Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hello! I am linking up today with The Style Six here. Last week was my round up of my almost 32 outfits from my 32 days of in person teaching here. After that post, I honestly wasn’t sure how many outfit photos I would be able to produce from my first week of being at home on summer break, but I do have a few for you today. The other days were spent in athletic shorts and were not blog-worthy!

Last Wednesday I had a lunch date with a friend. It was cool and rainy and I usually wear black when it rains. My Soda sandals, my Chico’s pants, and my boutique blouse. I felt like this was a school outfit and not a ladies-who-lunch outfit.

This was my outfit to meet my students at a coffee shop. It rained again, but I had already picked out my outfit. Coconuts by Matisse woven wedge sandals, Amazon skirt (it wasn’t staticy anymore!), Costco top.

Rare indoor photo of my outfit I wore to the celebration of life for our attendance clerk. Sadly, she lost her battle with cancer last week. Old Navy tank dress, Nordstrom kimono, and Soda sandals. It was held in the top floor of a bar but I wanted to dress up a bit. Again, I would call this a teacher outfit.

I feel like I need going out clothes.

I wanted to show you my biker shorts that I am really enjoying. I don’t think the brand really matters, but mine are from Amazon. What does matter – they have pockets on both sides that hold my phone, keys if needed, Ernie’s waste bag, and my airpod case. If you have an issue with your thighs rubbing together, the length of these is perfect. I really need another pair at least because I have been walking almost daily and I am sad when these are dirty.

I tried to get a view of the pocket.

I am also really loving my bright, bright hot pink Aerie tank swim suit and my white Target cover-up over it. I ordered two more tank suits and I will let you know if those work out.

What have you been wearing lately? It is so crazy but the summer clothing will be going on sale really soon! I noticed a sign in my consignment store that said no more summer clothing will be accepted. I popped in one day when I was in the area, but didn’t find anything. I don’t always find things and I feel fine walking out empty-handed.

Thanks for reading,


11 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I like that Amazon skirt on you – it’s a fun summer print! Sorry your attendance clerk lost her cancer battle, ugh, I hope the celebration of her life was good and happy memories were shared. Certainly not a fun way to kick off the summer. I am anxious to see some going out outfits! I think you should go shopping and do some fitting room selfies to share with us of what you consider going out clothes. I know when I worked in school my closet seemed to be split in two – school and home.

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    1. Thank you! I can’t figure out what top looks best. Thank you. She will be missed. Many of our fitting rooms still aren’t open! It’s so dumb!


  2. Can you link the bike shorts?

    I love those Soda Sandals. I tried a pair of wedges/platforms and didn’t love them so they still need to go back to the store. I’m planning on looking for a dressy pair this weekend.

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  3. I love that top in the first picture!! Can I ask where you got it? By the way, I live in Louisville and found your blog through the cloud nine blog. I read your entire blog over a few days. Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker or anything. It was just fun to see all the places you blogged about since I recognized most of them. I live in the Highlands/Germantown area with my husband and yellow lab, Molly.

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    1. Hi Diane! I’m the same – I love when I find another blogger from the area and try to guess where the shots are taken! Lol! I don’t think you are! Have you heard of Tunies? It’s in Westport Village. I have found the brand Savanna Jane there and fallen in love. My top half is hard to fit. I love Germantown and it’s new to me. I have lots of friends in Highlands. We have a chocolate lab and my sister’s name is Molly and she always says she has a dog name! I took horse back riding lessons years ago and my horse was named Molly and it made me laugh and tell her it’s also a horse’s name! Thanks for commenting!


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