Do you still love your wedding ring?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

This photo is from our professional photographer wedding album. It was the first time I ever had a professional manicure and pedicure! I was 28 years old. This photo is really funny because Tom had these bumps on his knuckles from weight lifting at the gym. We thought it was hilarious. It’s also one of the only photos we have with Tom wearing his wedding ring! Isn’t it so pretty? He keeps it on his keychain now. Actually, he lost this one and he keeps his replacement on his keychain now. I cannot tell you how many times he has almost lost his replacement. Most recently, he dropped it in the brown river and dove under to save it. You pick your battles, right? He is not a jewelry person. He does put it on for date night every now and then. Oh well.

Gold was not in vogue in the year 2000. It was all about white gold and platinum. I felt it was really important to do platinum. I was not a bridezilla, but that seemed important to me at the time.

20 years later…pale winter hands!

I still love my rings even though I like yellow gold again and have for some time. I wanted a classic square cut diamond and I didn’t want to break the bank (Tom’s bank at the time!). It was also important to me that my wedding band was unique and would look good on its own.

I got engaged on Christmas Day of 1999 and then got married July 15, 2000. Funny story involving our wedding bands… Tom’s best man thought it would be funny to play a trick on us. He found a pawn shop in my little hometown and bought two rings. When the minister did the blessing of the rings, the best man handed the pawn shop rings to him and that is what we had to put on each other. Sadly, I don’t have a photo, but they were bad! At first I was sad that the real rings didn’t get “blessed”, but then I thought it was funny.

On our 10 year anniversary, Tom surprised me with this white gold 10 diamond band for my right hand. He is not a guy who buys jewelry for me so this was very special. I am still waiting on my band with 20 diamonds for our 20th anniversary last summer… ha!

I love all three of these rings that I wear daily. I think the fact that they are simple and classic is why I still love them. I can add my trendy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and they all work together. I would advise any brides today to go with a classic style!

By the way, whose old hands are these anyway? I guess I could have done some self-tanner!

What say you? Do you still love your rings?


P.S. – I am praying that my Texas blog readers and friends get some relief soon. I am so, so sorry. It is a totally different ball game to lose power in the winter.

20 thoughts on “Wedding Rings…

  1. When my youngest two sons were in pre-school I lost the stone out of my ring and had to buy a replacement. Since my setting was too far gone it was recommended we just buy a whole new ring. I still went with a gold band and a heart shaped diamond (since I just loved my original ring!). I did upgrade the size of it just a tad though! I loved the heart shape as it is unusual. My wedding band had been a small gold sliver that fit into slots in my engagement ring but rather than buy a replacement wedding band I just began wearing my husband’s first ring (which he had lost within months of our wedding, we replaced it, and then found the original a year later before moving out of our apartment!). He never wears his ring as it’s a hazard with his job. I have been hinting at a 20 year diamond anniversary band but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.. my husband is not one for buying jewelry.

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    1. I can relate! Mine is not a jewelry guy. I’m glad you like your new and improved ring. I don’t think I’ve seen a heart shaped. That is smart to use your husband’s that wasn’t getting used!


  2. I love your rings! They are classic. I wanted a three stone engagement ring but that’s about all I mentioned to Travis. I have a three stone princess cut engagement ring. My wedding band has diamonds from my grandma’s wedding band that we had made. Then, her main diamond Travis has put in a necklace for me that I wear almost daily .Both of of wedding bands are white gold (I think?). For my first Mother’s Day, Travis gave me two bands similar to your 10 year ring. One day, I will pass them on to Hadley (& maybe my future daughter in law …if I like her 🤣) All that to say, in almost 16 years, Travis has taken his ring off only twice…for his two knee surgeries. If I’m home or it’s hot out, I rarely wear my rings. Oftentimes, I wear the two mothers days bands on my left hand. I can’t sleep in jewelry and I hate when it’s summer and my hands get hot! When we travel, I wear the two rings and leave the others at home. You won’t ever find me without earrings though 😂


    1. Thank you! Yours sounds beautiful! Have you ever shown it? That is so special. Haha – if you like her.
      I used to keep mine on all the time but when I got them resized I started taking them off at the end of the day.


      1. I don’t know if I have made a point of showing them. I’m pretty sure we having a wedding ring hand photo too! My grandmas ring was so pretty but her fingers were so much smaller (thinner?) than my chunky fingers! I felt so blessed that she passed the ring down to me. In turn, it’s what made think about passing on my Mother’s Day rings fo hadley .

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  3. Our wedding bands are platinum and have yellow gold on them too – actually you can see them tomorrow on my blog because I am showing my nails. I still love my rings and never had the urge to upgrade or change them. I’d never say no to an anniversary band but we have never really discussed it and when our 25th rolled around in 2019 we took a trip! i could have scored a nice ring – hahahaha!!!

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    1. Oh I can’t wait to see them! I am the same – still love mine. I think I would rather have a trip and yours was fabulous and I know you are happy you did it before the world shut down!


  4. I kept it simple, as well. A half carat princess cut in a cathedral setting and a plain band. White gold, but I wish we’d gone with platinum. The gold is looking dull and tarnished. It needs to be replated, but…eh. Rodney wears his original band around his neck with his dog tags when he’s working. I got him one of those tungsten bands to wear daily. He loves it and it’s better for what he does. And bonus…it was only about $12 on Amazon! (He has no idea. lol)

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    1. I will have to look up cathedral setting. I will say the platinum has held up really well. My anniversary band keeps turning more yellow and I have gotten it dipped at the jeweler once. I got Tom that rubber? Sport ring and he didn’t like that either so I’m ok with it.


  5. Your rings are perfect! So much love!
    My husband has covered me in red gold engagement ring, classic marriage ring with white gold and a diamond, diamond studs and an omega watch (35th birthday). I wouldn’t change anything!
    Your hand are lovely by the way!

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      1. Oh, red gold, you know; not white gold, gold-gold. That’s what we say in Sweden; white and red gold. (but I agree, it isn’t red…)
        Btw, I really appreciate that you always reply to our comments! It’s so nice!

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  6. I love my ring, received in September 1993. I went with one as did not want another band. It is a marquise diamond. I find it odd when women replace theirs. I would feel like it needed to be blessed again. Ours are yellow gold. My mom’s is white gold, as that was in style 1961. My husband and I both love jewelry and have bought a lot over the past 27 years. It’s an easy souvenir when we travel!

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    1. I’m glad you love yours, too. I agree about the upgrades but I guess I wouldn’t know because no one has offered me one! Lol! That is true; jewelry is a perfect souvenir. Thanks for commenting!


  7. My wedding rings are unable to fit over my knuckles now. I took them into the jewelers in early December. I finally got a phone call mid January letting me know that the cost to enlarge the rings would be close to $1000 boo hoo !! I made the decision just to put the rings away for a few years and then we could build on them. I’m wearing just a fun fashion ring on my wedding finger now. My husband had his original wedding band stolen out of his truck. His replacement ring has now gone missing. Oh well maybe he just wasn’t meant to wear jewelry. Have a good night Amy. Holly 😀

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    1. I had mine resized and it was much less. Have you thought to check another jeweler? I could not pay that! A fun fashion ring is a good idea and there are some really good faux rings now. Sounds like my husband and rings! I even bought the sporty rubber wedding band and he didn’t like the feel. Happy Friday!


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