Monday, March 22, 2021

How was your weekend? Mine was really social and really sunny! That is a great combo! I am happy to link up today with Heather, Tanya, and more here.

Friday after my last class, I headed to my deck to read in the sun! I forgot to tell you on Friday that I treated myself to my first pedicure in months Thursday afternoon with Essie’s Bikini So Teeny.

I got to see both boys briefly that afternoon for haircuts. Mason cut off his long hair for his play. He was sad to see it go but wants the play to be really good.

Tom and I went to dinner just the two of us for the first time in forever. We tried a new place called Diamond Street Grub.

I had a dragonfruit margarita.

And, we got fish for me and nachos for Tom. It was way too much food and food that doesn’t save well!

Saturday morning I cleaned out my china cabinet/liquor cabinet. It had gotten so disorganized.

And, I did my Easter/spring decor.

This weekend my high school friend Jim and his wife and two other couples that are friends of theirs and whom I didn’t know stayed in an Airbnb for Jim’s birthday. They invited us to join in their weekend fun – with basically as many breweries as they could visit!

I met up with them at rooftop bar Saturday late afternoon. Tom visited his parents so it was just me.


Then, we moved to a brewery and four more of our high school friends joined. Several of us live in Louisville because it is the closest big city to our hometown. This was in a cool courtyard in an area called NULU which means “new Louisville”.

High school friends Mike, Dan, and the birthday boy Jim. Dan told me he reads my blog daily, which is so sweet. He may be my only male reader. Hi Dan! He has two daughters, so maybe he can impress them with something he learns from me? Lol!

Wives – Kara, me, Katie, and Beth. Beth was also my high school friend.

Kara was excited to tell me she was wearing “the rule of three” and knew I would be proud.

I said goodbye around 8 because I had been hanging out since 5. Remember that introverted extrovert thing? I was tired. I would also like to mention that all of us were fully vaccinated except maybe one and it was a good feeling to finally take pictures together.

Sunday Tom and I met Jack with lunch to watch a baseball game at his college, because Tom and I enjoy baseball. He isn’t that into sports but he obliged us.

We tried a new fast food place called “Jaggers” owned by Texas Roadhouse.

It was nice to see all the people sitting on the hill watching the game.

We said goodbye to Jack and went to three more places with Jim and his friends. I got a bourbon slushie at one of the places.

Then, Tom and I took Jim and his wife back to their Airbnb and sat around and talked for a bit.

They had snacks and I brought guacamole and plantain chips and goat cheese spread and crackers.

Tom with a plantain chip. He thought they looked like tongues.

My friend Jim and his friends live in Cincinnati, Ohio which is only about 1.5 hours away. We made a pact to go visit them this year.

We were wiped out and headed home to our empty nest for a quick dinner and a couple of shows. We were outside for much of the day and the sun felt great, but it really took it out of us!

I hope you had a lot of sunshine, too! Any highlights?

Thanks for reading!


18 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a fun weekend! We spent it with friends too, but it involved whiny toddlers/babies 🙂 A bit different, but still…it’s so nice to see people.

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  2. I love your spring decor! And I love that it’s spring! I can feel it in the air (…) but there is no warmth yet. How nice that you can be social again, the vaccine will really change things, right?
    So Mason cut off his hair!? How will you tell them apart now? 😀
    I LOVE the color on your toe nails, I actually have something similar on my hands right now. I will definitely put it on my toes too! (when it’s warm enough to show them…)
    I met my students (half of them) and they were not to keen about being back in school… I wonder what your students will think!?


    1. Thank you! It’s very simple and minimal. The vaccine is really changing things! They look so different to me.
      Thank you – love my blues. You will love having it on your toes.
      Our kids get the choice so the ones coming back should be happy!


  3. Wow! You were so busy! This weekend was beautiful for sitting outside and being out and about. After Hadley’s competition, we sat outside at Garage Bar and had pizza before heading back to Lex. It was such a nice afternoon and it felt like a “treat” to be out and about and enjoying lunch outside

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      1. Lol! One of the people I was with called there and they said they were out of food around 7!
        I don’t think anyone expected people to come out in droves like that! It was awesome!

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  4. Whew! That was a full weekend and looked like SO MUCH FUN! We played golf on Saturday with our besties- but it was windy and chilly. Boo. Sunny though. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant after golf and ate inside (there) for the first time in 10 months. It was WONDERFUL! We rode out to a small town and got ice cream and looked at cute older homes that have been redone. After we got dropped off, we texted each other and said it was “just like old times” and felt somewhat normal! We’ve all had our vaccines and I am the only one who had covid last May. I am ready for life to happen again. For us in California……its been missed. Have a great week!


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