Monday, September 20, 2021

How is it the end of September? How is the weekend over? Ay!!!! I’m linking up today with Heather, etc. right here.

How was yours? Mine went by quickly!

Tom left for a boys trip on Thursday morning so I had extra Ernie duties! Walking at O’dark thirty!

And to add to the fun…. Tom’s vehicle went kaput the night before he left so he took mine and left me walking to school looking like a miner.

Seriously, who is the coolest teacher?

Ha – it is only a 10 minute walk and I should walk more, but all the stuff teachers have to take to school, you know?

The car was ready that afternoon so it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Friday after school, Elizabeth came over for an appetizer type dinner and she brought some stuff, too, even though I told her not to worry about it.

We walked to our football game. Our colors are not yellow and black, but it was a “yellow out” for childhood cancer. We have a big fundraiser dance marathon.

I “borrowed” some pom poms.

We didn’t last long because… teacher tired.

Saturday morning I got up and tried to catch up on blog reading and coffee drinking. Oh, Saturday, how I love you.

And, I made myself a yummy breakfast – everything but the bagel potatoes and eggs. Oh, and my groceries were done because I did a pick up Friday right after school. I really like going into the weekend stocked up I have decided. And, are you dealing with shortages? We are starting to see emptier shelves around here. Here we go again?

And, I had plans again with Elizabeth. We met at Butchertown Market and found out they have $1 mimosas while you shop on Saturdays! And, they had apple cider ones, too. It’s a really big space with multiple “stores” or areas. They have clothes, jewelry, home goods, gift items, natural body care stuff, hand made chocolates, and more. We spent about an hour because there is so much to see.

Then, we headed to Cultured, a fairly new charcuterie bar. I had been wanting to go for so long and it did not disappoint! Isn’t it the cutest? I can’t wait to take Tom because he loves his charcuterie, too.

I can’t wait to go back. It was amazing!

Then, we made it to one more store before we had to part ways. Red Tree is a cool home and gift store in NULU, an area with lots of restaurants and shops.

Elizabeth is always game to help me take blog photos.

I made a cake when I got home. Yup, it is the cake mix, one cup of Greek non fat yogurt, and one cup of water recipe. The frosting is Cool Whip, pb powder and I added mini chocolate chips. I did it in a bundt pan.

And, Saturday evening it was time to celebrate one of my friend Heather’s birthday. We went to the amazing Italian restaurant with the incredible interior.

I did this Orly denim color for going out.

Sunday morning was really nice and cooler than it has been so I enjoyed my coffee on the deck and read a bit.

And, Tom was wrapping up a few days in the mountains watch the World Mountain Biking Championships.

Funny spectators:

And, my niece went to her first high school homecoming dance! How is that possible?

I did my meal prepping for the week and it took quite a while but it is worth it.

I only left the house once yesterday to go to Target and I had a good old fashioned “no list, let Target speak to me” shopping trip. I also walked with Ernie, of course. I also finished the LuLaRich documentary and I found it really interesting. I love the Cassie skirt and still have about 6 of them. I have one kimono. I have a few pairs of leggings left and I really think they are cozy for winter. Some of the designs are horrible and I wouldn’t really call much of it fashionable. MLMs can be pretty scary and they prey on women who most likely will not make a significant living off of one.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


9 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. That sounds like a lovely weekend! Those shops look so cute. I think the highlight of my weekend was probably watching my son in his karate demonstration. It’s the first time I can ever remember him participating in anything like that and he had a lot of fun with it.

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  2. You started my morning off with a laugh. Miner 🤣 you are so funny. Cultured looks amazing. We never really get to go to Louisville for fun…just to see family (that sounds bad 🤣) but I really want to go to Cultured. I need to remember that. Your weekend looks amazing…a mix of fun and productivity…& great food!


  3. You live in the best town – so many cute places to eat and shop, I love it! The school I worked in is less than 2 miles from my home and I used to think I’d rife my bike to work – ha! I’d be a sweaty mess – it is just too hot and humid here. But how nice that you could walk to school! Your niece looks so sweet – I bet she had fun! Another great weekend in the books Amy!


  4. I love your weekend! Louisville seems fantastic! I’m so jealous of your weather! We’re down to 52°, and I don’t like it… Your friend Elizabeths seems so sweet! How nice to have a friend and colleague like that!
    Well, my highlight this weekend was that my youngest daughter had a negative result on her covid test… She had a cold, but nothing more. We left her in the city (bad parents?) and had a cozy time in the cabin. We’re working on the roof, I feel like someone out of Frontier Alaska or something…. 😀
    Enjoy your week! I hope I’ll have time for some blog reading time… #too much to do right now…


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