Monday, February 15, 2021

And, just like that we are halfway through February! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and others here today! As I am typing this on Sunday late afternoon, we are expecting an overnight snow of 1-3 inches and then a break and another 4-8 inches before the end of today. We shall see. But, winter, I am over you! What good is the snow if it doesn’t lead to a snow day anymore? Ha! I am a little bit bitter!

But, what I am not bitter about is…

Our boys have been home all week with the exception of a Friday class for Jack! They had no classes on Wednesday of last week, then Thursday they had classes cancelled for the weather. Mason has zero classes on Friday!

Here is Jack playing one of our many instruments!

I was off on Friday and lit my winter candle, drank my coffee, and stayed in my pjs until noon! This is not normal for me, even on the weekends.

A morning chat with Mason! We all fight over this chair, including Ernie. I start my day in this chair and then I let others use it – ha!

I made perfect pancakes one day for my crew! I use the Heart Healthy Bisquick and then I have an electric non-stick skillet that makes perfect pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. I keep in in the box in a spare closet when I don’t use it because it is big!

And, I made Jack a perfect grilled cheese one day.

Oops, he caught me!

Ernie loved having them home, too.

Tom’s company gave him a Christmas gift card for anything in a gift catalog. He gave it to me and I ordered a cappuccino maker with a frother. I had fun learning how to use it Saturday morning!

I also picked up a heart shaped tray of chicken minis Saturday morning. I met a friend at Trader Joe’s to try to show her the ropes and CFA was close by so I thought why not?

Saturday night we had salmon, shrimp, green beans, mashed potatoes, and bread made by me.

I still haven’t finished my second attempted book of 2021 but I picked this up on Saturday and started it. It involves Nantucket, a restaurant, and three sisters.

For my Sunday Valentine’s activity, my Valentine took me to Homegoods.

These two Rae Dunn mugs were next to each other on the shelf so I had to get them. Her mugs are huge!
These are my boys’ first names.

I also picked up cotton candy for a champagne drink! And, I have been thinking about this tea and found it for like a third of the price, and the cute napkins will be part of my March decor which I plan to do today.

I made a pot of chili for chili for dinner to be served with a grilled cheese with a heart on top! It is so cold that a simple meal sounded good. We don’t like to go out on major holidays anyway but hopefully we will go out sometime soon.

We did cards. Tom almost always makes mine. He chose a template that can’t even spell Valentine correctly so I had fun with that!

As usual, it went by entirely too fast!

I have virtual parent teacher conferences today and hopefully I will have some time to dedicate to planning and making some class handouts. I’m sure I will be looking out the window to see what snow comes our way, too.

How was your weekend? Any highlights?

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. HomeGoods! I love America! I need to go soon! Thanks for sharing – your shops are amazing.
    Highlight of the weekend must be the fantastic winter weather we have had for a while. It is so beautiful! Snow will melt in a week (they say), so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

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    1. It’s great! You will be so happy next time you get here! I’m glad you are enjoying it. We have ugly grey snowy days here. And today was like hard pellets of ice!


  2. We always make our pancakes on a large electric non-stick griddle too. I never thought of pulling it out to make grilled cheese though; I could make enough for us all that way!

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  3. I’m so glad you’ve had your boys home. So fun. Your salmon dinner looks so good. I went to home goods Friday afternoon and I realized I hadn’t been there since before the pandemic began…which I can’t believe! I love your mugs so much. How special! Will you have lots of parent conferences today? We don’t have a dedicated day like this at our school. Actually, even elementary have to do conferences after school which has always blown my mind. The amount of time they spend outside of the school day for fall and spring is so much. I hope you have a great week.

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    1. It’s been a nice treat! I love salmon and so does Mason! The Pioneer Woman perfect salmon recipe is great! I am more of a TJ Maxx person but I only go to those stores every couple of months. It feels like their stock is more normal now. These mugs are great – now I know why people love them. We still get an extra day pay for doing this in the fall and the spring. I have 5 scheduled. They could pick email, phone, or zoom. Luckily none of mine picked zoom so I don’t plan to get camera ready! In years past we have had many a snow day on Feb conf day and had to do them 3-6 twice and it made for a horrible day and week, really. It’s just too much.
      Thank you!


      1. Hadley loves salmon. It’s her favorite meal! I usually buy it at Kroger and they put it in the foil packs with butter and seasoning. I go to TJ Maxx more often than home goods as well but our home goods has a ton more in stock than TJ Maxx. I’m glad you can take a day off from zoom!

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  4. We had a snow day Friday and I *think* we’ll have one tomorrow (we have today off anyway).
    I went literally nowhere this weekend aside from a playdate for Wells on Saturday and a library/Starbucks stop.
    If the mugs were right next to each other, I’d have bought them too!

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    1. Maybe you don’t like snow days as much now? I once went 5 days without leaving the house when my boys were 2. Now I can’t imagine that. I guess I had a lot to keep me entertained with toddler twins! That actually sounds like a good amount of stuff in the pandemic!
      I have started seeing double masks and I thought of you. OMG!
      The mugs were meant to be!


  5. Pamela Kelly has a series. That is a good book. I think there are two more. One being a Christmas one. It’s great you have time with your boys. We are going to visit ours in 3 weeks since he doesn’t get a Spring break.

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    1. Oh that’s right! I think I’m going to like this book and then I will look into the others. I’m spoiled about my boys and I look at this as an unexpected gift. Oh I bet you can’t wait! Mine don’t text or call much when not at home so I feel like I need to see them more. I get one word text responses usually! Lol! When they aren’t here it seems like I am packing the next bag of stuff to give them – granola bars and snacks. I think it’s harder to deal with college in a pandemic winter? I hope your son is doing well!


    1. Trying to! What about your Texas weather? So weird! I am worried about the loss of snow days, too. I am a big fan of them and feel they are truly a gift in the winter. Of course everything is topsy turvy these days! I love gnomes! Thank you for the link up!


  6. I love Home Goods. When we remodeled our kitchen we cleaned out and got rid a lot of items and could not find our griddle! We had put it in the cupboard above the fridge! We love how it makes pancakes. I live in MN and are on our 4th or 5th day below zero. I get the pajamas and hot drink until noon. It’s been a long winter!

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    1. That sounds like something I would do! Oh gosh, MN! I couldn’t do it. It really has! I think the winter isolation on top of a year of isolation makes it harder. Stay warm Christa!


  7. I was in two Homegoods today looking for a rug and they really do have some cute spring and Easter stuff in there. Your grilled cheese and chili look perfect for all this chilly, snowy weather! Have a great week!


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