Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday, you came too quickly! I am linking up today with Heather, etc. right here.

Friday after school, Erica and I walked and then went to my patio for about an hour before heading back to school for an alumni night, stadium dedication, and food trucks. We also socialized with this cute group of seniors.

Photo opp!

I was very tired by 7:00 so I didn’t make it for the game. I went home and put on my pjs!

Saturday morning it was rainy but I headed to TJ’s for a fall shopping trip.

I got mums, apple cider hand soap, and a couple of other goodies.

Saturday afternoon it had cleared up and Tom and I went to a couple of outdoor festivals. We ended up on this patio at a pizza place and ordered a drink. We were going to get pizza but they told us they were out of dough. Then, they told us they “found” a couple of balls. It all sounded very odd, so we opted out of the “found dough balls”. It was Saturday at 4:00 p.m., too. We bought sushi and soup at The Fresh Market and went home and watched Ted Lasso.

Sunday morning we did an hour and a half boat excursion to my hometown for an arts festival.

Our friends Dan and Kara joined us and Dan is also from the same hometown. We got German food, looked at some art, checked out a new hotel overlooking the river, and then headed back.

It was a beautiful 75 degree day!

Whew! It was a full weekend!

What was the highlight for you?


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a wonderful weekend! The weather was great (after the Saturday morning rain) I got the apple cider soap at TJ too. It’s in the kids’ bathroom now and I love it. I found it when I was looking for the candle. I love the photo of you and Tom! Have a great week.

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  2. Oh, boating and jeans cut offs… I’m so jealous!
    Wow, that plate with German food, I’m full just by looking at it!
    My weekend highlight was absolutely the great weather! The weather gods provided 61° and sun, thank you! I’m still in a dress today, my husband was very concerned… I’m like the only one with bare legs in the whole city! Swedes love to bundle up in fall clothes… I’m not there yet!


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