Monday, March 15, 2021

Who wants to see a lot of food pictures? I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here for Hello Monday!

Quitting time on Friday afternoon called for sitting in the sun, reading, and this! The Black Trulys are truly (see what I did?) the best hard seltzers I have tried. If you don’t think you like hard seltzers, give these a try. They have more flavor in my opinion. They are light and refreshing! I got a pack in my last Kroger order.

Friday nights mean Tom comes home from work tired. He will go out, but I know he is ready to stay home, so we usually go out on Saturday night. So, I made fish tacos and we watched some t.v.

Long story, but we have to work on a Saturday or Sunday to set up our classrooms if we want to get paid. So, I got myself up and out the door early Saturday morning and now I am happy with my room arrangement.

Students can only sit in the desks facing the front of the room. I need to do some more posters and arrange some books.

We have new stickers on the floor.

After I worked, Tom and I went to Drake’s for a late lunch. I tried to get a bit into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with this necklace I bought at a consignment store years ago for like $6 and a white blouse from last year.

I had a sour beer. I am getting into these.

I had a wonderful salad with blue cheese, apples, bagel chips, sunflower seeds and a couple of other things.

We split nachos and…

Tom had sushi.

The college kids came home for dinner! Even though I would have preferred not to cook I know they prefer home cooking after eating their college cafeteria food.

They love when I make a big salad and homemade honey mustard dressing. I will try to put it on the blog soon. It’s really easy!

And, I made balsamic chicken. I think I will do that recipe here soon, too. It’s a new favorite.

We tried Felicity and they don’t think it’s funny enough and they want funny. I agree.

Sunday we had to spring forward and I finally got out around noon and did Dollar Tree, a return to Loft (I had done an online order), and Clothes Mentor consignment store. The Easter stuff is really good at Dollar Tree.

This probably deserves a separate post, but look at these either new or only worn a couple of times shoes I found. All were $20 or under.

These are Tom’s brand below:

That was just in my size alone. You can really find some great things if you are willing to go the consignment route.

I came away with one thing – this kimono. I really liked the colors and I have at least two things that I can wear it with. I always ask myself that.

I saw this photo of Chicago on social media. I love that they do this every year for St. Patrick’s Day. Do you have any plans? I am going to try to make an Irish meal just for Tom and I, but I might decide it’s too much work!

I drove by a couple of Irish restaurants on Saturday afternoon and their patios were packed with people. Not good for Covid, but you can tell people are just ready to celebrate anything and everything.

Sunday afternoon I was super lazy. I read a bit and lounged around after running my errands. The weather turned rainy and cold so I didn’t get any outside time.

The boys were still with us for Sunday dinner and Jack requested Chinese food. We always order one sesame chicken and one orange chicken and the white rice that comes with and a side of fried rice and still have tons leftover.

It was a good weekend. How was yours? It’s hard to believe we are halfway through March. I still have two weeks left before our spring break. I’m really ready for a break from school! I want to have all of my plans ready to go for our first week of in person so I have my work cut out for me for the next two weeks.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! What was the highlight?

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. How fun! I bet that is true. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve scored since living in Louisville. My best is probably my three pairs of Tieks – $200 flats brand new – for $30 each. I have had good luck with shoes which might seem weird or gross to some.


  1. I ate too much, stressed too much, drank too little, and slept too little.

    I need a vacation and a winning lottery ticket. At least I know the vacation is coming in June.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did all of those things too!
      I am ready for some time off even though I have nothing exciting planned. My first break as an empty nester. What will I do? Kate might come for a couple of days! Where are you going in June ?


      1. We rented a house just outside of Gulf Shores. Away from all the crowds and whatnot. Sitting right on Mobile Bay so Matthew can go out and fish whenever he wants. There’s a nature preserve and a beach basically right across the street. Can’t wait!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We rented on Dauphin Island and it was awesome. Sound behind house and gulf in front. Ernie was in heaven too – dog friendly house.


  2. I have to say that you look DARLING in that photo of you at school!!!! Your hair is AMAZING!!!

    Can’t wait to get those recipes for the dressing and balsamic chicken! YUM!!

    Best of luck to you as you go back to school!!! It will be a different type of tired talking through masks! Our school gave us microphones! It’s SOOOO much easier to have those microphones!! I teach kindergarten, it is HARD to hear their little voices through the masks, but we’re doing great being back at school!
    We are on Spring Break this week, and spending 4 days at our family’s cabin in Wisconsin. Fireplace, games, hikes in the woods, watching Survivor as a family and reading!! Oh, yeah…..I’m finishing up a grad class for lane change!!


    1. Well thank you, Michelle! My hair looks so dark in that photo.
      I need to take photos of the balsamic chicken recipe. I will try to get on that!
      Thank you so much. I think I might like a microphone. The most I have in any one class is 12 but they will be so spread out. I am pretty loud but I do worry about being more tired talking with a mask on. I will need to remind them to speak up, too.
      Happy spring break! Ours is so late! The cabin sounds just divine! We used to love Survivor before kids and then later when our kids were old enough.
      Good luck with your class – I don’t think I could take another one if you paid me. It’s so hard to teach all day and still be a student.


  3. M y highlight was my 57th birthday! haha and I am sure that was my family’s highlight as well. It was a great weekend. Weather was beautiful and golf with friends was fun. Yesterday we just took a long walk, got Mexican food take out and watch a golf tourney on tv. Its a rainy day today and I am on board with it. Have a great week!


  4. I’m glad you were able to get your room set up…that’s always a huge sense of relief for me (even during normal school years!) so fun to have your boys home and sounds like a great compromise with an at home meal and a carry out meal. I hope you have a great week!


  5. Thanks for sharing pics from school! (why do I find it so interesting!? I work in a school!) I’m teaching from home one more week, and I really like it! Covid situation in Europe is bad… I’m impressed by you Americans on how you’re handling the vaccine – good on you!
    How fun with St. Patrick’s day! We don’t celebrate it AT ALL, but I teach my English students about it of course. So the Chicago River will be a hit! It’s on Wednesday, right?
    Yes on recipes! Share the fish tacos recipe too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome! I would find your school photos just as interesting. It’s not too bad teaching from home. Why is Covid so bad there? Is it the variant or simply the lack of vaccines?
      St. Patrick’s Day is fun here and you can tell people want to get out and party! All of our Irish places have patios! Yes, show them the river in Chicago and also look for photos of Savannah, Georgia. They dye their water and have huge parties. We were there one year.
      The fish taco recipe didn’t turn out great. I think it was the fish I chose. I will try to re-do it!


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