Tuesday, June 8, 2021

I love to read in the summer! I mostly read outside for some reason. Most of my book recommendations come from blogs or people on Instagram. When I see one that sounds good, I immediately request it through my library website. I pretty much always have a book this way. I just don’t buy books. I don’t need the clutter and my wonderful library saves me tons of money. I used to have a Kindle but when it died I didn’t replace it. I like holding a real book I have found.

Here is my current stack:

I like chick lit or historical fiction the most. This will be a little more serious.

This just came out and I can’t believe I already scored it! Elin screams summer, right?

I read her other book last summer and really enjoyed it! It is called The Happy Ever After Playlist.

I have already finished this and I loved it! If you like sailboats, the Caribbean, food descriptions, love stories (but with substance), I think you will enjoy this!

A deeper book I have been wanting to read. I usually do a chick lit book after a heavier book.

I am almost done with this and can’t put it down! I love Christina Lauren books!

This looked cute, but we will see… I like when books include recipes!

Again, this looked cute!

Are you a reader? What are you reading? Do you read more in the summer, too?


16 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. I enjoyed the Cookbook Club; it was a cute book. I’m waiting patiently for Elin’s newest book. I too try to only get books through our library (or interlibrary loan since ours is pretty small) rather than buying them.

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    1. Good to know! I will try it! One little tip – I sometimes will get a new 7 day book off the shelf in the library quicker than my request! I don’t know if your library has that.


  2. I love a real book too so much better than a kindle. I do read on mine but only the free books I get. I have also been enjoying listening to books from my library if the actual book isn’t available. I love reading!

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    1. I thought about getting a Kindle Paperwhite but I just don’t want another device to keep up with and charge – for now. I do hate turning down the free deals! I love reading in the summer especially!


      1. If something were to happen to my Kindle I wouldn’t bother replacing it. Can you use the Kindle app on your phone? Maybe then you could get your free book. But lately some of the free books haven’t been anything great!

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  3. I tried Audible at my sister’s insistence. It started with 2 free books and I canceled it after the first. It was a good book (The Good Sister) but I did not enjoy listening rather than reading . Now I’m listening to the 2nd (The Four Winds) and it’s a good story but I don’t like the reader using different voices for each character, it feels like I’m listening to an old timey radio program! Plus if I try to do something while listening, I get distracted and have to rewind. I do have a kindle and alternate between that and hard/soft cover books, definitely my preference.

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    1. I don’t want to be read to! I do love a podcast. The same things that bugged you would bug me! I would get distracted, too! Love turning pages to be honest!


  4. I’m on the library list for Golden Girl. You are so lucky to have scored a copy early! 😄 I’ve read more in the past couple weeks than I did in all of May. I’m happy to have a bit more time to read 🙂

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    1. I was really lucky! I’m sure the library bought lots of copies. I have read more in the last couple of weeks than all of 2021, I think. I just couldn’t find much!


  5. Since you like historical fiction, I’m sure you will like The Four Winds. I finished it a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. Another title you might like is The Sunflower Sisters set in civil war times. That was written by same author as Lilac Girls. Golden Girl is on my want list and the Cookbook Club sounds interesting. I’m currently reading The Kitchen Front set in England during WWII. So many good books!!


    1. I hope it’s not too serious for my summer tastes! Lol! I have not heard of that – thank you!
      I could not finish Lilac Girls – too many WWII books I think!


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