Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Happy first day of fall!

Last week I wore this (you saw this yesterday) to compare to when I wore the skirt back in May. Thank you for all of your sweet compliments. I did not/do not post to go “fishing” for them, but rather to help if anyone else is struggling.

I felt too summery in this outfit.

Saturday night for dinner out I wore my Little House on the Prairie dress from Target.

Monday I wore a dress that I ordered from Target. Tom asked where my pants were.

And, yesterday I wore my trusty Chico’s consignment pants and my Savanna Jane blouse. I made an impulse purchase and bought these Target Universal Thread clogs.

They are faux leather, of course, but they were comfy and the perfect height.

What have you been wearing lately?


10 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. That’s funny that Tom asked where your pants were! Ha!! The dress wasn’t too short at all and looks great on you -oh husbands! It’s still been so hot here I’ve been wearing shorts but playing with all my clothes for when the weather finally cools!

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  2. I was in target the other day and saw that maroon dress. So pretty. I love all your outfits but especially the Chico’s consignment pants & Savanna Jane blouse. It’s so rainy and dreary here …so I finally got out some pants! Feels like fall


    1. My Target never has anything so I do online! And, their returns are just so easy. Walmart is just not convenient for me but I have been impressed with other than stock always being low!
      It really does feel like fall! It was abrupt!


  3. “Tom asked where my pants were” – haha!
    I love that clean look of the clogs! Really nice!
    I love to see pictures from your classroom. No more students in the middle of a Netflix show I hope?
    I’m still wearing skirts and dresses (long, but still), I’m fighting fall into the bitter end!


  4. You look fabulous in that skirt and top! I love the tucked in look on you! You are ready for belts and figure hugging outfits. (Something I’m not good at- I’m such a comfort dresser) I started a couch to 5k with my teen- hoping to feel more fit after all this time working remotely. Thanks for the inspiration!


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