Friday, October 1, 2021

Happy, happy Friday! Can you believe it’s October? Wow, September just flew by!

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. for Friday Favorites!

And, now I will not feel guilty about ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! I have devoted September to apples – decor, candles, hand soap, but now I can switch to pumpkin!

I am happy to say that I didn’t cave and have a pumpkin spice latte yet!

Here are some things that made my list of favorites this week.

My sister sent me a box of assorted earrings from Amazon to celebrate my healthier living/weight loss. I hit 40 pounds last week. It was such a sweet gesture.

A super easy weeknight meal this week was a sheet pan supper with chicken gouda apple sausage from Coscto (Amylu brand), zucchini, onion, and mushrooms. Tom loved it as much as I did! You could turn this into a German Oktoberfest sheet pan supper, too!

Don’t you love it when you forget about something and it’s new to you again? I was switching out some candles and I saw my two Woodwick candles from last year. I like to burn these outside because the wick crackles and it is so soothing to me. This would make a great gift. I think I bought mine in person at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last year so I could smell them.

My InStyle and Real Simple came for the month of October and I enjoyed perusing them.

I finished this sweet story. I really liked it even though it took forever for me to read it. I just didn’t devote much time to reading during September. When I had downtime, I wanted t.v.! In this book, a writer goes to Paris to try to finish her book – lots of food descriptions and it was nice to have a 46 year old main character.

I started this and CANNOT PUT IT DOWN. Anyone read it? I only have one problem with it so far but I don’t want to spoil anything.

I only worked two days this week! We got a fall break for the first time ever! Well, the students always got a Friday, Monday, and Tuesday but the teachers only got a Friday (that they had to already have worked in the summer via professional development). In the past, we had parent teacher conference day on Monday and then a professional development on Tuesday. The kids would come back refreshed and we would be more tired. I really want to hug the calendar committee because we finally get a real break, too!

On Tuesday (our last day before break) I had my department over for a patio happy hour. We have 8 people in our department and 6 came. I made margaritas and sangria and everyone brought something. We had a nice time!

Then, Wednesday my friend Victoria called and I invited her for lunch on the patio very spur of the moment and she said yes. It was wonderful!

I made egg roll in a bowl and fried rice with cauliflower rice and mocktails. She loved it!

Wednesday afternoon I headed to one of my favorite streets to meet my 22 year old niece Morgan for happy hour!

What a beauty, right?

We went to Red Hog (my place from last year!) and enjoyed their beautiful patio, a cocktail, and their fries with curry mayo and pimento cheese with lavash.

Ernie had a good week with more walks and more time enjoying his lookout.

I did some boutique shopping this week.

I found out that Target Universal Thread jeans come in short length! Game changer! I added a light pair to my collection. I took this selfie in the store’s mirror.

I wear my mask in any store now. I stopped wearing it back in May through August, but once Delta became bad and I went back to school in a mask I just figured it was not that big of a deal to wear it. Most people wear them in my neck of the woods.

Oh, and I did the Target drive up for the jeans! Fabulous!

So, I think I have talked about these once or twice? If you are wearing your mask for a bit but taking it off at some point, these are amazing. I brought these three colors to the store with me to see if I needed more colors. I wear the middle one the most but I also layer the darker one with the lighter one sometimes. It is called the Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon.

I added a fall scent to my car vent, too! It smells amazing!

Febreeze Auto Evening Woods is the name of this product if you want to look for it.

“Hi, my name is Amy and I am obsessed with smells.”

I am still loving my double pierced ears. I wear a tiny earring in the second hole and in the main hole, I wanted a medium sized hoop. I found these at Loft this week.

Loft also had a dress sale going on where all dresses were $24. This dress was marked down to $74 on the tag so it must have originally been way more. It is fully lined. I thought it screamed fall.

It’s been hotter than I would like it to be during our fall break, though! I am sitting outside in the evenings and still getting eaten up by mosquitos…

But, I also know I need to be careful wishing away the warm weather!

