Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The theme for this week’s outfits….jeans. My two pairs of Target Universal Thread $15 jeans to be exact!

I find myself wanting to wear blouses, jeans, and my new belts. Did you see my post from yesterday where I shared recent fashion purchases? I bought a two pack of belts from Amazon.

First up is my TJ Maxx little green leaf print blouse, the lighter colored jeans, and the brown belt.

Next I have the darker jeans, a black boho top from Old Navy (very old), and my black Target clogs.

The lighter jeans, gold clogs, and my trusty short sleeved TJ Maxx blouse were my Saturday outfit.

For my Sunday boat ride, I wore my drawstring denim shorts and this TJ Maxx 3/4 sleeve blouse.

And, last I wore my darker jeans, brown belt, very old consignment Target blouse, and gold Tieks.

Um, yeah, so these jeans have paid for themselves already!

Do you have a favorite outfit of mine this week?

What have you been gravitating toward?


8 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. Jeans have always been my thing and always will. You have such cute tops….I really need to beef up my blouse collection. Heading into winter, though, I just want to be warm…so I also need to beef up my sweater collection. 😀

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    1. I have had Jean phases but I have tried to wear other types of pants, too! Thank you – I feel like I do too. I don’t know where to look for my price point.
      I can’t wear sweaters to teach in so that is a problem.


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