Friday, March 19. 2021

Happy Friday! I am one week closer to spring break! We have two live class days Monday and Tuesday, and then three asynchronous days before break. Teachers report back to my school building on Thursday and Friday for training, meetings, and set up. It is surreal!

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here.

Here are some things that made me smile this week:

I showed you my new to me consignment kimono on Wednesday here and I thought I would show you that I wore it for my weekly happy hour date. If you are looking for an easy outfit, jeans, t-shirt, kimono really could be the answer! Yes, I am getting as much wear out of the white booties as I can!

I met Elizabeth, my French teacher friend, at Parlour which is a pizza place. They have a new and improved patio and really good cocktails.

I am almost finished with this. I took photos of books at the bookstore and then requested them through my library website. This was mildly entertaining but predictable. Husband cheats on wife, wife goes to Paris.

I got kind of bored so I started this and it is fun and a quick read. I am almost done with this one, too. Girl has accident, has amnesia, and tries to regain her identity.

For St. Patrick’s Day, I did a surprise ham, cheese, and egg breakfast sandwich to go for hub.

I got this text when he opened it at work.

He thought it was green eggs and ham; this is his sense of humor.

I have been self-tanning but my hands have been white. So, I did a little trick. You put a bit of self-tanner on the back of one hand and then rub the back of the other hand on top. I tried to take a photo of me doing this but it was a hot mess.

On our St. Patrick’s Day walk, Ernie and I noticed this patch of clover. I tried to find a four leaf but then got bored.

A sign of spring!

I made an Irish dinner, too. I told Tom to get ready and he asked if we were having “famine”. As a joke, I had a plate ready for him with just one potato on it.

But, seriously, I made Jen’s meal! I will be making this again.

I left out the raisins in the Irish soda bread.

And, this butter is ah-mazing!

I know we are all talking about it, but it’s still so hard to believe it’s been a full year! I love my Bravo shows and I also love a couple of TLC shows like Outdaughtered about the family with quintuplets. It is so weird to see the pandemic play out on these reality shows.

I learned there are two types of people:

  1. Those who used the last year to get in the best shape of their life.
  2. Those who ate and drank their feelings.

I love this quote below! It’s true! I have been kinda emotional this month. I am sad for my students but happy they get to have some time back in school. Our elementary schools opened on Wednesday and I got teary-eyed hearing the school announcements from my yard. I realized I hadn’t heard the “normal” school sounds in over a year. Our colleges have started to announce normal in-person classes for the fall. That made me get teary-eyed. I hope we aren’t jumping the gun.

I am either an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. Who knew? I think I spent my whole life thinking I was an extrovert but I would hit a wall and be done with people. I think I just thought I was a moody b****. Now, I am thinking that I just need a balance. The best definition I have ever heard is…

You are an extrovert if you get energy from being around people.

You are an introvert if you get energy from time alone.

I need both! I am happy doing both. I would think a balance would be good for everyone, regardless of extrovert or introvert status.

And, finally, I want to mention that this past Wednesday was my two week mark after my second vaccination. That is when they say you are fully vaccinated and have about a 94% protection of getting seriously ill or hospitalized from Covid. It is such a wonderful feeling after a year of mental exhaustion and questioning every move. Tom gets his second in two weeks. Now, I am anxious for my boys to get theirs. I am hoping they get the one shot Johnson and Johnson.

I want to recommend Walgreen’s if you have those in your state. I went on their website, made an account (super quick), and was able to make an appointment for just a couple of days away. You go in to the pharmacy and the pharmacist does the injection in a little room, Then you have a 10-15 minute wait to make sure you don’t have a reaction. I walked around the store and shopped. I got my first one in a giant vaccination clinic but they dissed me on my second and told me they didn’t have a spot for me. The first one was a 2 hour wait. So, I enjoyed my Walgreen’s experience way more! My sister in Indiana got hers at Meijer pharmacy (grocery store chain) because she has asthma. So, hope that helps someone. I think age 40 and up will be opening soon in many states. Our state is still on 60 and up and certain jobs.

How was your week? Any highlights? If you missed any posts this week, I did Hello Monday here, Tuesday Tip on homemade honey mustard dressing here, What I Wore Wednesday here, and finally, Thursday Thoughts on routines here.

I appreciate you stopping by and leaving me comments!


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I feel the same way – either an extroverted introvert or vice versa! It just depends. I like being alone and enjoy time with some people but not big crowds.
    The text from your husband was funny and that was so sweet of you to make him a festive little breakfast sandwich!
    Have a great weekend Amy!

