Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Happy Hump Day! Today I am linking up with The Style Six here and What’s Up Wednesday here. Aren’t I just a linking fool?

What I’m wearing:

I am continuing with black leggings and one of my sweaters each day for virtual teaching from home. I got a new one last week and wore it Thursday. It is so soft and I wouldn’t really call it a sweater. It is more like a fuzzy top. This was a purchase from one of the Facebook shopping groups I am a part of; I am helping a small business!

Ignore the paint splatter on the mirror I like to use.

Friday I did comfortable in my men’s Target Goodfellow pullover with a headband. Did you see my hair post yesterday?

I decided to do like the youngsters and I wore socks with Birkenstocks. My feet were cozy!

I have a couple of favorite little boutiques around town. I like that the clothes are better quality as I am really trying to get away from Old Navy, Amazon, and other “fast fashion”. This top was on sale for $20 and it would have been wrong not to buy it. It is so soft and lightweight; it looks like a sweatshirt but it is more of a top.

And, I am still debating this. I love it- the design, the sleeves, everything! The price is holding me back but it shouldn’t. Stay tuned….

If you are a loyal, long time reader (thank you!), you know I fell down a red sandal rabbit hole this summer. I bought Saltwaters and Dr. Scholl’s. They were so fun. Now, I find myself pining for red clogs! Am I crazy?

the MIA Sofia. I have these in tan and love the heel height, the comfort, the shade of red.

And, I keep looking at these Danskos, too, but I feel they are more matronly. Thoughts on red clogs?

I did something really crazy. I am 98% sure I am going to keep these Vionic white booties from Amazon. I was not into the white booties that seemed more of a 70s vibe, but I started seeing the ones with more of a Western vibe. They are super white. But, I have been thinking of all the things I can wear them with now and into the spring. I am super picky about heel height and wearability. These look like the leather will stretch a bit and that they will be really comfortable. I have never owned Vionic! Anyway, stay tuned on this front, as well…

For Monday’s virtual classes, I wore the new pink camo and it was perfect!

For Tuesday I did my second day hair in a bobby pin twist and wore my favorite Amazon sweater of the year.

What I’m working on:

I cannot help myself; I am looking at spring fashion trends and thinking about spring clothing! I guess you could tell!

Also, I am working on my 30 bags in 30 days project and I am supposed to be done by January 31st! I did my under sink and cleaning products last weekend.

What I’m reminiscing about:

I miss my college kids. I am reminiscing about their younger years. But, at the same time I am so grateful they didn’t have to do virtual learning. I feel for all the mamas of young kids.

What I’m up to:

Just trying to be a good virtual teacher…

What I’m excited about:

I am always excited for the weekend! And, I am feeling more positive about spring getting here eventually. I always say I can’t wait to make it through January, but February is the month we get more of our winter weather here in Kentucky, in my opinion. I guess it’s just a mental thing.

What I’m watching:

Below Deck, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (truly horrible!), Dallas (love it!), and Orange County (might be over), The Bachelor (love Matt!), and a Gilmore Girls with my sons when we can.

What I’m reading:

I am enjoying this but I just don’t read much right now. I guess I am a fair weather reader – like fair weather, on a patio, with a cocktail!

What I’m doing:

I am enjoying my Valentine’s decor. I am going to try to plan a special dinner for Tom and I am working on gifts for the boys. I love to celebrate small holidays.

What I’m loving:

I am loving being able to work from home and stay relatively safe. I know not everyone can do that. I have surprised myself! I never thought I would like this. I think one thing that helps me is leaving the house most days at 3:00-4:00 to do a grocery, library, coffee pick up. It seems like there is always a small errand I can run in the afternoon.

What I’m looking forward to:

Honestly, summer. I want to put this whole school year behind us. I know next year is possibly going to be bad, too. There are so many unknowns and that makes it so hard.

Well, that was a lot!

What’s up with you?

What have you been wearing?


26 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday and What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I’ve been wearing lots of turtlenecks with my sweaters as it has been extra chilly here lately! I’m debating what to wear today as I sit here typing. We got snow last night but I do have to run out to lawyer’s office today so I can’t dress completely for warmth and comfort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Turtlenecks are so cozy! I don’t like them tight against my neck – I like them a little looser like a cowlneck. We have a winter weather advisory today. Yes, that is hard to know how to dress. What about a vest?


    1. It’s really a good and do-able project. You feel really productive when you can cross one off. It just goes to show that smaller chunks help with everything in life.


  2. I like the white boots – Vionics are great, there was a time when I had foot pain so badly – they were the only thing I could wear. I haven’t watched the Real Housewives in awhile – is Orange County over? I need to check. I started watching but I missed Tamra and Vicky!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am excited to break them in! Orange County fell off the rails. Braunwyn is horrible. I like Dallas and think you would, too. It’s interesting to see them navigating Covid!


  3. The Red Dansko’s are my favorite! I have the red ones, a black pair, and a stone color. They are the most comfortable shoes I own besides my Birkenstock’s! I get compliments all the time on them. I am 40 and do not feel they are matronly.


    1. That is good to know! I keep looking at all of the styles of the Danskos. I think the darker red is what is holding me back. I think I want a brighter red. I don’t really think they look matronly and if you pair them with cute clothes they look great I know!


  4. I just had to comment because I live in Salt Lake City so for that reason alone I started watching RHOSLC just to see who and what they show (it’s fun seeing some of my fav restaurants & bars being shown!) but OMG they are a complete train wreck that I can’t quit watching!!! Everyone I know is like WHO are these women?! No one’s ever heard of any of them prior to the show & I can think of 20 better women who would have been better picks for the show. These women they have are a disgusting representation of what SLC truly is. And NO we’re NOT all Mormons!! LOL But we’re also NOT like these women at all! I never watched Housewives before but have since started RHOBH & like them way better than SLC. Maybe I’ll try Dallas next 😉


    1. That is so funny, Bri! I would totally watch for that reason, too. I didn’t think everyone was Mormon but I was really surprised about all of the snow. I truly did not know it was that snowy! I guess I should have because I know it’s a place some go to ski from around here.
      They are truly horrible. Mary is the worst. I am so tired of hearing her brag about her homes. The one I like the most is Heather I think. I bet it’s fun to see where they go and I think that was all shot before the virus. The housewives that shot during the virus are interesting, too. It is interesting to see how they handled it. The Dallas women a bit more endearing. My husband cannot stand that I watch these shows! Ha!

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  5. I just read your posts Monday-Wednesday and – WOW! Better than any magazine! Reflections: buy the red clogs! white boots so cool! spring is soon here! I’m glad you’re enjoying working from home!
    I’m totally busy with school stuff… but I so enjoyed this little break! ❤


    1. You are my number one fan I tell you! Thank you so much! I am really leaning toward the red clogs. And, you are a clog expert! I am looking at the Mary Jane type or the backless type. I don’t think I am truly cool enough for white boots. There is so much school stuff to do I hardly know where to begin. I bet you are so busy. How is the virus in Sweden right now?
      I hope you had a coffee with your break!


      1. Of course I had a coffee!
        I like the MIA Sofia! I have backless ones in the cabin (I think all Swedes do :-D).
        Virus situation in Sweden is not good… Swedes are recommended to not leave the country before April… We are quite sure that we will stay in Sweden this summer too…
        btw – I am so hooked on Below deck! Captain Sandy just fired Hannah! OMG!


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