Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How was your Memorial Day weekend? I want to say thank you to all who served and my thoughts are with you if you were remembering someone yesterday.

Here is my weekend wrap-up…

Friday was the last work day for teachers and the Class of 2021 graduation. This is the day we pack up our rooms, finalize grades, stuff like that. I finished all of that Thursday in anticipation of not having as much time to do that with graduation. It was supposed to be at 9:00 but we pushed it back to 11:00. It was basically the same forecast for both times. It was rainy and ugly and the first year to have it on our football field. Normally we have it at an arena at our fairgrounds, but due to Covid all of our district’s graduations were held outside. I was a ticket taker and had to stand in the rain from 9:30-11:30. I wore my rainboots and a rain jacket so I was o.k. I loved having it at our school and it was so much more special in my opinion. (It was a bit hard for me personally since my kids didn’t get a graduation last May and I think we could have done it just like this last July.) They did have a Class of 2020 graduation later in the day Friday but my boys weren’t interested and I wasn’t going to push it. If I had really wanted them to do it I think they would’ve.

After the graduation ended around 12:30 we had box lunches, a speech by our principal, and a farewell to our retirees. We were giddy to be done with this crazy year!

After work, I just went home, had a cocktail, read a bit, sat on the patio with Tom later in the afternoon, and I was just so tired. I felt like I should be celebrating out somewhere, but it was still rainy. Tom suggested ordering pizza so that is what we did.

I am almost done with this; it is cute!

Saturday was so cold! I went to Target to do a couple of returns without a mask! It is so nice to have my glasses fog-free!

Later in the day Tom and I went in Kohl’s and we are seeing this sign in the windows of several businesses. Is it the same in your area?

Mason and I went to a little market.

Lots of color on Mason; most of these items are thrifted!

The market was really little so we walked to a couple of other locally owned shops.

Then, Jack and Mason weren’t interested so it was just Tom and I for Cruella. I wasn’t that excited but Tom wanted to see it. I loved it. It was really good!

I cooked Mexican for dinner and we watched a couple of shows with the four of us.

Sunday it was still a bit chilly but the skies were blue and the sun was out.

Tom and I went to Captain’s Quarters and ordered salad and a Greek pizza.

We headed home around dinner and I made sliders, corn, and potatoes.

Monday we went out again and it was warmer.

We passed a riverboat.

How about you? What was the highlight?

Thanks for reading,


16 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Our high school always had graduation out on the football field but only if the weather cooperated (though not last year– I know a few did drive through graduations). I bet even if it was rainy everyone was just glad to have a ceremony to go to! I do feel so bad for last year’s grads but would not have bothered to attend a make up ceremony myself after a full year had passed. Looks like you had a fairly nice weekend. Ours was pretty rainy but we definitely made the best of it.

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    1. I think they were! It felt so normal! We asked that they wear masks and out of the 1600ish people that came through the gates only 5 complained. We had beautiful weather after Friday and Saturday! Can’t wait to see what you did!


  2. Too bad about the rain at graduation but at least they were able to have one! Maybe next year it will be back to normal. I am seeing signs like that one at Kohl’s near us and in fact I am not wearing my mask anymore. Still seeing plenty of people wearing them – guessing maybe they are not vaccinated.
    Glad the weekend warmed up and you got out on the boat – what a great weekend!

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    1. Yeah but it was ok! I’m still carrying a mask because some little boutiques require them. I am fine with people still wearing them as long as it’s not me!


  3. After our last day of school, I was exhausted for days. Obviously this time of the year is busy, but I think I was just so emotionally drained as well. That’s nice that there was the 2020 graduation as well, but I can see where you wouldn’t push it if your boys weren’t interested. I do hate that you all didn’t get that traditional experience. I can’t believe how cold it was last Saturday, but I’m glad you got your boat time this weekend 🙂

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    1. I think you’re right. I am still processing and will be for awhile. The uncertainty we experienced for so long was a weight on our shoulders.
      It was nice but only a small portion participated. I will
      Probably always be a little sad and nostalgic for all that Covid took away. But, others had it much worse. And, I feel for the Class of 2021 who lost so much. Today was my first week day of summer and I felt like I was forgetting to do something. I am not giving myself permission to be lazy yet!

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  4. I was in Houston for a graduation and the weather was great. We also saw Cruella and I loved it too. If you stayed for the credits it gave me hope that there will be a sequel.

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    1. I heard Texas has had a lot of rain, too, so that is good. Yes, we thought it left it open for a sequel, too, but I’m not so sure. Sequels sometimes fall flat!


  5. Enjoy the blog so much. Always interesting. Just wondered, I have never seen Your sons out on the boat with you, do they sometimes come along?

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    1. Thank you! We got the boat when they were 12 and they came along to tube or swim. But after the first few years they thought it was boring and only came sometimes when we had family friends on the boat. Now they rarely want to come. They may go for Father’s Day? I never talk about that on the blog but probably should!


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