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  2. My boys and I do that too! I walk all around Barnes and Noble snapping photos of books to request.. of course my boys often use their money to buy books too but usually only those that they can’t get through our library. We also enjoyed a delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner with carrots and potatoes (I added in some asparagus too as I was trying to eat just a little taste of the corned beef).

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    1. Same here! They want to own books but I am not going to read mine again.
      I found out I don’t like corned beef. I’ve been eating the leftover veggies and they are so good!


  3. I love this post. Looks like a great week. You crack me up with the memes and your four leaf clover him…I definitely ate my feelings, So I can relate to that. Ugh! Your introvert/extrovert quote made sense to me..& by definition, I’m a true introvert. I’m so glad you enjoyed the corned beef and cabbage. Have a great weekend


    1. Thank you, Jen! Ha! I ate mine, too. That is cool that you are an introvert. Do you think it was harder to be a teacher as an introvert? Or, maybe you can better relate to those kids? Your recipe is going on my list of recipes!

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      1. I had a principal once say (about himself) “I’m an introvert who thrives on a routine and dislikes conflict.” …which is why some days are so hard. I always agreed with that. My boundaries are pushed by just standing in front of 30 students 😂 I do think I’ve connected better with those students. I’ve also tried to lead by example in regards to navigating tasks that introverts may not want to do (give a speech in front of the class, etc) because that’s still a part of life even if those things are difficult. But I like to offer small group options, etc to ease some of that

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      2. Haha! That is good. Some days I come home and say don’t talk to me as a joke! It’s such a peopley job!
        It’s good to keep in mind all types. I think some really liked virtual learning!

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  4. I need to come visit your town! You have so many fun patios with great cocktails!! Kerry gold butter is the absolute best!! Now that I am 2 weeks past my 2nd vaccine I got a pedicure and a manicure. It was AMAZING!!! I won’t be back to getting a manicure every 2 weeks, but it did feel good to get my cuticles/nails all cleaned up. Hopefully your boys will get their vaccines soon! Have a great weekend!


  5. I love it that you hear the sounds from the school again! Such energy! And daffodils! I looked for them when we came to the cabin yesterday, but it’s too cold… My mum planted them once, and it’s like a little “hello” from her when they show up! 😀
    Self-tanner on your hands is a great idea! My hands and nails are a mess… winter took its toll!
    Enjoy your weekend! I can’t believe you’re going back to school! I’m also back next week, but only with half-classes.


    1. Yes! It is so nice! The daffodils sure pop up all of a sudden! Thank you – my hands look better. I know – I cannot believe it either. I will probably cry! Good luck to you!


  6. I definitely need both time with people and time alone! We just got our first vaccine yesterday at CVS. So quick and easy! It was much better than some of the big vaccination sites I have heard about. I think the vaccine supply is ramping up. I worked hard to get those CVS appointments – several days of 1am internet surfing to grab an appointment. Now I have received 5+ emails/texts from waiting lists I signed up on. I’m watching Georgia to see when they open to young people. Grace’s college just announced 70% in person classes for fall. Hope you have a good weekend.


    1. Yes! Maybe we all have different limits for being with people? I am so happy you got vaccine! Love CVS! Yes, it did require some internet stalking but so worth it!
      I am going to try to get boys on April 12 or soon after – our governor just announced it for 16 and up which is weird because we are not even on 40 yet!
      Yay for Grace but I hope it soon becomes 100% and I know you do, too! You too!


  7. Hahah! Tom! 🤣 I love that butter- keep it in my frig! I’m the fat Kermit- and I’m totally a taco! 🌮


  8. I got my second shot this week! I tool everyones advice and drank a ton of water and Tylenol as needed and I had no reaction. Tony, however, woke up at 2am with chills, muscle aches… fever. He was a hot mess the whole next day and he is THE WORST SICK PERSON! I actually had covid and took care of myself. And when I got the first shot I had the same feeling as when I first came down with covid. and again, took care of myself! Men. God bless those of you whose husbands aren’t huge cry babies when not feeling well! We are off to play golf with the Bravos today and we rented a movie theatre for tomorrow and are watching Coming to America 2. We invited our families to join us so should be a fun afternoon! I am taking my mom to the beach house on Tuesday and its been over a year since she has left her town and I can not WAIT to share all the updates we have done with her! Happy Saturday!


    1. Yes! I am so happy you had no reaction! Poor Tony! Men are bad at being sick. I love that you get to watch Coming to America 2 in the theatre. We watched it at home. Have so much fun with your mom!


  9. PS!!!! California is starting to open back up!!! Praise the Lord! The recall for our dumb governor has enough signatures to be on the upcoming ballot and I pray it happens… therefor he is now opening our state back up. Hmmmmm isn’t that interesting. California is the WORST!


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