was all over the place. It got deep and it got shallow. it really is a lot like my brain.

Y’all are simply the best. Leave me a comment about your favorites this week and also leave me some blog topics you might be interested in?

Happy weekend!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Great post! I cold write an entire novel as a response but I’ll spare you – ha!! I agree with that teacher misery post so much. I personally hold the media responsible for a lot of the damage they have caused with all their scary stories and attacks – but I’ll get off my soap box for now.
    I need to try that wine – it sounds interesting!
    I hope you love that leopard skirt – I have one similar from Loft and Lisa has the one from Amazon. I am hoping to do a post on it soon. There are so many fun ways to style it.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Amy – you are so loved by your students and make such a difference in their lives. That is so apparent and I hope you realize that!


    1. Thank you! You and I could talk about it for hours I am sure. I hold the media resposible for much, too.
      The wine is from TJ’s . I had forgotten where I had found it. Just went and bought two more bottles! The leopard skirt is so pretty! I need to play around with it this weekend.
      That is so kind of you to say. It’s never been more important for us to take care of ourselves because we are supporting the weight of the world right now – trying to pick up the pieces for these kids.
      I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for the sweet words!


  2. That was a great read, thank you!
    Teacher misery… I absolutely think that, unfortunately, some kids got to experience the bliss of being at home… We have an expression for kids that don’t want to go to school, “home sitters” and that number has actually increased. It’s so sad! So much of school is about the socializing! In my school the kids are only allowed to have their phones during lunch break, and it’s a really good thing! They play cards! They talk to each other! 😀 (not during class of course!)
    Hallmark movies… I want to like them! I love Christmas! But I can’t take it…
    OK, blog topics: decorating and food for the holidays of course! more from school, I find it so interesting! a day in Ernie’s life! (haven’t seen enough of him lately!), maybe some pictures from your neighborhood? you could let a friend/family member hijack your blog for a day (like you did with your sister!)
    Enjoy your weekend! ❤


    1. Thank you! Great suggestions! it’s interesting to hear that you face the same things we face.We are not as strict on the phones and we also don’t have the parental support. Parents are a big part of the problem. Hallmark movies are just bad! There are some I can take if I’m in the mood.
      You too!


  3. I love that cream Amazon sweater.

    Truly, I am more disgusted about asymptomatic testing and quarantine. I have a student will be out for almost a month…not sick! The damage is unreal. Kids are not resilient like this. When anyone said “kids are resilient” prior to a year ago, they meant, “hey, they can miss a nap!” or “they can switch schools!”. Not this.


    1. It’s really cute! I am pleased with it but I went down a size and I think I want to go back to normal size for a bit more room. Why do I gravitate towards cream sweaters? Congrats on your exciting news! It wasn’t on my radar but it is perfect timing!
      The damage is real and we are the ones trying to fix it. This whole thing was handled so poorly and we continue to handle it poorly with the quarantines.


  4. Amy, I love your blog. I’m a retired teacher and love reading about your classroom experiences. I can relate to so much of it, even though I’ve been retired for 9 (gasp!) years. Your quirky sense of humour is just like mine. I can also relate to the frustrations of losing weight and finding flattering outfits to wear. Keep up the good work! I always read your blog first every morning.


    1. Thank you so much, Lynn! Oh, congrats on your retirement! Are you loving it? I think the job makes me even more quirky and the key to survival is to not take yourself too seriously and find the joy and humor in all of it, you know? That was a run-on but I am tired! Thank you for being a faithful reader!


  5. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey and ideas that are very helpful.
    Congratulations on the hard work it takes to accomplish losing weight in a healthy way! I look forward to reading your blog and appreciate what you share with readers. It’s wonderful to see the way your students love you! You are a blessing to so many young people! Just wanted to share a Christmas book I think you would enjoy. One More for Christmas by Sarah Morgan was very enjoyable. Love reading your blog!


    1. Thank you Mary! It is weird to share but I know how much others helped me. You are so kind! Oh, I will put that book on my library request list. I try to never buy a book. Love my library!
      Thanks for the comments and kind words!


  6. I love your blog. It’s like talking to a friend. 🙂 Do you have a link for the black amazon sweater? I am with you on the Hallmark movies. If I see one more girl go to a small town perfect snowy Christmas village and fall in love with the inevitable gorgeous bachelor I’m going to scream. I know it’s suppossed to be an escape but those towns are never gong to exist. Ever. 🙂


  7. The wine is so fun and I love the card (& gifts) from your students. They even thought of Ernie ❤️ I love following AN. She’s a wealth of knowledge. I’ve added Blush to my book list! I hope you have a great weekend


    1. The wine is so good! I realized it was from TJ’s and only $5.99 so check it out! She really is. I am curious about the salt she talks about needing and the magnesium soak? I think you will like Blush!


  8. I’m nervous about the new WW plan but hopeful it will help me shed these 10 (sometimes 15!) pounds that I’ve gained back and just can not seem to get rid of again. I think I’ve gotten to used to just eating a set way and obviously must not be measuring or tracking foods accurately anymore. I’m hopeful a new plan will help me refocus. I can’t watch Hallmark movies wither without rolling my eyes; they’re just so cheesy! I do enjoy good Christmas stories and books though and have already read one or two.


    1. Me too! But, I am hopeful that a change will be good for me and I don’t think it will be that drastic. Wishing they had released Friday so I could have the weekend to prep! I feel stuck, too. I haven’t lost in a couple of weeks.
      Same with me on the Hallmark! Ha!


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