Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up with The Style Six here!

I have really been wearing these Amazon faux Birks a lot. They are super comfy! I am just really all about white this summer! I have on an old majorly on sale kimono from Versona, my new to me white consignment top(from yesterday’s post here), and the best cut offs for women of a certain age – maybe? I can’t stop wearing them. They are so comfortable! They have the perfect amount of stretch. Target is really my go-to for shorts this summer. Target, I can’t quit you!

This is a super easy outfit formula – cut offs, t-shirt, kimono. You know how I feel about kimonos!

I had told you last week how much I have been loving my bright pink Aerie tank and my Target cover up. This is last week from my hotel stay. I have been wearing this “outfit” quite a bit!

Here are the Target cut offs again! I wore this to meet my buddy Sheila for breakfast last Friday. Sheila and I started teaching at my current school together 21 years ago. She is now at a different school in our city.

This time I paired them with a feminine blouse (old from Old Navy) and the Birks again.

Remember the Target Stars Above robe that I love and talked a lot about? Their line of pajamas is super popular among the blogging/influencer world. I was listening to a podcast where they talked about these pajama shorts. I wear shorts and a black tank top to sleep in and lounge around in at home. I ordered both the black and grey on my Target app and did the drive up pick up. They are light and super soft. And, they have pockets! I have been wearing them non-stop!

And, I wore this outfit for my hair appointment and brunch afterwards. I think the humidity messed with my camera so I apologize for the hazy photo. I wore my Coconuts by Matisse woven wedges, white Target Universal Thread shorts, white v-neck tank from Chico’s in late winter, and kimono from Chico’s in late winter. You may remember that I scored on the Chico’s Clearance rack – finding 5 items for $50. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have worn most of the 5 pieces!

And, I am back to doing my own nails; this is OPI Strawberry Margarita that I have had for a long time. It bugs me when I don’t do them perfectly, but I guess it’s ok!

What have you been wearing lately?


7 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I agree, those cut offs are the best – the perfect length and they are on sale this week! I always love throwing on a kimono with shorts and a tank, perfect summer outfit in my book. You look terrific in every outfit – Summer Amy is stylin’!!!!


  2. You have a nice collection of kimonos! I like those Target shorts. I am actually going to see if I can find a longer pair of shorts today at TJ Maxx. All of mine are about 5 in but sometimes I want something longer. The coverup is quite cute too! I’ve been trying to to keep it varied with wearing shorts, dresses, and longer pants.

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    1. Thank you! I need to weed some out, to be honest! Kellyann of This Blondes Shopping Bag has longer shorts from
      Chico’s and you might try a consignment shop! Longer shorts don’t look good on me. My sweet spot is 4-5 inches I think.


  3. I have those denim shorts from target too and love them. I love the stars above brand as well. I’m headed to target today…I need to steer clear of the clothes section 😂


    1. They are really great! I also have a Universal Thread pair from a few years ago with zero stretch. I like them both! Good luck at Target! It’s so hard!


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