Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Have you bought any fall clothing for 2021? I feel like I didn’t really need much last year. Maybe it is because life was totally different! And, it is still different, but I am amongst people. So, I need clothes.

I purchased this adorable dress from Target. I am really happy with the quality. I can see this looking nice with a jean jacket or a vest.

And, I purchased this dress which is not that flattering on me. I need to try it with a long vest maybe. The material is clingy and maybe I should have sized up.

I bought my first belts since maybe the 90s? I am really pleased with this two pack.

I have been wondering about a backpack purse and I am still debating. I ordered this one.

And, I have a few Target finds on the way…. we will see if they work out.

I am still really liking the blouse vibe – with jeans or pants for work.

And, because we all love the graphic tee/cardigan or tee/kimono combo and because I’m a Spanish teacher, I ordered a Selena and a Frida tee.

What have you been buying or eyeing? Wait, that is an excellent blog post title…


10 thoughts on “Recent Fashion Purchases

  1. I really like that first floral top with the puff sleeve. I have a few things on order right now and got two pair of jeans from Target that I don’t like at all so they are going back! You do need new clothes, you are back to in person school and you have lost weight – two great reasons to shop!

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  2. I love to shop for fall and winter! I did a really good closet clean out, and, at this point, I just really need basics – undies, bras, socks, tanks for layering…it’s all pretty boring…but necessary. If I run across a few sweaters, blouses, and blazers/jackets that I like, I will be adding some of those items this season. The only shoes that I need are some sneakers.

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    1. Me too! I have always liked having a fall bday for a bit of a refresh with bday money. Basics are important. Have you tried Soma? Their stuff is amazing.
      I need to just browse the mall and see what’s out there.


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