Friday, June 18, 2021

How was your week? Happy Friday! I am linking up today with Andrea and many more here!

I had a really good and a really relaxing week. It felt like summer! I didn’t have much on the calendar and I enjoyed lazy mornings and just seeing where the day took me!

Here are a few things that were my favorites this week…

So, I started and finished this book in maybe three days. Elin’s books are quintessential summer and they suck you in. I read a bit in the morning on the deck and then I read a bit in the afternoon on the covered patio with the fan going. Many times, I will also go out and read after dinner for a bit. I am always curious about when other people find time to read.

We have had amazing weather this week – cool in the mornings and comfortable throughout the day and in the evenings. I am not ready for the 90s and humidity. We have been in the 70-80 degree range and it is my favorite!

I started this immediately after. I can’t remember who recommended it, but it is set on Martha’s Vineyard, so I went from Elin’s Nantucket to Martha’s Vineyard.

I cut some hydrangeas to enjoy inside. They are just so pretty. This periwinkle color is my favorite of the hydrangea colors.

One day I had a brunch date with my friend Victoria. We taught next door to each other for many years. My favorite breakfast place is called Wild Eggs and it is located in a cute little shopping center near my house.

I ordered the Farmer’s Market Skillet and I cannot wait to have it again. It had tons of vegetables with your choice of eggs on top. Victoria had amazing looking avocado toast but I didn’t snap a photo.

I always enjoy spending time with Victoria. We have similar shopping styles and we hit up one of my favorite boutiques after brunch that happens to be in the same shopping center. It was new to her and she fell in love! I purchased a couple of things and she found an adorable dress. I will show you mine on Wednesday!

I had a much needed hair appointment and look….

It was my first one without a mask! I get a partial highlight about every 8-10 weeks. I love talking to my talented stylist Laura.

A big improvement…

We have had internet problems for about a month, which is obviously not a favorite. We had changed the modem twice which required going to the Spectrum store twice, but were still having the internet go out up to 5 times a day. I finally called them (putting it off!) and they sent a tech out the very next day and he was even early! They had given me a window of one hour, so it was not like the days of waiting around an entire business day. The tech found out our line was corroded and he fixed it up in no time at all. So, a favorite was the customer service we received. It seems so rare these days… And, it is so nice to have working internet!

My library, you guys! Look at this stack waiting for me to pick up…

I have read 4 books in the first couple of weeks of summer and it has made me so happy. Summer reading is the best.

I ventured into Aldi one day and I was pleasantly surprised. The one nearest me has never really impressed me at all. Did you know that Aldi and Trader Joe’s are owned by the same company and are German-owned? I think? There are some similarities in products. Anyway, they had re-vamped the store and I will be back! I don’t have time to go to Kroger, Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Aldi during the school year, but in the summer I can see the appeal of purchasing certain things from each store.

Are you an Aldi devotee?

Now back to Kroger…

All I do in the summer is buy food I think! I found this faux paper plates in the salad size about a week ago. I went back to get more because I think they are so cute. I found only one more 4 pack but I also found a 4 pack of dinner plate size plates. They are plastic/melamine but look just like the old school white paper plates. So, now I have 8 salad size and 4 dinner size. I would love to find at least 4 more dinner size. I love that I can do fun placemats and napkins with these and these will work with any other type of decor.

I love to buy these thicker straws to use for my iced coffee or cocktails.

And, finally I talked about this earlier, but I love to start my day outside, oftentimes with my book. I think it has a “vacation” feel to it, you know? I have also been trying to walk before I get my day started because I think it is less likely to happen later in the day. I did enjoy an evening walk after dinner one night this week and that was nice, too!

What were your favorites this week? I would love to know!


P.S. – I posted about college dorm packing yesterday here if you missed it! Wednesday I did What I Wore here and Tuesday I did a consignment haul here. Please share if you know someone who would benefit. I love your comments! Thank you!

31 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I do love the makeovers they are giving the Aldi stores, I like to go there too but don’t go often. Your hair looks great! Glad you had a week that felt like summer and you were able to just do whatever the day found you doing – that is what summer break is all about!

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  2. I am waiting rather impatiently for Elin’s book to come in through our library… I might just have to break down and buy it. I read outside most every morning too and usually right around lunch and then again before bed some nights.

