Friday, February 12, 2021

I am off today! It is part of a mini-winter break for students. They also have Monday off, but it is virtual parent teacher conferences for teachers. I am happy to link with today with Andrea, etc.!

This has been a crazy week – in a good way! How was your week?

Monday I did not leave the house! I taught all day and cooked dinner. I watched some t.v. It was a day. I think it is kind of nice to plan your Monday for your at home day?

Tuesday after school, I had a reservation at the cat café! It has a full bar and you pay for a 50 minute session to play with whatever cats they currently have from the Humane Society. This business is responsible for over 4000 adoptions in 2 years!

There were 10 cats there when I went. My French teacher friend Elizabeth accompanied me.

She got a cider and I got a “meowmosa”.

My favorite was Billie below. Elizabeth called the next day (because she may be adopting) and found out she had already been adopted! I am happy for Billie but she and I had a bond.

It was really fun. Does your city have one of these? I felt like it was a fairly safe pandemic activity. They were strict on masks and hand sanitizing.

They also had snacks and I bought some kitty litter popcorn to take home.

Then, Tuesday night my boys came home! Their college had a long ago scheduled day off on Wednesday – I think it was like a halfway to midterm day off? and also they took away spring break so they built in a couple days like this. I did not pressure them to come home and I didn’t even think they were coming home until they both told me they wanted to. Well, our weather turned snowy and icy and it was so nice they were home! This is one advantage of going to college closer to home, I guess.

I already had made plans weeks ago to do lunch with my two besties and another college friend of ours. We were in the way back all alone, but I am still not super comfortable being inside. It is like I am torn; I want to be social and see people but there is still risk. I will say that our numbers have gone down considerably around here!

It is a Mexican breakfast place. I got a burrito that had potatoes in it and then it came with a side of potatoes. Next time I will change the side or get something different, but it was good.

We dread the ice around here. I started getting worried about power lines. We got freezing rain and snow and this is what it started looking like on Wednesday.

I started Firefly Lane. I did not read the book. I am not sure how much I like it yet. I am not a huge Katherine Heigl fan.

Jen recommended these and they are fabulous! I ordered my normal size and they had a bit of give. Perfect! Look at the interesting ankle detail. I love the fabric and they have pockets.

Sarah recommended this and I saw it at the grocery last weekend and picked it up. Yum! I put in on a burrito bowl, on the side of a quesadilla, and in a flour burrito.

We had burritos and taco potatoes with the boys Wednesday night. To make the taco potatoes I cut baking potatoes in wedges and season with taco seasoning, olive oil, salt, and pepper and bake at 400 for about 30 minutes and then turn on the broiler for a few at the end.

After dinner, this is what our ice looked like. I was scared Ernie would fall.

And, he decides he really does not need to go potty that bad – ha!

So, my favorites this week were extra kid time, time with cats, time with friends for a Mexican breakfast during my lunch break, and the beauty of the ice but not the inconvenience. I also liked finding a new sauce and new leggings! What more can a gal ask for of her week? Oh, and a day off today!

What about you?

Stay warm! Stay safe!

Happy Valentine weekend!


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Such a lovely positive post, thank you! I have to comment it all! 😀
    Cat café, yes we have that! But you can only buy coffee and sweets… Maybe it would create more cat adoptions if the customers could buy booze! 😀
    I’m “between series”, and it’s so boring… Tried Blacklist, but it was badly produced… We end up watching Below deck all the time – we’re hooked!
    We don’t have ranch dressing over here! I will buy some next time we go to the us (2022…?).
    Happy Valentine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank you! I did Ernie photos for you! Booze helps everything, right? Below Deck may be the perfect show for the cold winter. What about Southern Charm? I love it! Real Housewives of Dallas? I feel like you also need a drama to offset. Did you ever watch Parenthood? It’s very well done.
      Happy V Day to you!


      1. Ernie ❤ – can't get enough of that chocolate bear! I hope you spoil him rotten!
        Nope, couldn't find those shows here in Sweden… but tonight we'll see the new Tom Hanks film on Netflix; News of the World. Netflix movies tend to be a bit slow, but I like Tom Hanks!
        Otherwise I'm reading American Dirt – have you read it? I'm also in line for the first Tucker book at my library, I know you recommended it! Do you have a goodreads account? It's really satisfying to see all the books you've read!


      2. We do! I cook chicken for him every other day! Oh, I haven’t heard of the new Tom Hanks. I read American dirt last spring and could not put it down. It will stay with you. You will need a lighter book next like the Tucker book! I am not on Goodreads – I really don’t think I can handle another online account!


  2. Taco Potatoes?!? YUM! I could probably throw them in the air fryer, right? That is the 2nd time I’ve seen the zesty ranch this week so I have to remember to look for that. Love seeing pictures of Ernie 🙂


    1. They would be so good in the air fryer and with the sauce!!!Bam!!!! Look for it in the Mexican aisle – maybe that is obvious but you never know.
      Thank you! He made us laugh this morning by how much snow he was eating!


  3. Firefly lane is much better in the book form, The TV version is not even close. I do so enjoy reading your blog. Not sure of your age, but that does not matter. But i feel you are not in your 20 with boys in college. Which makes me feel better when I love your style in clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I figured! That is one Kristin Hannah I haven’t read. Thank you so much! I am 49 so nowhere near 20! I am not sure I can pull off what I like but I will for sure try!


  4. I’m so happy you got a visit from your boys. Grace’s college is giving them one day off each month, midweek. They want to give them a break, but not encourage them to go home. That taco ranch sounds delish, and I’m going to try the potatoes. I’ll have to look around and see if we have a cat cafe here in Houston. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  5. Looks like a great week! Meowmosa…I’ve officially seen it all 😂 I’m allergic to cats, so I wouldn’t make it very long there but I think it’s a fun idea! I’m so glad you had some bonus time with your boys! Stay warm and have a good weekend! Next week’s weather sure does look wintry!


  6. The Cat Cafe is so interesting! Love the idea!! Your husband must be a saint! Mine would never, ever in a million years encourage let alone take me to Home goods!!!! 😂😂. I looked over the shelves you pictured and if the temperature here ever climbs above zero, I’ll make a trip! ❤️ your blog!

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    1. Isn’t it fun? Well it was Valentine’s Day so he got off easy with just a shopping trip. He likes to look at furniture. They had tons of cute Easter things and a little bit of St. Patrick’s. Spring is really hitting the stores which makes me that much more excited! Thank you Eva!


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