Thursday, March 18, 2021

Are you a routine-oriented person? I think sometimes the word “routine” has a bad connotation. “My life is so routine” is not a good statement usually. But, I think routines can actually make your life easier. I find that I have to change routines for different times of the year or different seasons of life. I guess for me, routines help with my productivity and the more efficient I am, the more time I have for the fun things in life!

I feel lucky that I am naturally a morning person. But, there were many years that I wasn’t maximizing my mornings. I used to get as much sleep as possible in the morning and then get up and rush around. When my twins were between 1 and 2 years old I finally figured out that I needed some time to myself before they got up. With even just 30 minutes of quiet time I was so much more ready to “mom” and it really did set up our whole day in a good way.

In the summers, I would get out a toy they hadn’t seen in a while and it felt new to them; I would have it where it was the first thing they saw when they came out to the family room. Or, I would prepare an activity for them to do that morning (teacher mom!) So, by getting up early and having my time, I also had time to do this. I also must admit that I had wonderful sleepers.

My favorite way to start my day is to take my coffee on the porch. I am struggling with what to call my new upper patio. I have a lower patio and and upper patio now. So is this new space my deck and the other my patio? What should I call them?

I start my day with 2 ish cups of coffee, a devotional or Bible verse, and my favorite blogs.

The amount of time I spend doing this varies depending on what I have to do that day. After my coffee, I heat up my breakfast, eat it, and then go get ready for the day.

This routine will be changing for the last 8 weeks of the school year as I am going to be going in to my school from 7:00-3:00. I think I will still get up with enough time for one cup of coffee and some reading, but I will probably take my second cup to go.

Around 10 in the warmer months, I have my iced coffee. Sometimes I take this in the car in the summer if I’m running errands.

During the last year, I have walked Ernie during my lunch break. I am hoping to walk him at 3:00 when I get home now.

I love an afternoon ritual of a coffee or a cocktail, but I usually only do the cocktail a couple of times a week. I am pretty disciplined about stopping work around 3-4. It’s easy to work longer when you work from home, but it is not healthy.

With the exception of part of December and part of January, I have a weekly friend date this last year. In the spring and summer I hosted on my patio, but since the fall I have gone to restaurant patios. Routines shouldn’t all be about things you don’t enjoy. You should have routines that bring you pleasure, as well.

This is relatively new, but I am enjoying these routines:

Grocery pick up – Thursdays – so that I am stocked for the weekend.

House cleaning – Friday afternoons after my last class – again, it feels good to have the house clean for the weekend.

Breakfast prep for the week – Sunday mornings – I think I am going to just take a sandwich for lunch when I go back to school. I think that sounds like the easiest thing to eat when I know I won’t have much time.

Laundry – I do my one load of clothing Monday mornings before I start my first class. I do one household load of sheets and towels Friday afternoon with my cleaning.

Making dinner – I start dinner between 4:45-5:00 every week night. I turn on the news or a podcast while I cook.

Shower – I shower and wash my hair most weeknights around 7:00 after dinner. I sleep better when I do this and it makes my morning routine so much easier. I rarely use a hair dryer so it also helps my hair.

Bedtime – I get in bed no later than 10:00. I think 10-6 is optimum for me.

I know some people have Friday pizza routines and that is so fun because it is a family routine. Some people have a special breakfast on the weekends.

I’m sure I have forgotten something! What are your favorite routines?


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Routines

  1. I’m definitely a routine person. I feel “off” if something goes askew. Of course, I can be flexible but some things a non-negotiables for me like my quiet time and coffee in the morning, working out 4-5 times a week, going to bed by 10:00 on weeknights, etc. I love this post. I might share about some routines soon! I love what you said about routines with things you love too

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    1. Same here! I messed with my routine yesterday and felt like I was spinning my wheels all day. I almost think it’s easier to work out every work day than to alternate. I used to go to the gym every morning and I need to figure out how to get something back into my routine so it’s automatic.
      I would love to hear your routines!
      Ok the Irish meal was amazing! I cooked the brisket a bit too long I think. I can’t believe how much it shrank! I did use the seasoning packet that came with and I added some s and p and garlic powder. The bread was amazing but I left out the raisins. I even had Mr. Mustard and Kerrygold butter!

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      1. I know what you mean about working out! For a couple years, I had a great system in place but with Covid, I didn’t have to be so structured with my workout schedule…& I’m trying to get that going again. I thought I would work out last night but was too tired and decided to watch Wheel of Fortune instead 😂I’m giving myself grace this week. I’m so happy your meal was good. Yes…the corned beef does shrink. I made two when I’m making it for my family and my brother’s family. The bread is my favorite part!

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  2. I thrive on routines! I do change them up from year to year or season to season whenever I notice something that doesn’t work anymore. I’m sure once Alec is in the building more I’ll need to swap out my morning routine to what my days look like on the few times a month he is in the building now. I also can’t wait for warm sunny mornings so I can have breakfast on our deck and warm sunny afternoons so I can eat lunch on the patio.


    1. You seem like you get a lot done in a day! I do, too. I change from school year to summer and add in the pandemic and my routines were totally turned on their heads, but it was good, too. I love the changing of routines with the four seasons, too. Have a great day!


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