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  3. Looks like you had an awesome week. Your hair looks fabulous! I’ve been able to read quite a bit more too which was a favorite from the week for sure. I like Aldis too! Have a great weekend

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  4. First off, your hair looks so pretty with the partial highlights!!! yay!!!
    Secondly, I like to also read in the summer (I teach kdgn, so my summers are more relaxed like you!).
    I am reading “Summer of 69” by Elin. It’s the summer I was born, so I ALWAYS fall for stuff with that year!! I, too, enjoy Aldi! Those plates are DARLING!!! I might have to go look for some! You need to look for their Croissant rolls. It’s a package of 4, plain croissant, but looks round like a fluffy English Muffin. We toast them, add a little butter, then add homemade jam with or without peanut butter! My teenage boys LOVE these, I bet your boys will love them as well!!! Please try them!! Have a happy weekend!


    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! Summer of 69 was not my fave, but I did like it. Let me know what you think? That would appeal to me, too. I was born in 1971. I will look for that – that wounds amazing!


  5. We have a very nice Aldi’s over here at the coast. I enjoy perusing it! Of course I LOVE Trader Joe’s and I did know they were sister stores. My fave part of this week was coming to the beach to escape the valley heat. I HATE THE HEAT with a passion. I dont think I am ready to live at the coast full time just yet but thankful we have it to escape to. We will be here until Monday and then I return a week later for 2 weeks. That makes me sooooo happy!


    1. That’s great! I think CA food prices are much higher than here so maybe that is a good option for some things. What determines when you go to the coast? Do you always wait for when Tony can go? Your 2 week stretch will be fun!


      1. There’s really no rhyme or reason as to when we come over… Our goal was always to try to come over once a month but we’ve owned the house for almost 12 years and I would say that we’ve spent the most time over here last year and the year before that. I think in 2018 it was one of the least amount of times we came over because both of our dads got sick with cancer. Now that we have remodeled a lot of what we wanted to do… We love coming over! It’s still difficult for Tony because he is still running his business. But he has gotten a laptop and he’s good about bringing it over with him so he can still do some work when we’re here during the week. And, of course, we still have our moms living and his mom is in a nursing home so he tries to get over to see her a couple of times a week…


      2. Oh yes it was a blessing! Because at least I had someplace to go… And because we were also doing all the remodeling during that time… It just made it super easy to get over here and be here when things were going on. We still have a couple of items on our to do list… We want to remodel our master bathroom, the main guest room bathroom, and we’re putting carpet in each of the three bedrooms… New carpet…And, after that, we should be done LOL oh and we just had California closets out this morning and we’re going to put a cabinet in our garage that can hold all of our golf clubs when we’re here. I know it’s crazy but it’s some thing that Tony wants to do and so I said… Why not! We cannot take our money with us LOL

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      3. Especially with California’s policies, right?
        You guys get it done! I’m jealous!
        Off topic, did you read Pioneer Woman article about how she got in shape? It’s really good!


  6. I want to love Aldi because I see so many posts with great product…but I just don’t like our location. I can’t wait to read Golden Girl! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Hi Amy, after seeing your recommend Truly hard shelters in the fruit punch flavor, we went to our local liquor store and we could not find them ☹️ We live in Alberta and they don’t carry that flavor here. But… we bought the wild berry and it’s pretty good. Have a great weekend Holly


    1. I am sorry you can’t get them yet! I like the Wild Berry, too! They are light and refreshing and not too caloric for summer! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Holly!


  8. I LOVE all your topics! I will comment them all! 😀
    I only read in bed before I go to sleep, and only when I’m in the cabin. In the city we have a tv in the bedroom you know… Right now I’m reading The Guest List, and yes, it is really good!
    We found Aldi in Fort Lauderdale, and I have some basic stuff that I buy there: vegetables, grapes (to put in the freezer! yummy snack!), salmon, ice-cream and white wine… In Sweden we have the German owned Lidl – don’t say they are not related!
    We don’t have plastic straws in Sweden anymore! I miss them! I’ve hoarded some in my cupboards…
    OK, two more days to go… How much stuff can teachers have meetings about!?
    Enjoy your Sunday, I sure will! Weather is amazing! 77 degrees and sunny!


    1. Thank you, my Sweden fan club president! I am too tired at night! I have heard The Guest List is good!
      Tom’s cousin works for Lidl! Remember that he has 3 cousins and their kids in Germany? I love a plastic straw, but I do recycle them after. I hope that helps? I do not like a metal straw – ewwww!
      There is no more that a teacher’s brain can absorb at this point; they are wasting their time! I love that you are having great weather!


      1. Yes, I’m working on the membership cards :-D.
        Yeah, I know you have relativs in Germany, cool!
        Of course it helps if you recycle! We have straws made of paper, and they get so yucky…
        It’s so warm… Heat is not good when you’re int the city working…

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