Tuesday, November 2, 2021

How in the BEEP am I fifty? It sure did come quickly.

This past weekend I celebrated and to be honest, I will keep the celebration going as long as people will let me! Why not?

Indulge me in a bit of stream of consciousness here. I thought about doing a “X Number of Things about Me” post like many bloggers do on their birthdays, but fifty things about me just seems too hard. Are there even fifty things about me? I’m not that complicated.

This birthday has me thinking about my Dad. He would have said he can’t believe he has a child this old, how my birth was the best day of his life (along with the birth of my sisters), and how he was so proud of me and the person I have become. He would have had lots of heartfelt sentiments for me that were sometimes more than I deserved. This makes me smile to imagine his voice saying these things.

A lot of big things have happened for me recently, as my dear readers know. My twins graduated from high school and started college. Tom and I became empty nesters in one fell swoop. And, as of October 1, I became eligible for retirement.

I have more time for myself than I have had since I was 29. I don’t know how much longer I want to teach but it sure feels good to have that choice now. Honestly, I am worn out from this school year already and I don’t know how many more educational “trends” (started by those not in the classroom) that I can endure. But, I am not really ready to leave the game yet. Also, I would hate to go out on a year like this. But, I also need to put myself first now. So, we will see. There are so many things I would like to pursue in my next chapter.

I am going through a bit of a metamorphosis and I think I like it. I have seen some amazing women turn 50 before me and they are truly inspire me. I welcome your words of advice if you have them! One thing I always tell my students is to never want to stop learning new things and I know I have so much more to learn.

I felt about weird about posting my lovely and thoughtful gifts, but I decided to do so because they mean so much to me and because they might help you with gifting ideas for the approaching holidays.

I truly only wanted quality time with the people in my life, but I get so touched when a gift shows that someone really GETS me, you know?

My co-worker Erica gave me this “Basic Bitch Acceptance” candle that is infused with pumpkin spice everything! Oh yes! I am basic!

Our friends John and Christine brought me wine and this awesome plant called “Mother in law’s Tongue”. My MIL does not have a sharp tongue so I can’t relate. Lol!

My friend Heather ran into an old college friend, Lucy, who happened to be in town for the weekend visiting family and told her to come, which was awesome. I felt so bad that she brought me a gift, though! Look at this awesome cow print Swig cup. I have a cup problem!

She also gave me these awesome tortoise shell bracelets. I love tortoise shell.

My co worker Elizabeth gave me a tub holder for when our bathroom is done. Tom thought it was a tub charcuterie board and I just think he might be on to something.

She added this hair turban, soap, and loofah.

The hair turban is really cool! Marge Simpson, anyone?

Our friends Scott and Jessica gave me this cool pan holder. Have you seen these? You stick a disposable pan inside to take places. I have wanted one!

They also gave me this funny kitchen towel!

My sister in law and family gave me this pretty wrap/poncho. I am excited to have lighter colored ponchos.

And, my SIL Jessica had my niece go to Craig Conover’s shop (from Bravo’s Southern Charm) when she was in Charleston to get me this hilarious cup! It’s an “if you know you know” thing for people that watch the show!

And, Heather gave me this one:

Heather gave me these awesome earrings that I got for our other friend Heather.

Our other friend Heather gave me this Madewell tote. I love the print!

Beth and her hub gave me an Anthro gift card and look how cute they package it. It is a ribbon with the card inside.

Dan and Kara gave me this cool paddle charcuterie board with a really sweet note attached. They are both really good with words and with giving words of affirmation.

They wrote: “Is a charcuterie board Amy or is Amy a charcuterie board? (haha) Always colorful. Can be taken anywhere you want festivities to ensue. Always welcoming, making guests feel at ease as if something special is happening. Able to mix with a variety of flavors and tastes. (lol) Able to be paired with a unique cocktail reflecting the season (or an Ale 8 – Tom’s beverage of choice).”

I was so touched. That is the person I want to be, but I am not sure I am there yet.

My friends Victoria and Dave had a prior commitment, but Victoria gave me this awesome Frida Kahlo kimono over fall break.

I am truly spoiled!

Thanks for indulging me,


24 thoughts on “Fifty

  1. I have only one thing to say: age is just a number!
    I love all your gifts! You are spoiled! (as you should be)
    I can’t believe you can retire if you want to! That’s crazy! It’s 65 over here, for everyone (except ballet dancers :-)).


  2. Your gifts really drive home how important you are to your friends! I feel the same way ,not so much a gift person but I am so touched when someone thinks of me!
    For me 50 just meant it’s time to do all the things I ever wanted. I think it’s a great time in my life and I don’t wish I was younger, 50 really is fabulous!
    Happy Birthday sweet friend, I am so happy to know you!


  3. Happy Birthday Amy! We share the same birth month. 🎂Your party looked wonderful and gifts were awesome. After 30 years of service last year…I too became eligible to retire. I’m in my 31st year of work currently trying to decide when to cut loose. It feels like such a big decision. I’ll be following your journey for inspiration. PS Glad you’re back to daily posts. 😉


  4. Happy Birthday Amy! You well deserve to celebrate the whole week! Such thoughtful gifts from your friends, who I’m sure were happy to reciprocate the thoughtfulness that you show others.


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