Many teachers I know traveled for this break, but to be honest, I am happy at home. I have been going pretty hard since the first week of August and it’s nice to catch my breath. What is it about being home on a weekday that is just so different?

Let’s not forget that we are still living life in a pandemic. School is trying to be normal but it isn’t. It’s incredibly hard to try to do school normally, but not do school normally because we are in masks all day, seating students facing the same way, and trying to socially distance. Not to go off on this tangent, but it has been hard. I think it’s ok to talk about it and I hope I’m not coming off as whining about it. I think being in school in a mask is way better than being virtual! I think our kids are so adaptable and they’ve done so well!

I hope your week had lots of favorites, too! Leave me one in the comments if you like!


P.S. – The Daily Scott has not posted anything new in a week so maybe they are bored with it and I wouldn’t hate that!

P.S.S. – I returned my backpack purse from Amazon because I wasn’t sure and if you aren’t sure you should probably return it. I’m getting better about that!

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Congrats on the weight loss; that is fantastic!! Those earrings are such a great reward and how sweet of your sister to think of doing that. I think we might finally get to hike today without threat of mosquitoes as the temps dropped into the 40’s last night and I am so excited about that. Those bloodsuckers have been awful this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was really sweet! That sounds like a great way to spend the day! I caved and bought one more bottle of bug spray because it’s still pretty warm here.


  2. I agree being in school with a mask is better than virtual but it still stinks. I hope it will change but I have my doubts.
    What a great week you had – and I love that Loft dress and your new lighter jeans. You have done sucha good job with your weight loss Amy!
    Have a super weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I agree – we will
      be masked all year.
      Thank you! I thought it was a good deal and I like having a lighter pair. I feel like I only want to wear jeans or dresses lately.
      Have a wonderful weekend – your movie outing and then Nashville! So fun!


  3. Amy,
    Big Congrats on losing 40 pounds – I am so happy for you! I hope you feel as good as you look – amazing! I think I told you I am Lifetime member, it works! I still count points and track everyday.
    As a retired K teacher, I can’t imagine the challenges of teaching during a pandemic, my heart goes out to you and all the teachers who are “doing all the things” daily. Stay well – xxxx


    1. Thank you so much, Anita! I want to be Lifetime! I think you have to keep doing it or the weight will creep back on.
      It is really hard, but I have done hard many times throughout my career. Teaching with infant twins was also hard. Teaching with the constant worry of gun violence and bomb threats was hard. These are things I never thought about when I was training to become a teacher.
      In fact, what is wrong with our system that this is what it’s come to?
      Retirement is sounding better by the day, Anita!


  4. So darn excited for you with your weight loss! I am stalling right now and I know why…..too many sweets and BLT’s…..(Bites, Licks, Tastes!) and that is ALL on me. I went to lunch with my middle sister today. We ate yummy Mexican food and it was a nice 2.5 hr lunch! I hadn’t seen her since my bday lunch in March. She is a single mom who’s youngest son and his GF live at home with her and this past year has been a struggle for her. So It was nice to treat her to lunch today. Also nice to get to chat about our dad, who we both miss SO MUCH. I played golf, had a golf lesson, and tonight we have an event at the local Jr College for a fundraiser. Its called The Crush party and its wine tastings and food tastings. its 5pm and 88 degrees out and HORRIBLE air quality due to so many fires. NO RAIN and horrible fires. I am going but just for an hour. I cant tolerate the bad air! Have a great weekend and glad you got a break this week!


    1. Thank you! Ha! You have been doing a lot which makes it harder I am sure.
      That is so nice you got some quality time with your sis. I can relate to chatting about my Dad.
      I am so sorry for your bad air conditions!


  5. Those were some great Friday favorites!
    I loved the earrings, your sister is so sweet! 40 pounds! You’re a star! You looked fantastic in the outfit photos with a belt!
    Your niece is so sweet, cool that you can meet her for a drink!
    I hope your weekend was great! I have to get back in track with reading blogs and relaxing…


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