Wednesday, June 2, 2021

As my regular readers know, I challenged myself to wear 32 outfits for my 32 days of in person instruction. I didn’t quite make it – I wore one dress twice and one top twice, so you will only see 30 photos below. Why did I do this? Many of these clothes hadn’t gotten any love since spring of 2019!

Sometimes when I see others’ outfits it inspires me to pair something I wouldn’t have thought to put together. Maybe my outfits will help you to do the same? I love shopping my closet and it makes me feel so content with what I own.

I try not to take fashion too seriously. Bright colors and patterns make me happy. When you are comfortable and like what you are wearing I think you can be more outgoing. When you are uncomfortable and feel bad about what you are wearing, you just want to crawl in a hole alone.

I do not like all the outfits you will see. Not all of them are flattering. I would usually choose different footwear if I wasn’t on my feet all day as a teacher. But, this is real life here!

Here we go:

Day one I wanted to wear sneakers. I am not sure I am a dress and sneakers person. I just knew that day one would be exhausting after being away from the classroom for 13 months.

Would like this outfit on someone else, but again I don’t know if I am a sneakers and skirt person!

I managed to wear the white booties a couple of times which was a goal. I am hoping to wear them a bunch next fall! I look a like a majorette but I like them.

I was allowed to repeat these pants. Chico’s from consignment years ago for $10. I had to have them repaired at the tailor. Love these pants!

Looks horrible but it was a Friday. I could have at least tried to fix my school pullover. This is when our frigid classroom temps started so you will see me trying to stay warm for the next few photos.

The Thursday before Derby we were supposed to dress for Derby if we wanted to. The students always like it when teachers get in the spirit.

I woke up with my face swollen. Maybe it was allergies. My eyes look bad and I was very thankful for the mask!

This new dress I wore twice. I was upset it had a rip. I’m not sure if I did it or bought it this way. I had to take it to my tailor and wanted to wear it again. I am planning to make this work in the fall with booties. It’s a very memorable dress but it feels very “me”.

Getting tired… when is summer? This was around Cinco de Mayo and I thought it had a Mexican vibe.

This Amazon skirt was so staticy that I was uncomfortable. I had not washed it before wearing it because I was worried it would shrink. I have not worn it since but I will let you know if it improved. I love a palm print.

The dress after the repair.

This needed a sweater. I brought one but our classroom temps had regulated by then.

And, I tried my hair straight this day. I wore my new cow print consignment wedge slides and they were pretty comfy.

Last day of school and I wore this easy to throw on top again. I think I forgot a photo when I wore it the first time.

Do you have a favorite? Mine are the dress I wore twice and most of the outfits with the Chico’s black pants. I wore the white faux Birkenstocks a lot and the black Reef sandals a lot for my footwear.

That was fun but I’m tired. I’m not sure you want to see my What I Wore posts for a while! Ha!

Thanks for reading,


17 thoughts on “32 Outfits in 32 Days

  1. Wow, good job! My favorites are the dress in the first picture and the white pants combo – but I loved them all!
    Keep the OOTDs coming!


  2. Way to go!! That’s impressive to not repeat and to remember to document your outfits! I love that dress you repeated, the yellow shirt, those fun patterned pants, and the amazon skirt. I hope the skirt gets less staticky! Have a great summer!!


  3. you did it! my favorites are the dress you wore twice, and the top you show right after the repeat dress was repaired! also, your black pants fit you so well and they look like something i need in my wardrobe. so flattering and versatile!
    hope summer is off to a great start for you!!


    1. Well – I almost did it! Lol! My favorites are that dress, too and I love the black pants. They are the Chico’s travelers and don’t wrinkle. I feel like they are kind of in between a cropped and an ankle length on me.
      Thank you and happy summer to you!


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