Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy Friday! How has this week gone by so quickly? I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. here.

Here are some of my favorite things from the week! I hope you had many things that could be your favorites, too!

It was a favorite to get to see Mason as Torvald in A Doll’s House. I wish there weren’t masks and we didn’t have to watch it live streamed, but I guess it’s all o.k.

Jack played some guitar on the deck last weekend. He looks like he is in the zone!

I decided to do the deck in lemon decor and then got to enjoy it on two gorgeous weather days Monday and Tuesday!

I didn’t go too overboard. I would like to add a faux lemon tree where the palm tree-ish plant is. Then, I can move that down to the patio. I also have faux lemons that I need to find.

I kept the patio palm leaf decor from last year.

The only things new this year are the pillows on either side of the palm print.

I finished up Easter baskets. I have had these cute metal buckets since the boys were maybe 8? Do you buy new baskets every year? I think my kids have only been through a couple of baskets. One year I did sand pails because we were at the beach.

Because it was Spring Break, I treated myself to my first dip manicure in over a year. I had gotten a pedicure a couple of weeks ago so I didn’t need that. I found a pretty exact match to my toe color. I have been so tired of my manicures that I do at home only lasting for 2-3 days with all the dish washing I do. So, it was fun to get this done!

I had a fun lunch one day with my friend Elizabeth and discovered a delicious new beer – Rhinegeist Slamgria. It really tastes like sangria! It is from a brewery in Cincinnati and Elizabeth said you can buy it in the can at Total Wine. I need to do that and get some of the wonderful Grand MImosa by Ciderboys. Oh, and Stiegl Radler. I guess I need to put this errand on my list for today. Grand Mimosa really tastes like a mimosa and Stiegl Radler was the grapefruit beer I was introduced to in Germany. I was telling my friend about Slamgria and she asked why I don’t just have a sangria. Sometimes you just want a beer, right?

We split this pretzel – well we didn’t make it very far into it…

Elizabeth got a burger and mac and cheese

and I got chicken sliders with truffle fries.

We went to World of Beer. It is a chain, I think.

Both of my kids got their first vaccine! I was so grateful that their college held a vaccination clinic. And, Tom got his second this week, too! I told them to send me a photo and I got one!

I forgot to mention that my new deck and patio decor came from World Market and Hobby Lobby. While in Hobby Lobby, I saw these rubber faux Birkenstock sandals for $5 and got my sister and I both a pair.

Tom got to take off work yesterday and today! We went to lunch at Gracious Plenty.

Tom got a meatloaf sandwich that he loves and a salad and I got

benedictine – a Kentucky cucumber cream cheese spread that is dyed green. It often comes with bacon and lettuce.

And, a crazy thing happened on April Fool’s Day this week – it snowed! You can’t really see the snow in this photo so you will just have to believe me!

I also had a fun happy hour with my friend Beth at a new Irish pub called The Raven. We chose to sit in this cute little area. I took this photo off of the website because mine wasn’t good.

We both ordered Irish whiskey cocktails.

and we had some curry fries.

And, my last favorite was my sister’s visit!

What was the highlight of your week?

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Happy Easter!
    You’re doing so good with the vaccine! Sweden not so much… They are still on elders and health care workers… We are a very modern country (you’ve been to Germany!), but we have a very high level of solidarity, which has resulted in us giving away 70000 vaccines to other countries… (!?)
    I love your nails and I love your makeup on that last picture – smashing!
    Highlight is of course (drums!) – soldier girl is home for Easter! I haven’t seen her for two months!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Easter to you and so happy your soldier is back!
      That’s what we are hearing here – that Europe is not doing well with the vaccine, either.
      Thank you – love my blue shades of polish as you know!
      I am still using my Maskcara which is now Seint makeup from October. I really like this system. Thank you!
      Have a wonderful celebration!


  2. You had a great week – so many fun restaurants are in your area – I love that! Your boys are so talented, I know how proud you are of them and how much you enjoy watching and listening to them.
    Your patio decor looks good – you are ready for spring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did – I enjoyed my first spring break like this! I am very proud of them and they seem
      to really be maturing this year! Thank you – loving the warmer weather!


  3. Your nails look fabulous! I love all your bright lemon outdoor decor too; so fun. I bought a rug this week for our deck but I haven’t put anything outside yet as it was really cold this week. We had snow flurries in our forecast for last night and I too thought it was funny to be getting snow on April fool’s day. Hopefully there won’t be any accumulation when I look outside.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! As soon as I put it all out we had our cold snap! I thought it was funny, too. Today we get to 50 and then 60s rest of weekend so I will take it. And, wouldn’t you know that my first day back will be 70! That is the part I’m dreading – being inside all day. Maybe I can take my lunch outside?


  4. Love reading about your outings. You seem to be able to fit so much into your week. Me not so much. Still pretty scared to be out there. I was wondering if you are prepared for the pollen that will come soon? A shame to have your deck and patio covered with it, with all your pretty things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Getting the vaccine has been liberating. But, before that I was still finding things that felt safe. Have you gotten it? I take the pillow and placemats in but I’m not too worried about the pollen. I will clean before we sit out there. We have a cover for the sectional, too.


  5. That’s such a great photo of Jack. He looks so cool! Yay! For vaccines all around! I love your patio decor. The lemons are so fun. The highlight of my week was Nashville with the fam. Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Thank you! The vaccines just came about all of a sudden. I had thought they would be this summer so I’m so happy. Thank you – I love lemons so it made sense! I would love a short trip to Nashville and I have been in that hotel before but not to stay – would love to do that, too!

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  6. I have 2 highlights for you! 1) being able to go inside my MIL’s nursing home and sit in her room and actually talk to her and hug her! My husband was so overcome with emotion. I cant even imagine. 387 days since we got to do that. 2) going to the movies and watching Kong vs Godzilla. The theatre is open now and we didn’t have to rent one! it was WONDERFUL! We are taking my mom and Taylor to a nice restaurant in Visalia for easter brunch (we usually go to our country club but they are not having anything but take out. NO THANK YOU!) and then Monday I am heading to my happy place for a couple of days!


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