Thursday, November 4, 2021

Anyone tired of hearing about my birthday yet? Ha! I will only talk about it a bit more… maybe?

I woke up to a very cold birthday day, but it was a personal day for me so I had slept in until almost 7:00!

I lit my candle, grabbed my favorite blanket, and had a leisurely morning reading my blogs and checking social media. It is always so fun to get texts and Facebook messages on your birthday.

Tom had also taken off because he has some days to burn this year and I invited him to hang out with me. I did give him a few hours off to go to the gym and to mess with the boat so we weren’t attached at the hip all day!

I did my nails.

I wore my new poncho from my sister in law.

Tom and I went to breakfast at Highland Morning.

Tom had just said the type on the menu was too small to read when I caught him in this photo.

I got a mimosa!

My food was very mediocre so I didn’t eat much. I had been here before and it was really good and I hate to say anything bad right now. I had planned to eat really bad on my birthday so I was mad I wasted my breakfast opportunity!

Then we went to the mall to buy my Kendra Scott piece and to shop at Athropologie.

I let Tom sit at the kiddie table to do a work email while I went in one of the stores. Tom likes to shop and he bought another pair of Lululemon work pants. Tom really likes their mens’ clothes. I don’t own a single thing. I tried on a pair of leggings that day and just didn’t think they were worth $128. They looked flattering, but no more so than my Amazon ones or my Costco Felina ones, you know? Correct me if I’m wrong. I also didn’t want to spend that much if my size might hopefully go down. If you are a Lulu lover, tell me what style you like and why you like them.

I decided on this KS piece and Tom bought it for me. It’s the top one. The bottom bar necklace is my twins’ birthday that my bff had made for me.

After the mall we were still full and I needed a rest so we went home and I read but couldn’t read outside because of the cold. I am really into this! Tom went to work on the winterizing of the boat.

He came home after a couple of hours and we got ready for dinner.

I put on my Spanx leggings from last year. They fit much better now and I think I didn’t like them very much last year because they run small? Here is my faux leather leggings post from last year! I gave my Aerie crackles to my sister because they are too big and I also gave her my Target Wild Fables. Now that these fit I just don’t see myself needing any others. I love my new Amazon purse and I have on my old vest, old blouse, and new Target Universal Thread boots that I decided to keep. I need a better black top for this outfit.

We headed to a new to us Spanish tapas restaurant called Barcelona Bistro.

It was super cute inside and we had to order off the QR code reader. I got a sangria.

We got olives,

pan con tomate (bread with tomato, olive oil, and salt),

spicy potatoes with aioli sauce,

chicken coated in potato chips,


and churros with chocolate for dessert.

I had the last piece of my cake. I did have a small sliver of cake Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and then it was gone. It was really, really good cake. I love cake!

And, then it was a bit of tv, shower, and an early bedtime for school the next day.

It was a nice day!

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “How I Spent my Birthday

  1. What a great day! How nice that you got to spend it with your husband! Me and my husband actually are attached to the hip…! (not literally…) except for when I’m at work. He’s my best friend!
    OK, so back to work? Just a few weeks until Christmas break, right!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I didn’t get many freebies because in the past many of them were food related. Ha! Thank you so much! The leggings are so comfy and I do think now that they are worth the price.


  2. What a fabulous day! I love that you had downtime but also did so much. I love your knew KS necklace and your dinner outfit is so great. You look amazing. I’m glad you had a wonderful day and bonus that Tom could hang with you too.


    1. I feel like I should have done more, but it was good! Maybe it was what I needed more than cramming stuff in! Thank you – I need a longer top! It was fun to have that time with Tom!


  3. Happy birthday to you!!! Your lunch looked AMAZING!!! Yum!! You have the best restaurants in your city!!! I love all your photos!!! Your blog is one of my favorites!!!!!


  4. Love that KS necklace! I hope you had the birthday 50% off, I always look forward to that. Those Spanx leggings look awesome! Did you read that the woman who started and owned Spanx just sold the company and as a thank you to her employees, gave each one first class round trip tickets for 2 to anywhere and $10,000 spending money? I love people like that who repay loyalty.


  5. Happy Belated Birthday – I like your idea taking the day off work- congrats on your weight loss – love your posts


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