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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Do you take off work on your birthday?

It may seem kind of silly, but I tell everyone who will listen to take off on their birthday. I think it’s a great day to do what you want when you want. You may even take stock of your life and create some new goals for your next year of life. We only get one birthday a year. Life is hard. Life is short. We have all now had at least one pandemic birthday.

I do not believe in doing any chores on your birthday, either. I will intentionally make sure all of the dishes are unloaded the night before and there is no laundry hanging around in purgatory.

Kellyann likes to go collect her birthday freebies from her favorite retailers and I think that is so smart!

I love to go to breakfast or lunch and do dinner or or get takeout. I love to do some shopping. I love hearing from family and friends through calls, texts, or Facebook messages.

What is your ideal birthday?

Do you think it is weird when adults still get excited?

Tell me what you think!


14 thoughts on “Do you take off work on your birthday?

  1. This next year I am taking my birthday off – to collect freebies of course, lol – but I’m going to schedule enjoyable treats for myself. Maybe a facial, maybe a pedicure, who knows. But you are right, we need to take the day off and indulge. Thanks for the shout out Amy!

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  2. I don’t but that was because that my first 3 birthdays as a working adult, Scott was deployed, so it was either go to work, or be alone all day and that’s not what you want at 25 years old. It’s just habit now. I do plan for fun things I want to do on the weekend closest to my birthday so I can draw out the celebration.


  3. I never take off on my birthday. It’s usually just another day in the life. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s in the dead of winter and so close to another day I don’t enjoy (V-day).

    Having said that, I make it a point to find me time throughout the year, when the weather and schedule allow for it naturally.


  4. I’ve never purposely taken off on my birthday, but you may have just inspired me to 🤣 I love the idea of going and getting freebies on your birthday. That’s a great idea. My birthday is in January so after busy November and December with my kids’ birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, my birthday tends to be pretty low key. Im always happy with a card and a cookie cake. The past couple of years, we’ve gone out to dinner on my actual birthday…just the 4 of us which is a nice treat because I feel like time together is rare


  5. My birthday is my favorite day of the year! HA! I dont work outside the home but you can best believe that I schedule the whole day for whatever I want! always my free coffee from Starbucks, a donut from Scotty’s in Visalia. and I go around and do all my freebies too! Kellyann is so right about that! Always lunch out and dinner. And Tay makes me my favorite cake from a recipe I got from Andrea…Living on cloud Nine. It is the best chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Taylor is a fabulous baker! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! xo


  6. My birthday is July 29 so I always get it off since I am a kdgn teacher! I absolutely love celebrating birthdays!!!!!!

    p.s. your weight loss looks GREAT on you!!!!!!! soooooo pretty!!! keep up the great discipline!!!!


  7. No, I don’t take off work… I got one day for my 50th birthday, but I still haven’t used it… (three years ago…). But I could definitely take one day off for my husband’s birthday – is that strange?
    I love birthdays! But I don’t want big parties, just family and something really nice like movies and a restaurant, I love that.
    We give a lot of nice gifts in my family too… 😀
    (why this topic? is there a birthday coming up that we should now about? :-D)


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