Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I thought I would take you along on my last consignment store trip! If you are new here, I am a big believer in shopping second hand. I have found so many good things through the years. But, I will warn you that I walk out empty handed quite often. It is tempting to buy things because of the good prices, but you really need to know what you need and what will work for your lifestyle. You need perseverance, too! You won’t always find what you need.

My two favorite consignment stores are super organized and picky about what they take. My sons love Goodwill but I rarely find anything worth my time there.

Last week I stayed in a hotel with my two friends. I only have a carry on suitcase and a big green duffle bag. I was thrilled to find this Vera Bradley for $25. It looks brand new. This was perfect for a one night stay.

It helps to know your brands. This blouse is by Andre and it is sold in one of my favorite local boutiques. Their blouses run around $50-70 I would say. I found this hot pink top for $14. Another tip I would give you is to see if a piece has been washed. This clearly had been washed so I could already see that it maybe shrank a bit. This leads me to my next tip – look in one size up as well as in your normal size. I wore this with white jeans and wedges and a long necklace to go to lunch on the way to the hotel.

This is American Eagle and still had original tag on it which said $28. I bought it for $7. I thought this would be cute under a kimono and already wore it that way. I had been wanting to try a ruffle at the bottom but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off with my mid-section area.

And finally, for $7 also, was this basic white tank I thought could also be handy under a kimono. I have worn it to take walks in but haven’t styled it yet.

So, a sure sign for me that I had a successful shopping trip is that I already used or wore all four things within days of purchasing! Woohoo!

One of my friends from my hotel stay also went in to our two favorite consignment stores and majorly scored last week.

You really do have to check back frequently because the inventory is constantly changing!

Happy shopping,


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