Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Linking up today with Erika and many more here for What’s Up Wednesday!

What We’re eating

I am on Spring Break this week, but I have been doing some cooking!

I made this small charcuterie platter before dinner.

Dinner was this wonderful salad of spinach, red onion, cheddar, green apple, and homemade dressing and grilled chicken and hasselback potatoes.

Another night was copycat Alice Springs chicken from Outback and the same-ish potatoes.

Caprese sandwiches have been a recent thing I have tried and they are delish. I added chicken for Tom’s.

I am ready to have someone else cook for me soon!

What I’m reminiscing about

I’m always loving the memories that pop up on Facebook.

This was when my boys academic team won big. It was so fun to watch them do this together. They are on the right. They used to look so, so identical, and as the years go on they look more and more different.


What I’m loving

The trees started blooming and they are so pretty! It seemed to happen all of a sudden.

We have had some gorgeous days. We do have some cold snaps but I feel like those make me appreciate the warmer days even more!

What I’ve been up to

I have been finishing up Easter baskets and shopping to refresh my patio and deck. I have decided to call my upper one my deck and my lower one my patio. I know you were all on the edge of your seats about that decision.

I went in World Market. It is such a cool store. I also have gone to Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx. I love having the time to leisurely peruse these stores on a weekday.

What I’m dreading

I am dreading trying to teach in a mask. I hate the mask. I know it’s necessary, but I talk a lot to teach Spanish. I am going to have to figure this out. My favorite masks are Pomchies brand, so I do plan to wear those.

What I’m working on

In addition to doing some spring cleaning and sprucing of my outdoor spaces, I am working on a few more things to be ready to return to school April 5.

What I’m watching

I can’t find much I want to watch on any of the streaming services. I am watching Bravo shows and that’s about it.

What I’m reading

I just finished this and it is cute but a bit cheesy. It makes a good summer read!

I just started this and I am only about 60 pages in but I like it so far. I am interested to see what will happen.

What I’m listening to

I may like this podcast that makes fun of my Bravo shows even more than the shows themselves!

What I’m wearing

I wore these fun pants to work last week.I have several pairs of printed palazzo pants that I wear with solid color tops.

I am also trying to wear my long sleeve spring tops before it gets too hot to wear long sleeves. I love this old tie-dye that is Chaps brand from Kohl’s.

What I’m doing this weekend

My kids are coming home from college! They have a four day weekend and I am sure they will have homework, but I am hoping they have time to do a couple of things in addition to celebrating Easter. I need to plan my menu and order the food before it’s too late.

Also, I’m sure I won’t sleep great Sunday night with back to school jitters! In April! Crazy, but exciting, too!

What’s up with you this Wednesday?


17 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. We’ve really been struggling with finding “new” shows to watch too. We finished up a few series we had been watching and now we’re just floundering around.

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  2. Hey girl! Can you wear a face shield so the kids can see your mouth and hear you easier? Since it is a language class, that’s tough! I’ve been doing all kinds of in person trainings to high school staff and it’s tough!

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    1. I have thought about the ones with the clear window but I’ve heard they are hot. Might try it, though. Oh gosh – I thought you were only virtual, too. Sorry I hit send too soon.


  3. Yes, I think we are all wanting someone else to cook, clean up and do dishes!!! Just got our second shot this week and so glad. Took your advice and drank lots of water. Some chills, muscle aches about 26 hours after, but better today. I always have a sore arm. We say deck and patio too. Ready to be out on both and may uncover our furniture as no snow for a few days and 60’s. Praying for you and all teachers as ours in MN start back to high school the 5th too. First time in over a year. So thankful vaccine is becoming available to our teens and hopefully younger learners too.

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    1. Definitely! Congrats on second shot! I’m sorry you had some mild side effects. We have cold again with lows in 20-30 in the morning! Ay! Prayers go out to your teachers, too. I am mostly excited but a bit nervous about how to make it a good in person experience while still using the technology I’ve been using virtually.


  4. I hope you’re enjoying your spring break! I’ve had a crazy week with student-parents meetings, but now there’s only a couple of hours until my Easter break starts!
    I love that outfit with the jean jacket and the happy trousers! So spring:sh! And the red clogs of course! I can’t wait to wear mine, they are so cute! Husband says I cannot bicycle with them… really?
    Hasselback potatoes! That’s Swedish! It was invented by a chef here in my beautiful city!

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    1. I am – thank you! Happy Easter break!
      Thank you! I love my happy trousers and have about 6 pairs? I think you will hurt your clogs and should change into them after biking. I agree with your husband!
      I knew they were Swedish! I need to work on my technique but they are so pretty. I used small red potatoes for a twist.


  5. My daughter’s favourite potatoes are Hasselback potatoes so we eat those whenever she gets to choose a special dinner 🙂 I hope your return to teaching goes well. You can do it!!!

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  6. Your dishes look so yummy! I’d love to hear more about your homemade dressing. I’ve never head of Hasselback potatoes. I’ll have to look into these. I’m happy to see that you are enjoying your Spring Break!

    Are you on Goodreads? If so follow me – looks like we enjoy similar reads.

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    1. Thank you Gaby! I should do a post on dressings – did you see my honey mustard? This was similar – olive oil, lemon juice, a bit of mustard, spices. I just make it up. You can’t really go wrong! I need to work on the hasseback potato. It is supposed to be a baking potato and you cut slits and insert garlic and butter.
      I am not on Goodreads. What is your username if I look into it?


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