Monday, June 14, 2021

I am linking up with both Hello Monday here to recap the weekend and Not Just a Mom here – with the topic of Quick Family Dinners!

Friday morning I met my friend Sheila at the cutest little bakery cafe on my favorite street – Blue Dog Bakery. Sheila and I met 21 years ago when she taught Latin at my current school. She left to move out west, then to Asheville, then back here, and now she teaches at a different school in my district, sadly. I always enjoy catching up with Sheila!

These people are not Sheila – just showing you the sidewalk tables.

We had their breakfast sandwiches, and…

I had my second cup of coffee (I already had my first at home).

We toasted with waters to be silly.

After that, I had a lazy day. After being gone for a couple of days I was just ready to do not much at home. Even though I have now been on break for a couple of weeks, I have not spent much time just being lazy at home. I need to do that!

For dinner, we had burrito bowls that I made and then I ran to Target to pick up my Stars Above pajama shorts below. More information on these will come on Wednesday.

I read outside on the patio after my Target run and I fell asleep! I think I am still getting caught up on sleep.

Saturday morning I had an early Kroger pick up, walked, did laundry, cleaned, and baked two cakes.

This is what Tom requested for his birthday. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Mason was going to a friend’s house and I offered to make his friend a cake for his birthday, too. His name is Xavier but they call him X. Can you see the X I tried to make?

I used this mix. I almost always use a mix but add an extra egg. I learned this years ago on Pinterest. An extra egg makes it taste more bakery-style. I almost always make homemade icing because that’s where it’s at, you know?

Tom’s birthday wasn’t til Sunday/yesterday but he wanted to go ahead and have some cake early!

Saturday afternoon the whole fam headed to the theater for In The Heights. It was so good and Jack and Mason and I loved all of the Spanish in it.

We went home and had one of Tom’s favorite meals – fish sticks, canned peas, and Kraft macaroni. So, that would definitely count as a quick family meal! This is not a fave of mine, so I had a veggie burger.

Tom wanted to get up early and paddleboard on his birthday!

Then, he wanted to boat.

We found a nice little spot in the cove and hung out for a few hours.

I finished this while we were hanging out. It was my third really good yellow covered book. It was a great summer read, but with depth. I don’t want to give anything away.

It was really hot and felt like summer so we stayed in the water a lot.

A surprise rain shower popped up!

It didn’t last long, but we did decide to pack up and cruise around a bit.

We noticed a new hot dog stand!

There are some really nice houses that back up to this creek off of the river.

We ended the day with a meal of Tom’s request, which I would not call a quick family meal. I did a salad with honey mustard dressing, twice baked potatoes, and copycat Outback Alice Springs chicken.

Quick Family Meals:

Your freezer is your best friend! Sometimes I make a meal that comes entirely out of the freezer.

-Trader Joe’s frozen jasmine rice, frozen orange chicken, frozen broccoli (or fresh)

-sandwiches (hot subs) I have been making easy meatball subs lately – frozen meatballs, marinara, mozzarella


-ham, instant mashed potatoes(or the Bob Evans package) canned green beans, rolls

-breakfast for dinner

-hot dogs, baked beans, chips

-baked potato bar (do the potatoes in the crockpot – so easy!) and provide various toppings that could involve chili

-grilled cheese – get fancy and add green apple and some type of jam

-salad bag mix from grocery – add a protein for a meal

-sandwich bar – make your own sandwich

-Mexican – quesadillas, tacos

-Italian – spaghetti, baked ziti

-tub of bbq – serve on Texas Toast with a couple of vegetables

Tip: I often make the meat for both spaghetti and tacos at the same time and put one or the other in the freezer or fridge. Such a time saver

Tip: Prep your dinner in the morning so that you can’t get lazy come 5:00!

What was the highlight of your weekend?

What is your favorite quick family meal?


17 thoughts on “Hello Monday and Quick Family Dinner Link Up!

  1. What a fun weekend and happy birthday to Tom! I always add extras to box mixes – I had the Cake Mix Doctor’s cookbook for years and found so many good tips. I agree, make your own frosting – the can just isn’t the same at all!


  2. What a fun weekend! If I use a box mix to make a cake I do the same thing with adding an extra egg; I also replace the oil with melted butter but now with my bakery student I am rarely “allowed” to use n\box mixes for anything and he happily takes over anyway! Great quick family dinner ideas; I am totally adding baked potato bar to our menu!


    1. Thank you! Yes! And, I have heard about the butter, too. Your baker won’t let you do this anymore – lol! Honestly, I have had some really bad homemade cakes and prefer box mix sometimes. I love a baked potato!


  3. Wow, you really had a full and fun weekend! I love Blue Dog Bakery but I’ve never been for breakfast, only lunch. Have you tried the Wiltshire Pantry at Barrett and Breckinridge? It’s really good too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love the atmosphere at Blue Dog but I don’t love the sandwich I got! My friend keeps telling me to go to WP. You can’t beat Wild Eggs – my fave breakfast in town!


  4. Looks like such a fun weekend. The birthday cake looks delish! I hope Tom had a great birthday! I have jasmine rice, orange chicken and broccoli at home! I may just have this for dinner tonight 🙂


    1. Thank you! The cake is delish, but the frosting is best chilled so I am keeping it in the fridge and only letting myself have a tiny piece – every day! Help, someone eat it! We love that dinner. It comes together so quickly and everyone enjoys it. I got lots of ideas today!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi! Sorry for not commenting for a while, it’s been crazy in school! I actually prohibited myself from reading blogs…
    Happy birthday to Tom! He has the same taste in cakes as I! I love chocolate!
    Great ideas for quick dinners, thank you! I mostly cook from scratch, but lately I’ve been lazy (and busy!) and have used some frozen foods like fish sticks, wienersnitzels, etc…
    Enjoy your day, I’m so happy to have time to read your blog again!


    1. I have missed you but I did figure you were busy with end of school! Thank you! Frozen foods are my friend lately, too! I am so happy, too! The world is really opening up! Flights are super expensive. Are you reconsidering Florida?


      1. We’re considering Florida all the time! But no, we’ll stay in Sweden this summer too. And we’re having the most incredible summer weather right now, so I am perfectly happy! I had as short day yesterday (graduation day), so we picked up our boat at the mechanic and took a virgin tour – fantastic!


      2. Lol! Ok – and I am so glad you are having such great weather. It really makes all the difference, no? Boating feels like summer!
        Speaking of traveling, I have heard the US airports are crazy. Airfares are high. Everyone is trying to make up for lost time, it seems.


  6. Okay, I’m totally adding meatball subs to our list. I don’t know why I never think to make them but they sound sooooo good!!! Also, now I’m excited because I have Life’s Too Short on my TBR and I can’t wait to get to it!


  7. Okay, I’m totally adding meatball subs to our list. I don’t know why I never think to make them but they sound sooooo good!!! Also, now I’m excited because I have Life’s Too Short on my TBR and I can’t wait to get to it!


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