Friday, September 24, 2021

Time to link up again with Andrea, etc. right here!

I don’t have a whole lot to share this week. I didn’t really buy any new products and the week went by really fast!

I needed my boots this week for a dog walk – a few times. My Hunters are now 10 years old! I will tell you that I tried them on in Von Maur and ended up with the wide calf version. I would not say I have crazy wide calves or that I have any other boots in the wide calf, but I really loved where theses hit below my knees (#shortpeopleproblems). So, if you have ever considered them, the quality is incredible. I cannot speak to the normal tall ones, but I also bet it’s a bit more snug to tuck a pant leg in? I also love my short yellow ones and now that I have a shoe horn (Man, I am old!), that helps a lot with getting them off. I have no trouble getting the tall ones off.

I had a mid-week treat. Over the weekend, Mason had asked when we were gonna do a restaurant together like we did from time to time last year. Mason appreciates good food and is quite adventurous. His favorite food for many years as a child was broccoli and he wanted to bring it for his birthday in first grade instead of cupcakes. (That would have made him a pariah, so I didn’t let that happen – lol!)

I picked him up and we went to Agave and Rye and had some chips and queso and split three different giant tacos. One was Greek with falafel, one was called Yoda with an asian chicken and sticky rice, and the other was a ranchero breakfast type thing.

Their tacos are amazing and so creative. We were not able to eat much because they are so big. Mason eats a little amount often. He has always been a grazer. So, we had lots of leftovers and we both took stuff to Tom and Jack. Mason took Jack chips and queso and I ordered more tacos for Tom. If you get a chance, try Agave and Rye.

My seniors started doing something silly a few weeks ago and I thought they would get bored with it, but it’s only grown in intensity.

Someone started an Instagram account called “The Daily Scott” where they post photos of me or photo shop me in different things I have talked about.

Here I am running with the bulls with my favorite Spanish singer:

Here I am playing polo with my favorite Argentinian polo player (yes, of course I have a favorite Argentinian polo player. He is also the Ralph Lauren Polo model.)

Apparently I am “The Rock” or “La Roca”:

Here I am with my angelic students and my polo player at The Last Supper.

Anyway, this is what teaching high school is like…

What was your favorite from the week? It feels like fall around here! I think it may be safe to buy mums now!


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. You must be the favorite teacher for them to create The Daily Scott! I love it!
    Those tacos look amazing – wish we had that place here. My Nolan is adventurous with eating too and I miss having him here to try new things with. But I am headed to Nashville next Saturday and I cannot wait!!!


  2. OMG! That is hilarious! I think teenagers can be a lot of fun to work with as long as you have a good sense of humor about it. They must like you and it sounds like they are at least listening in class.


  3. I could never teach high school. Ever. You have to put up with a lot!
    And in 4th grade, you don’t get a lot of hugs either. It’s a nice happy medium. The 1st graders gave a LOT of hugs last year.


  4. One of my FAV restaurants! I like the Cat’s Meow!
    Those photos are hilarious!! I’m going to have to follow that account. 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness! I love The Daily Scott! That is so fun that they do it and that you are cool with it. They must really love you!! Your dinner looks amazing and so great to spend time with Mason! Have a great weekend!


  6. I ❤️ The Daily Scott! Your students must really enjoy you to create an account like that. I’m sure you’re their favorite teacher. They’re creative!


  7. Your students love you! That is so cool!
    I remember when you wrote about “mums” the first time, and I absolutely didn’t understand why you should put your mother in the garden :-D.
    I had a great and busy week, fall is a nice period, even though I mourn the fact that summer has come to an end…
    I wish you a relaxed and joyful weekend! ❤


  8. Oh my gosh you crack me up! I feel like such a boring French teacher. Those pictures are hilarious!

    Happy Friday!


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