Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I want to give credit where credit is due – Modern Mrs. Darcy blog explains this idea taken from Barbara
Brown Taylor here.

Basically, it’s a great question to ask yourself during difficult seasons in life because it helps you find the good when it’s harder to find! These are meant to be rather lighthearted; it’s the little things in life sometimes!

Here is what is saving me right now:

The days getting longer! We are really making progress and I believe daylight savings time is only a few weeks away!

Watching my plants grow and tending to them – hoping and praying I don’t kill them!

My almost weekly one on one social dates with friends! It’s nice to have something on the calendar and even nicer when you get to spend safe one on one time with a friend!

My Bravo shows and then listening to my podcast Watch What Crappens as they make fun of the shows!

Currently enjoying Below Deck and Summer House the most!

What’s saving you right now?

Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “What’s Saving You Right Now?

  1. I love this question! Today, what’s saving me…is we actually had a real snow day. No zoom and no NTI work! We needed it. Even with a day off yesterday, we needed a day to play in the snow, read a book, sleep in, etc


    1. Oh gosh! Don’t make me jealous! I worked yesterday and I am working today. Our poor kids need a real snow day this year! They had off Friday and Monday so I don’t feel too bad for them right now! Enjoy your true day off!

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      1. Thank you! We couldn’t believe it when we received the phone calls and emails. K-2 was supposed to start back today, so I don’t know if that’s why they made the call for a snow day or because we had lots of power outages last Thursday and there was some backlash with continuing NTI, etc

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  2. Baking. Baking and music are saving me. I scour Pinterest for recipes or ideas and then I put my headphones on and tune out everything but my playlist for about 3 hours. I come back refreshed, recharged and have a finished product in front of me. Very therapeutic!


  3. My beach house! The ability to go for even a few days has kept me sane this past year. I haven’t seen some of my closest girlfriends in almost a year. Everyone is busy and with all the shutdowns here in California……its been quite difficult. I hope to rectify that in the next couple months since the temps will be changing. Daylight savings is the night of my birthday. (March 13) at midnight so technically March 14! Ha the day the world went to hell in a hand basket 3-13-2020!


  4. This is a great question. I saw the Modern Mrs. Darcy post but hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. I agree that sunlight is saving me and the other thing that is saving me right now is making lists. Even though I don’t accomplish everything on my lists every day, it gives me a sense of direction and the realization that I can do it, eventually. It also takes remembering everything off my mental plate.

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  5. More daylight! Warmer every day! Spring clothes! Cute students in school! Books! (Reading American Royals right now!) Of course Below deck! Tell me about Summer House – is it good?


  6. I’m really enjoying the longer days!

    I’ve always wanted to try Below Deck because it’s sounds somewhat interesting but…haven’t gotten to it yet.

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    1. I say that but I’m rarely out after 4 anyway! Lol! I guess I am one night a week at least. Below Deck is pure guilty pleasure tv. The locales are stunning. The guests on the yacht are annoying and the staff relationships are mainly the focus. Let me know what you think!


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