Thursday, June 3, 2021

Welcome to Thursday Thoughts on “Summer Amy”. Allow me to explain…

Summer Amy is the person I wish I could be in Fall, Winter, and Spring.

But, do I really? I’m not sure.

I was born a Type A person; I can’t help it. I love being organized, efficient, and productive. I like routine and schedules – most of the time!

I started a super serious job at age 22. My job is tailored to the Type A personality, I think. I have been a teacher longer than I haven’t been a teacher! It is helpful as a teacher to be organized, goal-oriented, prompt, and so many other Type A personality traits. The job of a teacher requires constant multi-tasking, the ability to plan ahead and plan for more than you might need in a day’s lesson, organize so many papers or digital files, you get my drift…

I have always lived my life on the school calendar – well, at least I have since I was five years old! So, I have always had a true summer off. Sure, there were summers I worked as a teen and a twenty-something (as a beginning teacher who didn’t make much money), but even my summer jobs were pretty loose and stress-free – pool manager, pool supervisor, stockroom help in a retail establishment.

Basically Summer Amy is the opposite of Regular Amy in every way….

Summer Amy:

-stays up later

-sleeps in later

-isn’t in a hurry

-makes more time for friends and fun

-says yes more than she says no

-says yes first and asks questions later

-is more fun

-eats more fresh fruit and vegetables

-shops farmer’s markets

-exercises more

-spends more time in the sun

-invites people over more often

-does more local shopping and less online shopping

-listens to more music

-reads more books

-is more social

-wears more casual clothing

You know who resembled Summer Amy despite the severity of the situation?

Pandemic Amy and Virtual Teacher Amy.

The slower pace, the lack of pressure to get to bed so early and get a good night’s sleep to have the requisite energy for in person teaching, and the increased time at home contributed to this. I thought it was hard to teach virtually, don’t get me wrong, but I think teaching in person requires so much more energy. Virtual teaching was hard in different ways, of course, and I really don’t want to have to do that again!

Every August I think I will be able to maintain my Summer persona if I only can do this, this, or this – and it never happens. I told my colleague that long ago in my marriage I told Tom that August and May were the two times I needed his help the most. August and May are crazy for teachers!

Do you have a Summer version of yourself? Or, are you different in different seasons?

I’ve also been thinking…what will “Retirement Amy” look like? Hmmmmm…..

Thanks for reading this week’s Thursday Thoughts!


10 thoughts on “Summer Amy

  1. I think I am a bit different in all seasons but I am definitely the most laid back when it comes to summer; which I too have always had off. I think that is a big part of why I went into teaching (before I quit and became a homeschooling mom).

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  2. Enjoy Summer Amy! You are so right about the amount of energy it takes to do in person teaching. Even though our virtual school is year round I don’t mind giving up my summers off at all- it’s so much easier and I don’t mind at all.
    I do think next school year will be different as well for you since it will be your first normal year as an empty nester. I used to always admire the older teachers who’d stroll into school as if they had not a care in the world. Meanwhile I was pulled in so many directions.

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    1. Thank you! Yes! To do it right you have to be on! Also, we used to only have a 6 period now and now we have a 7 period day and I’m telling that it made a difference I would love to go back to 5 classes and a planning period.
      I think you’re right. It was a big weight on my shoulders when the boys were in the building with me for 4 years. I loved it but I also felt responsible and like I couldn’t take a day off. I wonder what it will be like when I am only worrying about me next year.


  3. I always wished that I could stay Summer Beth…but it never happened. We can dream. Retirement Beth is like Summer Beth all year long, but as I have shared with you, I do miss some of the challenges of working, and eventually, I will find the right fit and balance. I think that I am so used to a school schedule, that working in schools, like doing some subbing, just makes the most sense for me, right now. Enjoy being Summer Amy! 😀

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    1. I know – I can never stay Summer Amy either. You will find a balance. But for what has happened over the last year, you were where you needed to be. Thank you!


  4. Yay! For summer Amy! I love your thoughts! I dream about retirement Jen often 😉 I thrived as well while at home…I felt like I was able to “balance it all” better. I was able to be more present and less rushed. Travis and I have been together my entire teaching career, so he knows every Aug 1, I start feeling overwhelmed and why I go to bed at 9:00 in Aug and May 😂 I hope you have a great summer. You deserve it!

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  5. I’m also absolutely tied to the schoolyear! I studied til I was 24, continued studying at the age of 37 and have been working as a teacher since I was 40. I love to have a summer break! And I really love teaching!
    For me, summer have always been connected to going abroad (to a really warm place like France, Spain, Greece, Florida). I really should have lived in a warm country, I flourish in dresses, bare legs and sandals!


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